How To Start And Succeed In Ginger Farming Business In Nigeria

How To Start And Succeed In Ginger Farming Business In Nigeria

Ginger farming

Ginger farming business in Nigeria can turn your financial story around for the better. All you need to is get all the needed information about this lucrative business. There are millions of untapped opportunities in the agricultural sector in Nigeria, and ginger farming is on that list. All you need is the will to do the needed work and the result will be there for all to see. You really need to consider this ginger farming business, as farmers make lots of money from it yearly.

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The objective of this article is to provide you with all the needed guidelines to succeed in ginger farming business. In this article, you will be provided with information regarding:

  • Ginger farming in Nigeria
  • The cost and return analysis of ginger production in Nigeria
  • Cultivation of ginger from origin to harvesting in Nigeria
  • Ginger farming profits in Nigeria
  • The ginger yield per hectare in Nigeria, and ginger cultivation cost per acre

You can see that this article is simply made to guide you to success in your ginger farming business. The major thing required of you is strict adherence to all guidelines listed here to guide you. You should know that Kaduna state produces about 50% of the total ginger in Nigeria. Other states that are also major producers include Gombe, Benue, Nassarawa, and Bauchi to mention but a few.

The Ginger Farming Profits In Nigeria

Ginger is a very common agricultural produce that is found in virtually all households in Nigeria. With proper farming and packaging, you can convert this common produce into a pot of gold. The ginger root is significantly enjoying high demand due to its medicinal qualities. This ginger root serves as raw material for the production of many health products, drinks, and the bakery industry too.

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Ginger farming has three main niches that can generate lots of money for you. These three niches include:

  • The dried ginger
  • Fresh whole ginger root, and
  • Powdered ginger

These niches when properly packaged have different market values. It will interest you to know that the Nigerian ginger has very high level of oleoresins. This has attracted the attention of importers from different countries across the world. The Armani fashion brand is one of the many foreign establishments coming for the Nigerian ginger. They use it in the production of perfume.

For newcomers like you in the ginger farming business, there are many prospects for you.  In fact, with as little as N50, 000 you can start your ginger farming business in Nigeria. The ginger farming profits in Nigeria will be on the rise due to its continuous demand in the international market.

In order for you to export ginger, you need to have an affiliation with the registered importers. Your ginger must be packaged in accordance with the rules and regulations of the intended country.

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Guidelines On How To Start Your Ginger Farming Business In Nigeria

  1. Have a good ginger farming business plan

If you intend to start commercial ginger farming in Nigeria, then your business plan is not negotiable. With your business plan, you learn about the ginger market in Nigeria through market survey component of your business. You are also going to carry out very important financial projections of your ginger farming business in your business plan. The business plan is your complete guide to successful ginger farming business in Nigeria.

You can also access government loans for agriculture with your well-detailed business plan. This business plan also helps you attract investors to your ginger farming business in Nigeria. As you can see, the importance of having a business plan cannot be overemphasized.

  1. Your farmland selection, preparation, and planting

Now that your business plan and startup capital is ready, we can proceed to the next step. When selecting land for your ginger farming business, it is recommended that you choose fertile loam soil type. Once you have gotten your farmland, clear it of anything that can hinder the growth of the ginger roots.

At this stage, you can make ridges for the planting of your ginger crop for their optimal growth and development. You can also apply organic or compost manure on the land, especially if it has been used for continuous cropping. Once you have applied the manure, allow rain to fall on it for at least once before planting your crop.

For planting your ginger, cut the ginger rhizomes into small pieces when they start developing buds. You should make sure that each cut piece is about 3cm in length and contains at least a bud. About 2500kg of ginger planted in a hectare can yield you up to 20 tons of ginger. You are advised to plant in rows or columns in order to make your harvest easy.

It is recommended that you make use of mulching farming practice to protect your young growing crop. The mulching is done to prevent direct sunlight or rain from reaching the planted ginger seeds. After this process, you then allow it for about 3 weeks for the seeds to germinate.

When it comes to weeding, you make use of your hand and not cutlasses or hoes. This is so that you don’t destroy the ginger seeds you have planted.

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  1. Harvesting your ginger

Ginger farming

You should know that ginger matures within 8-10 months after planting. The ginger rhizome can be harvested at different times depending on the purpose of your ginger farming business. For fresh ginger, you harvest about 6 months after planting while the mature ginger rhizome is harvested 9 months after planting.

You can harvest with ordinary hand or mechanical digger. For harvesting your ginger, you should carry it out from October all through May. For preserving your ginger, you need to know that the dried ginger has better market value. You dry your ginger by cutting it into two parts and spreading it under the sun.

In packaging your ginger, you do it preferably with 50kg bags or any bag of your choice. You must take care to store your ginger in a very cool environment until the time you wish to sell them.


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