How To Protect Your Debit Card Transactions In Nigeria

How To Protect Your Debit Card Transactions In Nigeria

It is common knowledge that when you make purchases electronically using your debit card, money is taken from your checking account to make payments. So if some other person can obtain your debit card number, he can use it fraudulently to make purchases and your account will be debited at the end. You should, therefore, protect your debit card transactions.

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Many banks have become aware of this fraudulent practice and have beefed up their debit card security in response. So this fraud can now be curtailed to some extent especially when the unauthorized transactions are reported in the shortest time possible.

This response of the banks contributes partially to helping you protect your debit card transactions. The rest is up to you. That rest that is up to you is what we intend to help you with this article

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9 Ways To Protect Your Debit Card Transactions Online And Offline In Nigeria

  1. Check Your Bank Statements Often

The first way to protect your debit card transactions is to make it a habit to review your bank account online at least once a week, or even daily just to be sure it’s in the right position always.

  1. Protect Your PIN Number

If you going to protect your debit card transactions,  always endeavor to keep your card pin secret to yourself alone. Desist from: giving your PIN number to anyone who asks, keeping it written down anywhere in your purse or wallet, using your PIN at the gas pump.

Do use your card in the credit purchase function to avoid someone seeing it. In fact, using your debit card in credit card mode may offer you extra liability protection depending on your bank.

  1. Consider Avoiding Debit Card Use Online

Avoid using your debit card online; instead, learn to use credit cards. This is because credit card transactions take more time and in such process, fraudulent transactions can be identified. Also always check for a security symbol such as an unbroken key or a padlock on the website before entering your card details because these symbols imply that the information you enter is encrypted end to end thereby presenting some higher level of safety.

  1. Only Use ATMs at a Bank

Note that ATMs located in convenience stores, subway stations, airpor ts and other places have a greater risk of having a “skimming” device attached by a thief, which could store your debit card data. Though this can still happen in banks but it is easier to identify and deactivate due to the presence of security cameras.

  1. Don’t Use Public Wireless Access for Financial Transactions

To protect your debit card transactions, make sure you are using password protected wireless signal to check your bank account balance, pay bills and to shop so that hackers have less of a chance to capture your password and account information.

  1. Report Problems Immediately

Do well to report any unauthorized debit card transaction immediately you discover it. This can help you cancel and prevent further transactions and charges from your checking account. It helps you not to lose more money and it helps to protect your debit card transactions.

  1. Consider Filing a Police Report

Immediately you discover some discrepancy with your debit card, do well to report to both the police and your bank. Reporting to the police can present you with extra support when you want your bank to reimburse the charges.

  1. Create Your Own Security Profile

Using a pet’s name or your mother’s maiden name makes it too easy for cons to get into your account. You should make your security questions a bit unique and weird at same time. Don’t make them too simple to guess. The answers just have to be consistent, and not necessarily truthful.

  1. The Bottom Line

To protect your debit card transactions, a bit of vigilance and some new habits on your part can go a long way to preventing a damaging debit card experience. You need to be more security conscious and skeptical when you are using your debit card for transactions so as to avoid cases of internet scamming.

The above precautions are the necessary things you need to know if you are going to protect your debit card transactions and prevent losing money to fraudsters.