For You and Your Business to Grow, You Must Stop Procrastinating Right Now

For You and Your Business to Grow, You Must Stop Procrastinating Right Now

Yes, you heard right. You must stop procrastinating right now. Not tomorrow or next tomorrow or next year; right about now is the only time to stop.

When I wrote on “how top entrepreneurs master the art of self-discipline,” I had a lot of positive feedback from our readers. So many people admitted that they had issues with discipline. That is fine; in fact, it is necessary for you to make the next step.

My father told me sometime in 2005 that knowing about your problem means that the problem is partially solved. Knowing that you are indisciplined means that you can consciously decide to improve yourself or not. The choice is yours.

Back to the responses, many of them admitted to having issues with finishing a task. Many are aware that the task has to be finished but they keep putting it off until they are at the point of pressure and then they will start running around like confused individuals to solve it.

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As a follow up to that article, I want to put this one up. It is a work that will show you how to stop procrastinating right now. The time to handle what you have got to handle is right now.

I can assure you that nothing will stop you from succeeding if you learn how to carry out important tasks without having to put them off till tomorrow. That right time is now. if you want to stop procrastinating right now, I suggest you read on.

How Entrepreneurs Stop Procrastinating Right Now

stop procrastinating right now

  1. You must set goals

How can you be sure that you are making progress if there is nothing to achieve? Goals are very important in life but people always make mistakes with them.

When you don’t break your goals into easy and achievable tasks, it could become a problem. For instance, if you are preparing for an exam and you look at the course content, you could become discouraged and everything will be so cumbersome. Now, set an achievable daily task of completing a topic a day and you will be through with the course even before the exam starts.

The same thing is applicable to your business and your career. To achieve the set goal, you must break it down to daily tasks which are achievable and easy. Make sure you don’t miss any day. It may sound too strict but you need that to stop procrastinating right now.

You know the normal routine when that tiny voice in your head will tell you that you can finish two tasks a day so it is okay to leave out a day, that is the time to say no. I actually don’t believe that some people are born with greater willpower, it can all be developed. That is one of the ways you can develop it. When you keep saying no when you are meant to say yes to procrastination, you will definitely come out tops.

  1. There is always something to gain; Think about it

Why do you want to stop procrastination?  Are you on the verge of losing your job? Are you tired of constantly working under pressure? Are you scared of failing at something? Is your output always haphazard? There is got to be a reason why you would want to stop now. If there is none, please, by all means, keep procrastinating.

That reason, whatever it is should be motivation enough. Just think of the monumental benefits attached to your new habits that do not involve procrastination. Think of the stress-free life that accompanies that and the success on your way and you will realize that you must stop procrastinating right now.

  1. Set down a routine

Have you ever wondered why soldiers are so disciplined? You should know that procrastination is never a problem. Why is that so? It is quite simple. Do you know that the military is trained to follow a routine, an order or a particular way of doing things? They are regimented. When they set out to do something, they just do it. May be I should spend a year in the military camp and then I can learn something about life.

We are not saying you should become military men or so regimented. No, that is no issue. But you must learn to put up a pattern and routine that you will follow religiously. You should only amend it when it becomes absolutely necessary.

Your routine is not designed to be too rigid. It does not have to be set in stones. It is far from that. It will only give you the skeletal structure to achieve your goals. It just about directs you on what to do and how to do it.

  1. Handle tougher tasks first and early

Our energy level is quite difficult to maintain all day. We cannot always be fired up for something at all times. It is not possible at all. Personally, I’m always fired up in the morning and in the evening. That is the time I handle tasks that are daunting.

You should know when your energy level is fine and all your senses are working in synchrony. That is the time for you to get the assumed or perceived difficult tasks out of the way. When they are out of the way, you will find out that you are seeing the end from the beginning and everything becomes so easy. This way, you can stop procrastinating right now.

  1. You have got to just do it

There is a technique called the “5 Seconds rules.” Tim Ferris pioneered it. It states that when your brain tells you that there is a task to be completed, you should just get up and do it. This is so because if you let it go for a little more time, your brain will begin to build a series of excuses on why you should not carry out that task at that time.

Procrastination is a trap. It is out to get you and it is always hovering around waiting to embrace you. It will embrace if you open your arms to it. So, you have got a choice to accept it or reject it. If you start working when you get the signals to work, you can stop the procrastination in its tracks.

  1. Take yourself out or get yourself a gift

The brain works better when there is an incentive. For instance, the energy you will put into a 100 meters race if there is a million naira to be won is different from the focus and energy you will invest in it if there is nothing to be won. That is just the way the human brain operates.

When you have set out tasks and you complete them at the time you said you would, go out and give yourself a treat. You deserve that.

Remember when I wrote that piece on self-discipline, I said I did take a bottle if I receive the right responses from you. I did receive the responses but I didn’t get many shares. So I drank half a bottle. Then I said I will work to get stuff like this shared. So many people are suffering from it and maybe we can all reach out to each other and help ourselves through this shit. When that is achieved, then I can have my one full bottle.

The number to reach out to is still +2347038764113.

I will await your responses and shares.





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