Why Entrepreneurs Should Be In Nigerian Politics (Episode 1)

Why Entrepreneurs Should Be In Nigerian Politics (Episode 1)

If you understand the real meaning of entrepreneurship and the persons that should be entrepreneurs and you juxtapose it with your understanding of Nigerian Politics, then you can be said to be an authority in a topic like this. I see myself as having a perfect understanding of why entrepreneurs should be in Nigerian Politics. I have a degree in Political science and I understand entrepreneurship. Besides, This is Entrepreneur Nigeria.

I remember as a student, Sam Maduka Onyishi, the Founder and CEO of Peace Mass Transit (PMT) wanted to contest the Enugu state gubernatorial elections. As a matter of fact, he contested and lost the primaries.

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In the course of that process, something happened. He lost out and it became a hot topic of informal discussion in my department. The argument was that top businessmen have no business in the entrepreneurial lane. That is quite misleading. They say that managing businesses is different from running a country.

I’m still struggling to understand why. In Nigeria, we have so many misfits. But I certainly don’t think that an entrepreneur participating actively in politics is one.

Entrepreneurs should be in Nigerian politics and I’m going to show why. It is not a case of not having a clue about what it takes to run a business but understanding that both require an understanding of the human nature and entrepreneurs can handle that pretty well.

In the forthcoming election, every entrepreneur has my support and this is more of a wake-up call to all of us in this country. We need to start making smart decisions. Supporting entrepreneurs who have successfully run a business cannot be the worst thing this country has done.

The election is around the corner and there will always be elections but it is time for a paradigm shift. I will give you an instance, till date, Orji Uzor Kalu remains the best Governor Abia state has had in this new democratic dispensation. He was already a successful entrepreneur when he became the governor at the age of 33. Others have been quite disastrous.

While it is wrong to say that having run a business will make you a complete success when handling a country, it is safe to say that it does give you an edge. I strongly believe that entrepreneurs should not just sit back and support politicians; rather, they should become politicians and contribute towards making this country a better place.

There are reasons entrepreneurs should be in Nigerian politics and I’m going to outline some of them.

Reasons Entrepreneurs Should Be In Nigerian Politics

entrepreneurs should be in nigerian politics

  1. Entrepreneurs are leaders

You don’t wake up and establish a multi-million business without being a leader. Entrepreneurs understand what it takes to lead their team and their staff because they understand that they are essential to their success. If you lack the right people to implement your ideas, you will run into issues.

Therefore, Nigeria is ruled by the policies of the government and its implementation. This forms a great part of the success and failure of the Nigerian governments over the years. A great leader understands how it is done.

  1. Entrepreneurs are creators and innovators

An intricate characteristic of entrepreneurship is their ability to create and innovate. Entrepreneurs are men of ideas. As Obasi Igwe will always put it, “Greater than the force of a mighty army is an idea whose time has come.” Ideas are powerful and entrepreneurs have them in abundance.

Just look at Nigerian entrepreneurs and how they are making something out of nothing and competing with the world despite having to deal with harsh socio-economic and political conditions. They should be allowed to contribute to society.

  1. They are risk takers

entrepreneurs should be in nigerian politics

Entrepreneurs are obsessed with success that they are willing to risk it all to make the best out their investment. Every entrepreneur worries about their legacy so I believe they will do what it takes to succeed. They will not be afraid of doing things and saying things that are unconventional insofar as it yields results.

  1. They have a better understanding of the value of the money

Everything an entrepreneur does come with getting the highest value or utility for their money. They are not intrinsically extravagant and they know that everything spent, every project built, every policy that is implemented should offer value to the citizens. They are less likely to share money insanely.

  1. They know how to build a great team

The success of every business is a function of the quality of the team that is working on it. In the same vein, the success of every country depends on the economic and political team working on it. Entrepreneurs are masters in getting the best form the core part of their business. Imagine a country where the leader gets only the best for everything that they do.

This is why entrepreneurs should be in Nigerian politics. The teams that will work for the government will be experts and they will bring results.


This is just the first episode so you can forgive it if it is shallow and lack data. But the message is very clear I presume so you will need to understand that. The general idea is to vote for people who are entrepreneurial-minded into political offices and watch them transform the fortunes of the country.

There are no guarantees though because I also understand the systemic nature of the Nigerian problems. If anybody can handle the Nigerian malaise, it will be people who are driven by success, people who can do whatever it takes to make the best out of every situation. It is time we started giving the likes of Moghalu, GT Igwe Chrisent, Uchechukwu Sampson Ogah,  Samuel Ogbonna Benedict (SBO) and others the mandate to lead Nigeria. Well, they will have to ask first.

Entrepreneurs should be in Nigerian politics but not from the background as they have always done but at the forefront of the whole thing. Wake up Nigeria.



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