How To Start Dairy Farming In Nigeria For Commercial Milk Production

How To Start Dairy Farming In Nigeria For Commercial Milk Production

Dairy farming

Dairy farming is a livestock farming business that involves the rearing of cattle for specifically for milk production. Dairy farming can also involve the production of other dairy products aside milk. These other products include cheese, butter, etc. Although dairy cattle farming is not yet popular in Nigeria, you can tap into this business opportunity to generate lots of money.

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Cattle milk consumption is very high in Nigeria, hence the reason you should invest your money in dairy cattle farming business. There is no doubt that dairy cattle farming business requires lots of money, time, labor, and other resources; but the high returns on investment is worth the sacrifice.

If you have the money and are looking for an agribusiness to invest in, then dairy cattle farming business is the real deal. The very good thing about starting dairy cattle farming in Nigeria is that there are government programs to support dairy farmers.

Dairy cattle farming is not a livestock business that you just stroll into without having the needed knowledge to operate it. If you lack the requisite knowledge, there is no way that you can succeed in dairy farming business in Nigeria. The status of dairy industry in Nigeria is currently on the rise.

Why You Should Consider Investing Into Dairy Farming

The prospect of dairy production in Nigeria is really great owing to many reasons of which I will be mentioning just a few. Dairy cattle production in Nigeria is very profitable and lucrative.

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  1. General acceptability of dairy products

In Nigeria today, dairy products are generally accepted making dairy cattle farming very profitable and lucrative. Milk and milk products like butter, cheese, etc are consumed in Nigeria without any rejection.  With the current population of Nigeria placed at about 180 million, there is a large customer base for your dairy farming business.

  1. Large market

Just like I have emphasized above, there is a large customer base for dairy products in Nigeria. This has made dairy farming business very profitable and lucrative to venture into. Milk, butter, and cheese are dairy products that are constantly available in the market and are always consumed by the populace.

  1. Many dairy products

Dairy farming does not only involve the production of milk from cows; it includes the production of other milk products like cheese, butter, etc. Venturing into dairy farming business in Nigeria gives you the opportunity to also sell products other than just milk.

How To Start Dairy Farming Business In Nigeria

As a beginner, you need to understand the step by step processes involved in starting dairy cattle production in Nigeria. You don’t just jump into dairy cattle farming because you heard that the prospect of dairy production is great in Nigeria. There are very important steps that you really need to take so that you can be successful in commercial milk production in Nigeria.

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Just like every other business, starting a dairy cattle farming business requires necessary processes and procedure that are listed in this article. Before venturing into cattle rearing in Nigeria for milk production, you need to be either have the requisite knowledge, have good experience, or you bring in an expert to help you in this business.

Below are the necessary things that you really need to put in place before starting your dairy farming business in Nigeria.

  1. Dairy farming business plan

Without you well detailed dairy cattle farming business plan, you are simply venturing into this cattle rearing business without direction. Your dairy cattle farming business plan serves as a compass to direct you in the establishment of your cattle rearing business for milk production.

It is in your dairy cattle farming business plan that you make all your financial plans concerning the starting of your milk production farming business in Nigeria. You will estimate the total amount of money needed to start your dairy cattle farming business.

  1. Source for your capital

You have already estimated the amount of money that you need to start your dairy cattle farming business in your dairy cattle farming business plan. It is now time to source for funds to start your dairy cattle production in Nigeria.

There are federal government loans for small and medium enterprises which you can apply for to start your milk production in Nigeria.

  1. Get good farm location

Dairy farming

After you have sourced the capital to start your dairy cattle production in Nigeria, the next thing is to acquire a good farm location. In choosing your farm location, you should locate a quiet environment to rear your dairy cattle.

Your farm location should have good road network to allow for free movement of your dairy products to the market as well as allowing your customers access to your farm.  The farm land for your dairy cattle farming should be large enough to allow your dairy cattle to easily move around for grazing.

  1. Buy your cows

After you have sorted everything about your dairy farm location, you can then proceed to buy your cow breeds milk production. This is where you really need to be very careful so as not to buy sick and low quality breeds. You are advised to buy your stock breed from quality breeds like Boran, White Fulani, Brahman, Ayrshires, Tregian, etc.

You can’t be starting a dairy cattle farming business and you purchase cow breeds for meat production. Identify dairy cattle for commercial milk production in Nigeria is your major target in buying cow breeds to start your dairy cattle farming business.

  1. How to feed your dairy cattle

You should feed your dairy cattle at least twice everyday with rice straw, potato vines, maize straw, and green forage from healthy leguminous plants.  You can also add vitamin and mineral concentrates in their feed for better productivity.

If you fail to provide the best quality feed available for your cattle, it will hinder their productivity and in turn, reduce your returns on investment.

  1. Availability of labor

You should know that dairy farming business involves lots of labor and time as well. You need to decide where the labor for your dairy will come from. Are you going to employ some workers, or you will handle the dairy farm business yourself?

You should start by handling the dairy cattle farming business yourself, and then you can gradually employ workers to complement your effort in the farm.

  1. Packaging and marketing your dairy products

This is another very important aspect of your dairy cattle farming business establishment. At this point, you draft means to package and market your milk and other dairy products. For successful sales, you really need to attractively package and brand your dairy products.

In the packaging of your milk and other dairy products, you have to do it in a way that it will be very portable for easy movement from one place to another.

Aside from packaging your dairy products very well, you need to have a very good marketing strategy to sell your products. Join the association of Dairy farmers in Nigeria to protect your business. You should also be eager to try new things that will promote your dairy cattle farming business in Nigeria.


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