10 Self Improvement Tips to Help You While Waiting for Marriage

10 Self Improvement Tips to Help You while waiting for marriage

So, I was going through posts on Headstart Africa Community (formerly SmartBcamp) Facebook group when I came across this great post on relation from Nike Adedokun Folagbade.

10 Self Improvement Tips nike adedokun

Nike Adedokun Folagbade

I read it line by line and I deemed it fit to share with Entrepreneur Nigeria community.

You all need to read.

Talking about self improvement tips It says;

“So you’re single and wondering what you can do to work on yourself while preparing to get married soon?

Let me quickly share 5 tips amongst 10 self improvement tips that can help you evaluate yourself while you wait:

best self improvement tips

  1. Give more than you Receive:

Give more than you Receive

This is the best time to start practicing how to share. When you get married, you’ll have to share your life with your spouse and if you have always felt that people were invading your space, this is the best time to start practicing. Smile more, greet first, share your stuffs that you don’t need, give your time & so much more.

  1. Start Working on things that Challenge your Self-Worth:

Start Working with people

Do you have issues with being confident? This is the best time to seek therapy on that. Do you feel you’re not tall or beautiful/handsome enough? This is the best time to start seeing yourself in the positive light. Take time to evaluate what makes you feel less and start appreciating it. In marriage, you wouldn’t want your spouse to be the source of your happiness because sometimes you’ll need to learn to enjoy your alone time. Nobody can complete you so start learning to love yourself.

  1. Learn to manage your Money:

saving tips Learn to manage your Money

If you spend without a budget, plan or savings, then you may want to learn how to manage your finances. You can start saving and investing now. You can try @piggybankNg, @sumobank (www.sumoobank.com) to save, They have helped so many people in becoming better at managing their finances.

  1. Learn to manage your Home:

If you can’t clean your space, then don’t plan getting married with the intention of your spouse arranging everything for you. Learn to clean every corner of your house and practice a good and healthy hygiene.

  1. Be a Praying Person:

Marriage has its own spiritual battles and you don’t want to go into marriage with an entitlement mentality. You want to start praying for your spouse and children ahead. Learn to build a relationship with God in your single years so that you don’t build your world around your spouse alone.

  1. This is time to work on your insecurities:

problem of insecurity

There’re people who’ll get married and try to control/manipulate their spouse because of trust issues. This is time to stop projecting your fears on your partner. Seek therapy and closure(I can help)

  1. Let go of pride:

self improvement tips

If you’ve pride issues, this is the time to start seeking for professional help. Ask the HolySpirit to help you as a Christian. Pride kills the beauty of a marriage. Don’t assume that your excesses will be managed. Pride comes before a fall.

  1. Practice purity and Self-control:

If you think marriage will help you to stop sleeping around, that’s a mistake. If your partner offends you, you’ll still find a way to sleep around. Self-control is important because you won’t be having sex every day.

  1. Start learning little act of commitment:


Marriage works because of two committed people. Commitment should be practiced even when things are not going your way. It starts with your thoughts and decisions.


  • Learn God’s idea of marriage:

self improvement tips

Marriage isn’t like the way the world does it. It’s God desire for two people to come together as one. Men are to love their wives with understanding. You’re to cover your wife and cleanse her with the Word. Women are to respect and submit to their husbands. The head of a man is Christ & the head of a woman is a man. Authority needs to be understood and not abused. It doesn’t mean control and self-domineering lifestyle. It should be a selfless lifestyle without waiting for the other person.

You should also use this period to read books, attend seminars and invest in yourself. I can’t emphasize this enough. A lot of singles find it difficult to invest in their emotional life and it can be frustrating at the end of the day. Save yourself the stress of being hurt and clueless. Learn and relearn.

Which of these do you need to learn to do more?

You can order for books and resources to help you prepare yourself towards marriage. You can get this book by sending a DM, go here. @NikeFolagbade