How To Start Breadfruit Farming Business In Nigeria: Your Best Guide

How To Start Breadfruit Farming Business In Nigeria: Your Best Guide

Breadfruit farming

Breadfruit farming business is a great agribusiness investment that you can comfortably start in Nigeria today. With the exponential growth of the Nigerian population, you should know that increase food supply is very important. This has made the agricultural sector to be every investor’s playing field. Breadfruit has the potential to become one of the food sources to feed millions of Nigerians. This means that you can seize the opportunity to make huge money from breadfruit farming in Nigeria.

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It is very unfortunate that the breadfruit farming business in Nigeria has really declined as it has been underutilized as well as underexploited. It will interest you to know that recent studies have shown breadfruit to be an endangered food species in Nigeria. When you consider the untapped market potential, high yields, and nutritional value of breadfruit; you will certainly know that breadfruit farming is a guaranteed means of earning profits.

Breadfruit farming simply entails the planting, management, harvesting, and marketing of the various species of breadfruits in Nigeria. Breadfruit is a fruit tree that thrives very well on the tropics and the tree can reach a maximum height of 98 feet. This breadfruit can grow in the South Eastern states, Delta, Edo, and Oyo. The Igbo’s call it “ukwa”, it is called “Afon” in Yoruba, “Bafafuta” in Hausa, and “Ize” in Benin.

The focus of this article is to provide you with the relevant information needed to start breadfruit farming in Nigeria. The main objective of this article is to help you succeed in your breadfruit farming business in Nigeria.

Why You Should Invest In Breadfruit Farming Business In Nigeria

To earn considerable income for a long time, there is every need for you to invest in the breadfruit farming business. The breadfruit tree lasts for years and does not need you replanting it. The business opportunities that abound in breadfruit farming business include:

  • Animal feed

Breadfruit is a very nutritious food to farm animals. You can prepare animal feed from the bran and head pulp of the breadfruit. The leaves from the tree can also serve as good fodder to your herbivorous farm animals.

  • A very good source of food

The consumption of breadfruit is very prominent in the Eastern part of the country. The seeds are harvested, processed, and cooked as a delicious meal called “Ukwa”. This high consumption rate of the breadfruit tells you that there is certainly high-profit potential in the breadfruit farming business. This fruit is enriched with proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, potassium, and vitamins A, C, and K.

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  • Wood production

Another means you can make money from breadfruit farming business in Nigeria id through the sale of the wood. The breadfruit tree produces lightweight, termite resistant wood that can be used in building construction. Paper making industries also make use of the breadfruit tree in the production of paper. The lightweight wood is also used in the construction of furniture. You can as well use the wood for charcoal production.

  • Good raw material

According to the publication on vanguard newspaper on 21st June 2017, breadfruit can be used in the production of cakes, finger rolls, noodles, chin-chin, salad, flour, fries, chocolate, etc. You can also use it to substitute for potatoes in the production of meat-pies. This goes to tell you that the profitability of the breadfruit farming business is just too much. The only thing you need is the patience to wait for the tree to attain maturity.

How To Start Breadfruit Farming Business

Before you venture into a breadfruit farming business in Nigeria, there are certain factors you have to consider. These factors include:

  1. Well-detailed breadfruit farming business plan

It is very important that you have a very good business plan before starting your breadfruit farming venture in Nigeria. Your business plan will be a guide for you in the course of your farming business. Operating your farm without a business plan is like sailing on a ship without a compass. You will certainly not be in control of your destination. If you desire to succeed in breadfruit fruit farming business, your business plan is very indispensable.

If you intend to seek for a loan to start your breadfruit farming, then the more important the business plan is for you. No good thinking investor will put his/her money in your business if you cannot provide the plan on how to run your business.

  1. Site selection

Once your breadfruit business plan and capital is ready, the next step is to choose farmland. Your farmland needs to be accessible and be far from a settlement area. You need to make sure that the land is not in any dispute, and try to get all the necessary documentation for the land. Avoid places that experience low annual rainfall and drought in Nigeria.

  1. Land preparation

To prepare the land, you will have to thoroughly plow the soil into a smooth texture. You will also need to clear the bushes and apply organic manure in order to improve soil fertility.

  1. Select a good variety

This is very important to the profitability of your breadfruit farming business. If you fail to choose a good variety, then you risk having a very poor harvest. At the time of writing this article, there are certain varieties of breadfruit in Nigeria that can mature and bear fruit within three years of planting.

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In 2017, the University of Nigeria Nsukka partnered with the Global Breadfruit Institute (GBI) to develop improved varieties of breadfruit trees. It will be important for you to contact the Faculty of Agriculture of this University in order to access this variety.

  1. Planting Method

To propagate this plant, the seedlings are directly implanted onto the tilled soil. During planting, you should dig a hole of 45cm-60cm wide and 25cm-30cm deep. After planting, you should provide artificial shades for the young plants. This will prevent the young seedlings from wilting, and possible death. Once the breadfruit trees are matured, you can allow for full sunlight.

You should plant your breadfruit seedlings during the start of the rainy season. It is recommended that you buy from registered breadfruit sees/registered companies. Hybrid breadfruit seedling is preferred for this purpose. The spacing of 8m by 8m will give you about 156 trees per hectare. You are advised to make use of 10m by 10m spacing. This will give you about 100 trees per hectare.

During fertilizer application, you are required to adopt adequate formulation of NPK fertilizer, preferably the 15:15:15.

  1. Pests and diseases

Although, with good cultural practices you can eliminate most of the pests that are harmful to breadfruits. There is a need for you to be very observant to know when your plants are attacked by pests and diseases. Some of the common diseases include Mildews and Botrytis.

  1. Harvesting

You harvest your breadfruit seeds within 2-3 months after the formation of flowers. The harvesting can be carried out by the use of hand or sickle. It is very important that you harvest the fruit when it is fresh and green. In a year, a breadfruit tree can produce up to 200 fruits once it starts fruiting.

  1. Marketing

You should identify and locate industries and companies that require the breadfruit as a raw material in Nigeria. There are also opportunities for you selling to retailers in the local market within your locality.


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