How To Start Fish Hatchery Business in Nigeria: Step By Step Description

How To Start Fish Hatchery Business In Nigeria: Step By Step Description

The aquaculture sector in Nigeria is really growing at a very exponential rate, making fish hatchery business a good investment. Lack of viable fingerlings and juveniles has been the major setback among others hurdles facing the fishing industry in Nigeria. In times past, fish farmers have depended on fingerlings and juveniles from the wild as ways of stocking their ponds. It is not enough to just set up a fish hatchery business, your fish hatchery management must be top notch

fish hatchery business

This can no longer be sustained because the demand for fish has risen exponentially. Given that most fishes are seasonal breeders causing the scarcity of stocking materials. Fish hatchery business is the only solution to this great hurdle in fish farming in Nigeria. The demand for fish has been on the rise both locally and internationally. This has made fish farmers to greatly depend on fish hatcheries in order to provide them with constant supply of stocking materials. In this article, you will also be getting other fish farming in Nigeria tips. Your fish hatchery design must be done in a way to be conducive the fingerlings.

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What Is Fish Hatchery?

Fish hatchery is a special establishment for fish breeding; egg fertilization, incubation, hatching as well as the rearing of fishes through the early stage of life into juveniles and fingerlings is carried out artificially. It provides a constant supply of pond stocking materials for fish farmers in Nigeria. There are different types of fish hatchery which you shall see in this article.

This fish hatchery business can be set up in an aquaculture farm for the purpose of providing fingerlings for your small scale fish farming in Nigeria. The fish hatchery business in Nigeria can also be established for the purpose of fingerlings production. The importance of fish hatchery cannot be overemphasized. Fish hatchery is very important to the development of fish farming business in Nigeria.

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Requirement For Fish Hatchery Business In Nigeria 

Whether the fish hatchery is to supply your farm or it is for commercial purposes, the requirement for fish hatchery is still the same. You will be amazed at the cost of Some of the major requirements for fish hatchery business include:

  1. Water

The importance of water for fish hatchery business cannot be overemphasized. The water used for the fish hatchery business must be constantly monitored continuously to check for negative changes.

The water used for fish hatchery business in Nigeria must have a constant neutral pH, well treated and aerated.

  1. Feed Availability

Fingerlings and juveniles used in fish hatchery business must be constantly fed with to avoid them been malnourished. Young fish feed on planktons, though in a confined environment, the supply of planktons may be limited.

If you want to venture into fish hatchery business in Nigeria, you must find a way to encourage the growth and proliferation of planktons in your fish pond. You can also provide feed that will provide the needed nutrients required by your fingerlings or juveniles. You can purchase the feed from any aquaculture feed store within Nigeria.

  1. Fish Breeding

In order to succeed in your fish hatchery business in Nigeria, breeding fish must be available in your farm. You must buy sexually matured male and female fish that have favorable traits to serve your fish hatchery business. The matured fishes must have good history of rapid growth rate.

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  1. Market

If you don’t have a market to sell your products, then you are not in business. For your fish hatchery business to be successful, you should make sure that a good number of fish farmers know about your business and will be willing to patronize your business.

  1. Availability Of Necessary Equipment

In order for your fish hatchery business to flourish, you need to have the needed equipment and supplies. The needed equipment for your fish hatchery business includes; ponds, buckets, chemicals, nets, aerators, filter, etc. It is advisable to use small tanks for better observation of the fishes. It is also very important to keep the male and female fishes in separate tanks. these fish hatchery equipment are very important for your fish hatchery business.

The Basic Methods You Can Adopt For Your Fish Hatchery Business

Fish hatchery business involves different methods that include egg release, fertilization, incubation, hatching, and growth. If you are asking the question, “how does fish hatchery work?”, the answers to your question is listed below. You must be able to mimic to the best of your ability, the processes above for the success of your fish hatchery business. Your fish hatchery design must be done in ways that accommodate the following methods below:

  • Egg Release

The release of eggs can be induced or natural. For your fish hatchery business, egg release should be induced by injecting hormones like Ovaprim or Suprefact that causes the female fiches to release eggs at an average of 3 months.

In fish hatchery business, you can enhance egg release by gently applying pressure to the abdomen of the fish in a downward manner. This causes the release of the eggs through their genital opening. These released eggs are contained in a container while awaiting the sperm from the male fish.

  • Fertilization

During fertilization, the sperm is obtained from the male fish by killing the fish and extracting the testes. The testis is sliced into two or more quadrants and each of them placed in a clean, thin cloth material and squeezed to extract the container into a container.

The obtained sperm from the male fish is introduced into the container containing the eggs and mixed very well to fertilize the eggs. Sperm from one male fish can be used to fertilize an average of 14 female fishes.

  • Incubation And Hatching

After the fertilization has been carried out, the containers holding the eggs are covered with water and aerators placed in them to promote aeration. The container is placed in a very conducive environment that is usually 30 degrees centigrade for incubation to occur.

This incubation and hatching must be carried out properly in order to succeed in your fish hatching business.

  • Growth

You must allow fish to grow to a certain size before you remove them from the container. Because fishes grow at different rate, you must pay attention to this stage in order to prevent some of the fishes from preying on others. This must be done in order to enhance your chances of having a successful fish hatchery business.

I know that you have really gained great knowledge on how you can start your fish hatchery business in Nigeria.


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