Breeds Of Goat In Nigeria: How To Identify Select The Best

Breeds Of Goat In Nigeria: How To Identify Select The Best

Knowing the different breeds of goat in Nigeria is very important for you that want to venture into goat farming business in Nigeria. The different goat breeds have their own areas of strength and weaknesses. Therefore, in this article you will be learning virtually almost all that you will need about goat breeds in Nigeria.

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General Characteristics Of A Goat

  • Physical characteristics

For the domestic breeds of goat in Nigeria, on the average, they can weigh between 15 kg – 130 kg depending on the particular goat breed. The color also varies from breed to breed. Some of the goat breeds in Nigeria have such colors as white, brown, black, and tan. There are some breeds of goat in Nigeria that have combination of the above mentioned colors.

All the domestic breeds of goat in Nigeria have horns and most of them have beards as well. Usually, the male female goats tend to be bigger in size than the males ones.

  • Their lifestyle

As does every domestic farm animals, Nigerian goats also have a way of life. There are certain things that they enjoy and the ones that limit their productivity. The different domestic breeds of goat in Nigeria are gentle and calm in nature; hence they can be raised with ease.

Goats are grazing domestic farm animals, therefore, they consume a lot of grasses (both fresh and dry). They also love eating leaves and grains.

Different Breeds Of Goat In Nigeria

Goat breeds in Nigeria are classified into two different categories namely, exotic goat breeds in Nigeria and local goat breeds in Nigeria

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  1. Exotic breeds of goat in Nigeria

The different exotic breeds of goat in Nigeria include:

  • Saanen breed

Breeds of goat in Nigeria

This particular breed is spread across the world but has its origin from Switzerland. It has a large body size and is white in color. The mature goat weighs approximately 75 kg. This goat breed has the capacity to produce 3 liters of milk in a day.

  • Anglo-Nubian breed

breeds of Goat in Nigeria

This goat bred thrives very well in a tropical environment like Nigeria. Upon maturity, the Anglo-Nubian goat breed weighs between 60 kg – 70 kg. it first originated from England.

  • The Alpine breed

It originated from the Alp region, and is well known for their combination of different colors. They are well suited for both meat and milk production. It has an average weight of between 60 kg – 65 kg at maturity.

  • Boer goat breed

breeds of goat in Nigeria

This particular breed comes with a white color with patches of brown around the neck and head. The weight of a mature boar goat can reach as high as 130 kg. Livestock farmers keep them mostly for meat production in Nigeria.

Local Breeds Of Goat In Nigeria

The local breeds of goat in Nigeria used for commercial goat farming include:

  • Maradi or Red Sokoto

breeds of goat in Nigeria

This particular breed is found mostly in Sokoto state o Nigeria.  The color is red and it is mostly reared for hide or leather production in Nigeria. There are also sub breeds which include Boronu white and Kano brown. The breed has horns with horizontally positioned ears.

At maturity, this Red Sokoto weighs between 20 kg – 30 kg.

  • African dwarf goat breed

breeds of goat in Nigeria

It is characterized by small body size and short legs, and is mostly found in the forest areas of Nigeria. Their small body size and short legs allow them to move around in the thick vegetation of their environment. Their color varies from black to white, or even grey. Although, some are multicolored.

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For a mature African dwarf goat, it reaches a maximum height of 40cm – 50cm. At maturity; it weighs between 18 kg – 20 kg.  One of the good attributes of this particular goat breed is that it is resistant to trypanosome.

  • Pygmy goat breed

Characterized by its short and slightly chubby stature, the pygmy goat breed has an average life span of 10 years. They are very adaptive and can live comfortably in any environmental condition. At maturity, it weighs around 39 kg.

  • Sahelian goat breeds

They are characterized by medium to large body size with a fine skin coat that could be red, white, spotted or black. They have horns that drop down and ears that are horizontally positioned.  The weight of an adult sahelian goat breed is between 25kg- 30 kg.

They are mostly reared in the farm for meat production. In the Yoruba land, they are known as Ogufe.

If you are considering venturing into commercial goat farming in Nigeria, or you are already into this livestock farming business, these different breeds of goat in Nigeria will guide your decisions. Commercial goat farming is very common in the northern regions of Nigeria. There is a very high demand for goat meat and milk, hence the growing opportunity for goat farmers in the country.

I personally hope that this piece of information will help you greatly in your goat farming business in Nigeria.


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