How To Become A Millionaire With Cassava Farming Business In Nigeria

How To Become A Millionaire With Cassava Farming Business In Nigeria

Cassava farming

Cassava farming is no doubt the money making machine for many farmers in Nigeria, hence you should consider venturing into it. When you look around you in Nigeria today, you will see many people crying in poverty. These people clamor for jobs while neglecting the goldmine of the agricultural sector. This article is to help you avoid such painful lifestyle. It is time for you to pay close attention to this cassava farming business enriching farmers in Nigeria.

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Like many Nigerians, you may be looking on farming, but that does not change the very high profitability of agriculture. I believe you know Ota farm owned by former president Olusegun Obasanjo. You might say that he has the money and employed people to do the work. With proper planning and execution of this cassava farming business, with two years, you will be counting in millions. It just doesn’t happen overnight, you will have to work for it now.

The purpose of this article is to help you with the necessary information you need to succeed in cassava farming. You should know that the information here does not guarantee success 100%, it will certainly improve your chances at success. Provided you will follow the guidelines listed here for you, is rest assured you are on the right track. Here, in this article you will see information regarding:

  • Profitability of cassava farming in Nigeria
  • Is cassava farming profitable in Nigeria
  • How much is a ton of cassava in Nigeria
  • Cassava farming business prospects
  • The feasibility study on cassava production in Nigeria
  • Where is cassava grown in Nigeria?
  • How long does it take to plant and harvest cassava in Nigeria

The Profitability Of Cassava Farming Business In Nigeria

You should know that the industrial processing of cassava in Nigeria is fast becoming a goldmine for investors. This only tells you that the profitability of cassava farming business in Nigeria is visible to the blind. You have got to seize this opportunity in cassava farming with both hands. As of today in Nigeria, there is no family that does not consume cassava related food.

With the current population of Nigeria estimated to be about 180 million, it tells you of the market availability. There are lots of products that you can get from cassava. Some of these products include starch, flour, chips, bread, glucose syrup etc. You can see that the profitability of cassava farming business in Nigeria is mouthwatering, to say the least. All the above-mentioned cassava products are in high demand, not just in Nigeria but also abroad.

You can see that becoming a millionaire with cassava farming is not an illusion at all. It is very much realizable provided you follow the right guidelines. These guidelines on how you can become a millionaire with cassava farming business are what this article is all about.

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There are many government support loans for agriculture in Nigeria that you can take advantage of today. Stop blaming anybody for your financial misfortune and start taking constructive action with cassava farming business in Nigeria.

Guidelines On How To Start Your Commercial Cassava Farming Business In Nigeria

Below are the basic requirements you need to start cassava farming business in Nigeria.

  1. Good cassava farming business plan

If you intend to take your cassava farming business commercial, then having a business plan is highly important. This is because; there are many things you need to carry out in your cassava farming business plan. It is within the business plan that you carry out the feasibility study on cassava production in Nigeria.

This feasibility study on cassava production in Nigeria will guide you in making informed decisions in your cassava farming business. Your financial projections, market research, and survey will also be contained in your cassava farming business plan. This business plan also improves your chances of accessing loans for your business. It also helps you to attract investors to your farming business.

You can see the importance of a good cassava farming business plan. Without it, am sorry to say it but you will be operating your agribusiness blind. At this point, it already smells doom for your cassava farming business without a good business plan.

  1. Select good farmland for your cassava farming

Once your business plan and startup capital are ready, the next step is to choose farmland. It is highly recommended that you select an accessible well-drained fertile land for your cassava farming business in Nigeria. If you cannot determine the fertility of the soil, take to the IITA for help. The International Institute for Tropical Agriculture (IITA) will tell you if that soil is suitable for high yield cassava production. This verification is to help you not to make use of that land based on assumption. You need to be sure of your investment.

  1. Select good cassava variety

In this your cassava farming business in Nigeria, you don’t just cultivate any cassava variety you see. According to the IITA, the best varieties include the TMS 30572, NR 8083, TMS 4(2) 1425, NR 8082, TMS 92/0326, and TMS 81/00110. It is very important that you start your cassava production business with the best varieties to improve your cassava yield.

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  1. The land preparation and planting

You need to clear the farmland to remove tree stumps and other things that might hinder the growth of your cassava plants. You can employ laborers to clear your farm manually or you can apply herbicides. During land preparation, you are advised to apply about 5 (50kg) bags of agricultural lime per hectare.

Your cassava planting should be carried out between the months of April and October. It is recommended that you plant 58-60 bundles of cassava stems per hectare in Nigeria. You should cut your cassava stem to about 25cm long with a spacing of 1m by 1m. Always see to it that you replace dead or nonviable stems by maintaining 100% cassava planting rate.

Cassava farming

For post-planting weed control, you can make use of Primextra (5 liters) per hectare immediately the weeds start emerging. After about 8-10 weeks after planting, you should apply fertilizer to your cassava farm. The NPK fertilizers are always the best for cassava farming. While applying the fertilizer, you must make sure that it does not touch the cassava stem or leaves. You should apply the fertilizer in a ring form about 10cm from the cassava plant.

  1. Harvesting your cassava

With good agricultural practices and strict adherence to the guidelines above, your cassava farm can yield up to 25 tonnes per hectare. This goes to tell you that you must take every step in this article very seriously. Within your environment, there are many places to sell your cassava produce, so enjoy your money from cassava production business.


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