9 Most Important Things To Check Before Renting an Apartment in Nigeria


Moving to a new apartment can be fun. You get to meet new people, make new friends. You even get to leave the old beef mates and frenemies behind. For most people, it’s even a dream come true. Especially if you are moving to a better and richer neighbourhood or to a bigger house.

However, there are things that you should look out for before paying that rent and finalizing your relocation. You may think this is not necessary, but it is. Because moving to a new place is like entering a strange land. It’s more or less going out of your comfort zone. And even if it is something you have been particularly yearning for, there are still signs you should look out for before renting an apartment. Did I hear you ask what signs?

Worry not, we have them spelt out for you. So before you rush in on that mini flat for rent in Lagos sign, check this list out.

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  1. Renting an apartment in Nigeria# Security

This is the most important thing you should look out for. This is what would determine if you would have to keep buying replacements every day because thieves keep breaking in and stealing from you. Security should never be overlooked. Before you choose that apartment, find out how secure the lodge is and how secure the neighbourhood is. How? Ask questions. Ask the tenants, ask the neighbours, ask people. You can even Google the lodge name or street name, and if it is a danger zone, they’ll be news about it on the internet. There are many flats for rent in Lagos, Abuja, Makurdi, Akure, Coal City, Sabon Gari, Uyo or where ever it is you want to live in. If that apartment has bad vibes around it, choose somewhere else. Your life and property should not be gambled with.

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  1. Renting an apartment in Nigeria# Water

Of course you know just how important water is to our daily existence. We need water to bathe, cook, clean, brush, wash etc. So before you move into that apartment, find out where the source of water is. And if you would have to go out to buy water every day, you might consider choosing to live somewhere else. You may think it is a small issue you can live with. But trust me, you won’t find it funny if you miss that 8’0clock interview because you had to hustle for water to bathe and flush the toilet with. Water is a very important commodity, one you should never lack. If that house is always in drought, consider somewhere else. And don’t feel like you would be missing out on a one in a billion opportunity. There will always be a self contain for rent in Lagos.

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  1. Renting an apartment in Nigeria# Electricity.

In case the joy of moving to a new place and leaving your nosy neighbours behind made you forget; we are here to remind you. Make sure that area does not have beef with PHCN. Of what use is fine house if every time you have to be walking around hopelessly with phone and laptop chargers looking for where to charge. If your work demands constant electricity supply, then this is even a more important factor for you. You should also find out how the electricity bills are handled. So that you won’t walk in on electricity bills that you have to start paying up to get light supply for your apartment. If that area is prone to black outs then pick somewhere else, there are will always be apartments for rent in Lekki Lagos.

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  1. Renting an apartment in Nigeria# Network

This may depend on the Network provider you use. Some networks have poor signals in some areas as 4G speed in other areas. Check out if this area you intend to move to has good net work speed. Trust me, you don’t want to move and then find out that the signal is so bad you may have to stay outside your street to successfully reply a work email. So before you rush into that 2 bedroom flat for rent in Lagos Mainland, check out the network signals there.

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  1. Renting an apartment in Nigeria# Proximity to the road

This depends on you. Although most people find it annoying when their nap is cut short by cars honking on the road beside their windows. Of course it might be finny to look out your window once in a while and see a conductor and passenger arguing over change. But it won’t be funny when you really need some peace and quiet but all you keep getting is the screeching of tires on tarred roads. What am I saying? Before you choose that apartment close to the main road, make sure you would not mind the accompanying wahala. The apartment you are looking at is not the only one available. So don’t feel like you have no choice. There will always be a house for rent in Yaba Lagos and a house for rent in Makurdi, Benue, and a house for rent in Ketu Lagos and even a house for rent in Surulere Lagos.

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  1. Renting an apartment in Nigeria# Are there any shops around?

You’re probably asking why this is even a factor. But it is. It won’t be funny if every time you ran out of match sticks or pepper, you had to walk two streets to buy it, or go to the market. If you feel you can overcome this by buying in bulk always, then it’s probably Ok for you. But for most people it may not be. So before choosing that house in that street. Take some time to look around, are their shops around? Do you have to walk far to get a sachet of water? Take all of this into consideration and figure out if you can or cannot overlook it.

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  1. Renting an apartment in Nigeria# How close is the house to your workplace/school?

You should consider how far away from work or school this house is. You may want somewhere far because you need a break from your pesky colleagues and school mates. But you should also remember that leaving close to school or work means you don’t always have to wake up extra early to beat the traffic. And if you are an entrepreneur, is it close enough to your business location?

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  1. Renting an apartment in Nigeria# How nice does the place look?

Before you pay that rent. Pause a little. Look around the apartment. Look outside it. Let it sink in that this will be your home for quite a while. Will you be proud to call it your home. To some people this may not matter but to others it does, which category do you really fall into?

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  1. Renting an apartment in Nigeria# How far away from you friends is it?

Some people prefer to live as far away from their friends as possible. To avoid the endless visits and distractions. While some other people on the other hand would opt for an apartment close to their clique, for the gists and visits. Which kind of person are you? Consider it, and choose the apartment that is as close as you want, or as far away as you want.


In case you are wondering why all my examples had Lagos in them…believe me, i am wondering too.

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