How To Make Money From Carrot Farming In Nigeria:  Detailed Guidelines

How To Make Money From Carrot Farming In Nigeria:  Detailed Guidelines

Carrot farming

Carrot farming business in Nigeria should really interest you, especially now that the prospect is on the rise. If you are looking for a way to stay ahead in today’s Nigerian economy, then carrot farming is ideal for you. When you consider the impact of agriculture on the economy of Nigeria, then you will greatly appreciate the carrot farming business. It will interest you to know that agriculture alone contributed more than 20% to the GDP of Nigeria.

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This article is focused on bringing you all the needed information you need to succeed in carrot farming. In the course of this article, you will be told about the below-listed topics as they relate to the carrot. These topics include:

  • How long do carrots take to grow?
  • Prospects of carrot farming in Nigeria
  • How do you prepare the soil for carrots?
  • Carrot production in Nigeria
  • How long for carrot seeds to germinate?
  • Carrot season in Nigeria
  • How do you fertilize carrots?

These and many more information about carrot farming business in Nigeria will be provided for you in this article. You just relax and keep reading for it promises to be worth your time.

The Profitability And Prospects Of Carrot Farming Business In Nigeria

Carrots have very high commercial value as well as numerous health benefits that will not be exhausted in this article. You should know that carrot contains vitamins A, C, D, E, and K as well as calcium, magnesium, and potassium. In Nigeria, the consumption of carrot is huge. This makes the demand for carrot be on the rise, hence making carrot farming business highly profitable for you.

There are currently improved agricultural practices that you can utilize to increase carrot farming profitability. Using the recently improved varieties, you can plant your carrot in a small space of land and have a bountiful harvest. This means you don’t need a vast area of land before you can start your carrot farming business in Nigeria. With the different ways that carrot is consumed in Nigeria, you are certain that the demand will always be high.

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Guidelines On Starting Your Carrot Farming Business In Nigeria

Below are the necessary things you must pay attention to in order to be successful in carrot farming in Nigeria. These important guidelines for you include:

  1. Detailed carrot farming business plan

This article is talking about commercial carrot farming in Nigeria. For this reason, you must have a well-detailed business plan for your carrot farming business. If your intention is to just cultivate carrots for personal consumption, then don’t bother about the business plan. Your carrot farming business plan helps you have a good footing before going into the business proper.

Having a detailed business plan is proof that you have carried out your market research, SWOT analysis, and marketing strategy. This means that you are ready to take the business by the storm. You can also access government loans for agriculture and woo investors using your business plan.

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  1. Land selection, preparation, and planting

Once you have your business plan and have secured the startup capital, then you have to get farmland. Your selected farmland must not be rocky as carrots don’t do well in such soil. This is because carrots grow downward into the ground as taproots. Rocky and stony soil will hinder this growth, thereby reducing your carrot production in Nigeria. You have to loosen the soil on which to plant your carrots.

Your ridges must be high enough to accommodate the penetration of the carrot taproot. This means that you have to make your ridges higher than those for cultivating other crops like millet, sorghum, maize, etc.

Before planting, you have to get good carrot varieties for maximum carrot production and yield. The different carrot varieties include:

  • The Imperator carrots

This variety has long and slim tapered roots. It is best grown in light, sandy loam soil.

  • The Nantes varieties

This species is the most widely grown carrot variety in Nigeria. It is generally sweet and cylindrical in shape with blunt tips. You should consider the Nantes varieties when venturing into carrot farming business in Nigeria. Since they are the generally accepted variety, it will be more beneficial for you to cultivate the Nantes variety.

  • The Chantenay variety

You will identify this variety by its stout and short nature. It also has a crown that is tapered to a circular point.

  • The mini carrot variety

This species grows very well in shallow root zones. This is why it is commonly grown in containers.

You can choose from the above-listed carrot varieties when starting your carrot farming business. you can buy carrot seedlings from reliable sources. They are sold in packets. You plant your cart seeds by drawing a line with a stick or cutlass across the length of the ridge. Then you will evenly distribute the carrot seeds along the line you made on the ridge.

You can either cover the line with stalks, grass or corn in order to prevent birds and other rodents from eating them. This is also done to prevent direct sunlight and rain that can damage the young seedlings.

  1. Taking care of your carrot farm

You don’t abandon your carrot farm after cultivation. There is every need for you to care for the growing carrot seedlings in the farm. Without tending these carrots, you are at the risk of having a poor yield. This will negatively affect the profitability of your carrot farming business in Nigeria. Once the seeds start to germinate, you should raise those stalks that were used to cover them. It will allow the carrots good space to grow.

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You should note the word raise because I didn’t say you should remove them. Raising them involves placing very short sticks at regular interval underneath the stalks. This allows air for the carrots, thereby improving their growth and development. It is very important that you take note of this.

Once the stems of the carrots have matured to withstand direct rain and sunlight. You can then remove the stalks. You should also thin and fertilize the soil for proper carrot development.

  1. Marketing your carrots

Carrot farming

This stage is very important for your carrot farming business in Nigeria. No matter how good your carrots are, if you don’t have a good marketing strategy, no one will buy them. You need to know the current market prices of carrot so as to know how to stamp a price on your own.  Aside from vegetable sellers in the market, other buyers include restaurants, hotels, etc.

The above-listed guidelines are ideal for starting your carrot farming in Nigeria. You need to follow them and you will greatly improve your chances of succeeding in your carrot farming business.


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