How To Start Cucumber Farming Business With Little Cash In Nigeria

How To Start Cucumber Farming Business With Little Cash In Nigeria

Cucumber farming

Cucumber farming in Nigeria is another avenue for you to actualize your dream of making it big in life. What you need is the right guidance and you will be financially independent for life. Don’t spend most of your time going from one interview room to another looking for jobs. You can comfortably live a worthy life through cucumber farming in Nigeria.

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If you want to actually be in control of your life financially, cucumber farming is a good way to start. The good thing about this is that you can start small and expand your business from there. Stop whiling away your time and start earning big from cucumber farming in Nigeria.  This article will provide you with all the information you need to have in cucumber farming in Nigeria.

The information that this article will provide you include:

  • Dry season cucumber farming in Nigeria
  • Guide on practical cucumber farming
  • AZ of cucumber farming in Nigeria
  • Cucumber production in Nigeria
  • How many cucumbers can you plant per acre in Nigeria?
  • How do cucumbers grow best in Nigeria?
  • What is the best time to plant cucumber in Nigeria

This article will provide you with the information regarding the aforementioned topics listed above. You should just sit tight and keep reading because I know that you will be glad you did.

Why Cucumber Farming Business?

You may be asking the question; why cucumber farming in Nigeria? Why not another business venture? Well, I will tell you the answer in very clear terms. There are very few vegetables in Nigeria that are as popular and greatly consumed as the cucumber. You of people should know that. It will interest you to know that cucumber is practically consumed by all in Nigeria.

This makes the market for cucumber too big for you just ignore. Cucumber farming does not require that you have all the money in the world. You just need the right information, and that is what this article provides for you. When you venture into cucumber farming, you will discover for yourself that you have been neglecting lots of money.

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The health benefits of cucumber are simply enormous for you to ignore its profitability. Cucumber helps the body prevent and fight diseases like cancer, diabetics, skin infections, etc. cucumber also helps your body to re-hydrate. In fact, I won’t be able to list all the benefits of cucumber farming for you. You should actually venture into this agribusiness goldmine of cucumber farming to experience these unquantifiable benefits.

The Best Way For You To Start Cucumber Farming In Nigeria

Now that we are done with making you see the reason to invest in cucumber farming business, let’s forge ahead. In order for you to be successful in cucumber farming, follow the guidelines below.

  1. Have A Well-Detailed Cucumber Farming Business Plan

You can’t venture into cucumber farming without having a very good business plan to guide you. It is in your business plan that you will write down how you intend to go about your farming business. Your business plan will be your guide as you conduct your cucumber farming activities.

It is in your business plan that you will put down the result of your market research. Your marketing strategy as well as the SWOT analysis of your cucumber farming business in Nigeria. With your cucumber farming business plan, you stand the chance of accessing government loans. You can as well use the business plan to attract or woo investors to your business.

  1. Good Farmland

Now that you have your business plan and the needed capital, the next is for you to select a farm location. It is a good thing that cucumber grows all around Nigeria. So, this means that you can choose a farm location anywhere with the right soil composition. The ideal soil composition should be a loamy soil with good water retention capacity. You should know that the pH of the soil should be neutral.

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Your selected farmland should have adequate access to sunlight, your cucumber needs it. Also, make sure that your selected farmland is not too far from the market and customers. It should also be accessible by your customers.

  1. Cucumber Farm Preparation

After your site selection, the next thing is how to prepare the land to plant your cucumber. You should manually clear the farm and avoid the use of herbicides. The herbicides reduce soil quality and ultimately hinder proper cucumber development. You can apply organic manure to the soil or the NPK fertilizer in the ratio of 15:15:15.

Before the planting of your cucumber, you should select viable cucumber seeds. This is very important as it can be the difference between your success and failure in cucumber farming business. You can source your cucumber seeds locally as it is far better than the imported ones. Try to visit the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture for proper direction on cucumber seed selection.

  1. How To Plant Your Cucumber

It will interest you to know that you can plant your cucumber at any time of the year. All your cucumber needs are adequate water for its survival, that’s all. You should a very good irrigation system in place if you want to plant during the dry season. The hole for planting the seeds should be about 2cm in depth.

Proper spacing also ensures that you get an optimal yield from your cucumber farm in Nigeria. You should see to it that the spacing between plants is about 1 foot and 4-6 feet between rows. It is advised that you plant about 3 seeds per hole and reduce it to 2 once they germinate.

  1. Your Cucumber Farm Maintenance

Once you have completed your planting process, there is a need to take care of your farm. You should weed your farm at a maximum of 1 month after planting. There is also a need for you to use mulching to preserve the nitrogen content of the soil. Pests like grasshoppers, beetles, spider mites, and birds can attack your cucumber farm. You should apply the appropriate pesticide to control these pests.

Diseases like mildew, Mosaic viral disease, etc can also attack your cucumber. Treating your cucumber seeds with fungicides before planting them can help prevent fungal diseases.

  1. Harvesting Your Cucumber

Cucumber farming

You should harvest your cucumber when they are green in color, not when they must have ripped. Take note that cucumber matures between 40-45 days after planting. Time of maturity is highly dependent on the variety that you planted in your farm. You should harvest your cucumber manually and with great care to prevent bruises on the cucumber. Always store your cucumber in a cool environment before taking them to the market for sale.

You have the profitability and great opportunity in cucumber farming business in Nigeria. What then are you waiting for to start earning big money from it?


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