How To Start Geese Farming In Nigeria: Your Complete Guide

How To Start Geese Farming In Nigeria: Your Complete Guide

Geese farming

Although geese farming in Nigeria is not as popular as other poultry birds in Nigeria, it is quite profitable and lucrative. When you hear about poultry farming in Nigeria, the birds that come to your mind are mostly chickens and turkeys alike. Very few poultry farmers in Nigeria are actually investing in geese farming business. Just like duck farming in Nigeria, geese farming can be quite challenging but with proper knowledge, you will excel.

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Geese are of the same family with ducks, but they have a different method of rearing. It is high time you start considering agricultural investments in Nigeria as the profit potential is always very high. The purpose of this article is to provide you with all the needed information on geese farming in Nigeria. In this article, you will also be provided with necessary guidelines on how to succeed in this business.

Geese farming in Nigeria requires your patience and care for the birds in order to improve their growth and development. So, you just relax and enjoy your reading.

Why Geese Farming In Nigeria?

You may be asking why geese farming business of the entire poultry birds one can rear in Nigeria. Well, the answer is quite simple and clear; it is simple and easy to start and maintain. It also has very high-profit potential just like chickens and turkeys alike. Aside from their meat and egg which are an excellent source of protein, their feathers can be used for clothing and beddings. You can see that there are many channels for you to make money in geese farming in Nigeria.

As a farmer that also invested in crops, geese can be of great help in weed control. They can also serve as security birds as they possess excellent memory and sharp eyes to identify predators. Generally, geese are quite easy to maintain and they also grow very fast. What this implies is that you can easily start your geese farming business with little capital.

You can get goslings for sale in Nigeria from geese farms within the country. Buying day old geese may be very challenging as it might be very difficult to rear them. It is advisable you go for the ones that are already a few weeks old.

According to the Managing Consultant and CEO of Jovana Farms, Prince Arinze Onebunne, you can start your geese farming with a unit. This unit is called the foundation stock and is sold at about N60, 000 depending on the breed. A unit of geese consists of 2 males and 6 females.

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Requirements For Starting Your Geese Farming Business In Nigeria

Before starting your geese farming business venture, there are certain things you need to put in place to ensure a successful business. Such things include the following:

  • Goose farming business plan

As with every other business, you need to have a goose farming business plan before starting your geese farming business. Having a well-detailed goose business plan will improve your chances of success in the course of the business venture. Without your business plan, you may end up operating the business without a proper understanding of the market.

Aside from being your guide, the goose business plan will also improve your chances of accessing loans and/grants for the business. There is no investor who will consider investing his or her money in your business without a good business plan.

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  • Your farm location

Once your geese farming business plan is ready, the next point of call will be to select your farm location. Having said that geese are a very noisy set of birds, it will be very essential for you to locate your farm away from residential areas. By doing so, you will avoid the risk of having face-offs with neighbors due to your farming business.

  • Housing

Your geese housing should have enough space with an adequate pool of water for the birds. The housing is simply the same with ducks. If you are already into duck farming in Nigeria, then this wouldn’t be much of an issue with you. While constructing the house for your geese, you need to ensure that there is adequate protection for the birds.

You can decide to go to an open house system or a wooden box to start with. A place with good air circulation and sufficient breeding space is enough to start your geese production business in Nigeria. You can also cover the floor of the house with sawdust or wood shavings, but avoid hay or straw beddings.

It is very important that the housing location should have a pond of water because geese like to mate on water. Without the presence of a body of water, your birds may end up laying unfertilized eggs.

  • Geese breed selection

After the house is ready, the next step in geese farming is to select the particular breed(s) you would like to rear. Breed selection is very vital in the geese production business. Generally, there are three major kinds of breeds which include light, medium, and heavy breeds. The light breed is mostly preferred for the laying of eggs and it is capable of producing up to 80 eggs per year.

For meat production, you should go for the heavy geese breeds. Among the commonly reared breeds of geese are the American Buff and heavy Embden breeds. For tropical environments like Nigeria, the Embden breeds have been able to adapt properly. It is characterized by its glossy feathers and light blue color.

As a farmer who is new in geese production, it is advisable you start with the Roman Tuffed breeds. This is because they are broad spectrum when it comes to egg and meat production. Aside from producing quality meat, they can lay up to 60 eggs in a single year. For your commercial geese production business; you need to pay attention to certain qualities as; their rate of growth, the number of eggs they produce, and their color as well.

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On a general note, the white colored breeds are mostly used for commercial geese farming as they grow quickly and produce about 50 eggs per year. There are lots of places you can get day old geese for sale in Nigeria. The question is, how much is a day old geese in Nigeria? The price of a day old geese can be as high as N5, 000.

  • Geese feeding

Geese mainly feed on grass, but they can also eat all kinds of insects. You can also feed your geese with a mix of wheat and pellets served in a bowl of water in order to aid digestion. The food should be given to the birds daily and in large quantity for their proper growth and development. If you feed your geese very well, there will be an increase in the quality of meat and egg production.

The water trough needs to be properly constructed to prevent wetting the ground as it can breed diseases.


For your well-detailed goose farming business plan, you can contact us on +2347037281050. Your business plan will be made available within 2 weeks of your order. All it takes is a single phone call and your business will be on course to great heights.

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