How To Start Profitable Beans Farming In Nigeria: Beginners Guide

How To Start Profitable Beans Farming In Nigeria: Beginners Guide

Beans farming

Beans farming in Nigeria has now become a goldmine for the beans farmers in Nigeria. When it comes to food consumption in Nigeria, it will interest you to know that beans are the third most consumed staple food; just behind rice and cassava. Even with the high consumption of beans in Nigeria, the greater percentage of the beans in the Nigerian market is from the Niger Republic.

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This goes to tell you of the profit potential that abounds in beans farming in Nigeria. The question to ask you is; why is there less number of farmers that into beans farming in Nigeria even with the huge consumption rate? Is it that people don’t know of the huge opportunity that beans farming in Nigeria brings? It baffles me as to why a little number of Nigerian farmers engages in beans farming business.

The purpose of this article is to encourage the little number of already existing beans farmers in Nigeria and the aspiring farmers that are considering venturing into beans farming business in Nigeria. This article provides you with the guidance you need to succeed in your beans farming business in Nigeria.

All that you need is just the right information and startup capital, and then you are good to start your beans farming business in Nigeria.

Why you should consider investing in beans farming in Nigeria

There are lots of reasons that will make you consider beans farming in Nigeria if you have the financial capacity to venture into this very profitable farming business in Nigeria. Some of these reasons include:

  • The high rate of beans consumption in Nigeria

As stated earlier, beans are just behind rice and cassava when you consider the most consumed staple food item in Nigeria today. Being one of the readily available sources of protein in Nigeria, almost every family in Nigeria eats beans. You are sure of creating wealth for yourself if you venture into beans farming in Nigeria. This is especially when you consider the high demand for beans and beans products.

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Aside from the direct consumption of beans in Nigeria, you can also make it into other edible forms like “moi-moi” and “Akara”. There are many forms in which you can prepare beans for consumption. It comes to the versatility of staple foods in Nigeria; you can bet that beans are one of the foodstuffs on the list.

  • The high-profit potential of bean farming

When you consider the high rate of beans consumption in Nigeria, you don’t need a prophet to tell you that beans farming is very profitable. With the current hike in the prices of foodstuffs in Nigeria, a 100kg of beans cost between 35,000 – 45, 000 naira depending on your location. There are places that you will have to buy the same 100kg of beans for 50,000 nairas.

  • The general acceptability of beans in Nigeria

There is no known culture, religion, or ethnic group in Nigeria that forbids the consumption of beans. This can only tell you that you need to start considering starting a beans farming business in Nigeria.

When you consider the above-mentioned reasons, you will definitely agree with me that there is every need to invest in beans farming business in Nigeria.

Requirements for starting your beans farming business in Nigeria  

Don’t think because there are lots of money to make from beans farming in Nigeria you can just jump into it suddenly. There are certain things that you must have in place before venturing into beans farming business in Nigeria. These important requirements include:

  1. Beans farming business plan

Before you venture into beans farming business in Nigeria, it is highly recommended that you have a well-detailed bean farming business plan. With your business, you are certain to start your beans farming with ease. Your beans farming business plan will guide you in making decisions as it affects the welfare of your farming business.

Aside from serving as your guide, your beans farming business plan will also assist you in sourcing for funds for your business. With your business plan, you can apply for a loan from banks and even private individuals.

  1. Startup capital

Once you have decided to venture into beans farming in Nigeria, you will have to source for your capital if you don’t have the amount to kick off your farming business. Don’t say because you lack the financial capacity you will just abandon your dream of becoming a renowned commercial beans farmer in Nigeria.

You should know that once there is a will to achieve something, the way to achieve it will always present itself sooner than later.

  1. Farmland location

Once the capital is available, the next thing to consider is the farmland location. You will need to select land that will be suitable for the optimal growth of beans. There is the need for you to determine the viability of the soil before you use it for your beans farming business in Nigeria. It has been verified that lands in the South East and South West are very suitable for the optimal growth and development of beans.

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You must know that beans farming require a moderately distributed rainfall between 300-400mm per crop cycle. The soil must also be well drained because waterlogged soil will cause the beans to rot before germination. A pH within the range of 6-7 is well suited for beans farming in Nigeria.

After you have selected the farmland for your beans farming business, the next task is to prepare the land for planting. You should clear the bushes and plow the soil before planting your beans.

  1. Selecting your beans variety

It is very important that you select viable and healthy seeds for your beans farming business in Nigeria. Healthy and viable beans seeds will help improve your chances at having a bountiful harvest by the end of the farming season. Fertilizer application is rarely needed in beans farming, especially when the soil is fertile. If there is the need for you to make use of fertilizer for your beans farming, the ideal type is nitrogenous fertilizer.

Too much application of fertilizer can reduce bean yield. There is the need for you to seek professional advice when it comes to fertilizer application to your beans farm in Nigeria.

  1. Beans planting

Beans seeds should be planted with their “eyes” facing downwards. It is recommended that you plant your beans seeds just 2 inches deep into the soil. Beans seeds can either be planted in blocks or in rows. You can see your beans seeds sprouting just within six days of planting them. Shallow cultivation is very essential to avoid disturbance of the roots of the beans.

After planting your beans, there is a need for you to care for them in order to improve the harvest. You should carefully weed your beans farm to avoid disturbing the roots of the bean plant. Beans plants grow in two ways, either in the form of pole or bush. The difference is that the bush starts producing before the pole and the seeds all emerge at the same time.

  1. Harvesting your beans

Beans farming

For harvesting your beans, it is recommended that you do it during a dry weather condition in order to prolong the preservation of the beans. You should be very careful when harvesting your beans. The harvest is carried out by gently pulling the beans off the vine. It takes between 2-3 months after planting to start harvesting your beans.

When it comes to harvesting of beans, it is dependent on two factors which are:

  • The type of beans growth
  • Stage of beans growth

Beans are harvested at the dry, snap, or shell stage when you consider the stage of growth. Dry beans are harvested when the seeds have attained complete maturity. You harvest snap beans when the beans seeds are still immature. The disadvantage here is that the beans do not have the conventional beans texture and flavor. For the shell beans, they are harvested much later compared to the snap beans.


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