Goat Farming In Nigeria: A Profitable Agribusiness Investment 

Goat Farming In Nigeria: A Profitable Agribusiness Investment 

Goat farming in Nigeria has become quite profitable and lucrative over the years, and this has made agribusiness investors to grab this opportunity with both hands. Are you looking for the agribusiness that will fetch you cool cash with very little stress and effort?  You should consider goat farming in Nigeria. It is actually among the leading businesses in agriculture.

goat farming in Nigeria

For the entrepreneurs and investors who would want to venture into commercial goat rearing business in Nigeria, this article will be a perfect guide. When listing top agribusinesses in Nigeria that have enriched Nigerians, goat farming in Nigeria must be up there.

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Although goat rearing in Nigeria is more popular in the North than the South, goat meat is generally consumed across the length and breadth of Nigeria. Owing to the high demand of goat meat in Nigeria today, commercial goat farming in Nigeria is a lucrative agribusiness investment opportunity.

Aside from guiding you on how to start goat farming in Nigeria, this article will also provide answers to such questions as;

  • How acceptable is goat meat in Nigeria?
  • What are the different niches in goat rearing business in Nigeria?
  • What are the different goat breeds in Nigeria?
  • How profitable is goat farming in Nigeria?
  • How much capital is needed to start goat rearing business?
  • Is there any qualification for starting goat farming business in Nigeria?
  • Are there by-products from goat farming?
  • What is the best weather condition for rearing goats in Nigeria?

Just continue reading as I bring to you the answers to all the questions above about goat farming in Nigeria.  Before I delve into the answers to the aforementioned questions, let me let you in on some of the wonderful benefits of goat farming in Nigeria. You should know that investing in agriculture in Nigeria has many benefits.

Advantages/Benefits Of Goat Farming In Nigeria

There are numerous benefits of goat rearing in Nigeria but I will just mention but few.

  1. The environmental and weather condition of Nigeria is ideal for goat farming.
  2. You don’t need to become an expert or professional before you can venture into goat rearing business in Nigeria.
  3. Goat farming does not require a huge startup capital.
  4. Goat products (meat and milk) are in high demand in Nigeria.
  5. There are many by-products (skin, fiber, manure, etc) from goat farming.
  6. Goat farming in Nigeria is profitable source of self-employment.
  7. Commercial goat farming in Nigeria can be used to reduce the unemployment rate in Nigeria.
  8. Goat farming in Nigeria has a mouth watering return on investment.

How Acceptable Is Goat Meat In Nigeria?

Many people might be asking this particular question, so let us clarify these ones. The meat from cow, chicken, fish, turkey and other livestock may be more popular than goat meat, but make no mistake; goat meat is generally acceptable throughout Nigeria.

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This general acceptability has made to be in high demand, thus making goat farming in Nigeria more lucrative and profitable. You should seize this opportunity and start making money from rearing goats in Nigeria.

How profitable is goat farming in Nigeria?

Every business person wants to know how much profit he/she stands to make for investing his money into any business. If you invest into goat rearing in Nigeria, at full maturity, your goat may be going at a selling price of about 40, 000 Naira or more. Let’s assume you have up to 100 goats in your farm, after sells you will be making about 4 million Naira.

If you had spent 3 million in feeding and labor, that leaves you with a profit of 1 million Naira in a year. This estimate can be influenced by environmental factors, so you have to do your own due diligence in market research within your environment.

What Are The Different Goat Breeds In Nigeria?

The different breeds of goat in Nigeria include:

  • Maradi
  • Boer
  • Nubians
  • Saanen
  • Oberhasli
  • Alpine
  • Nigerian dwarf
  • Pygmy
  • LaManch etc

You can buy different breeds but make sure that are in good health. Before venturing into goat farming in Nigeria, you have to do proper research on the particular breed(s) you want to rear in your farm.

Is There A Qualification Needed?

When it concerns goat farming in Nigeria, there is no particular qualification needed. All you need is the determination and diligence to succeed in the agribusiness venture.

What Weather Condition Is Best For Goat Farming In Nigeria

Goat is one animal that is reared in Nigeria which does not select weather. Unlike poultry birds, snails, fish, etc, Nigerian weather condition is generally very suitable for rearing goats.

I believe that the points above have helped you to see that there is great business opportunity in goat farming business. Let us consider the different requirements for starting goat farming in Nigeria.

Requirements For Starting Goat Farming In Nigeria

Before starting your commercial goat farming business in Nigeria, there are important requirements that you must put in place. These requirements will improve your chances of having a successful goat farming business in Nigeria. These important and necessary requirements include:

  1. Concise goat farming business plan

Every good business ventures needs a business plan to execute it. Therefore, starting goat farming in Nigeria without a standard business plan will be counterproductive. The business plan will serve as a guide to you on the thing you need to do in order to improve your goat farming business.

  1. Decide your business niche

As stated earlier in this article that goats can be reared for their meat, skin, milk, etc. You have to decide on the particular goat farming niche that you will specialize your farming business. You have to make a good market research to identify the particular niche in your environment that is actually in high demand and then venture into it.

  1. Decide your farm location

You don’t just wake up one day and site your goat farm in a particular location. You must have carried out your research on the need of people in that environment. Your farm location should be situated in an environment with greater number of customers.

You choice of land location must not be far from the market for easy access. If it is feasible, let your choice of farm location be close to a market. This will allow for easy movement of needful equipment from the market to your farm.

  1. Build your goat house

goat farming in NigeriaOnce you have decided your farm location, you can then proceed to build the pen for your goat. When building your goat house, you must build it to shield your goats from rain and direct heat of the sun.

The pen house construction should be constructed to prevent pests and rodents from gaining access inside the pen.

  1. Buy high quality and healthy breeds

Now that you have constructed your pen house, you should purchase high performing goat breeds to rear in your farm. It is advisable that you buy at least two male goats (bucks) and many female goats. You can as well buy different species for your goat farming in Nigeria.  When buying kids (baby goats), you should make sure to buy ones that are properly vaccinated.

  1. Feeding your goats

Goat eats mainly grasses, so feeding them with high quality and nutritious food will improve their chances of maximum production. It is advisable that you should feed your goats with feeds containing 12% – 18% protein. Hay or green grasses should always be in steady supply for your goats.

Aside from the grasses, you should add vitamins, minerals, and salts to their feed and always provide clean drinking water for the goats. When starting goat farming in Nigeria, feeding of the goats is one of the most important aspects.

  1. Marketing strategy

No matter how healthy and robust that your goats are, without a good marketing strategy, they will continue to remain in your farm. So, before venturing into goat farming in Nigeria, you must draw up a very good and viable strategy to sell your farm animals to customers.

You will certainly improve you income with good marketing strategy in the Nigerian goat market.

  1. Employ the services of a veterinary doctor

The services of a veterinary doctor are highly needed, especially if you are starting a commercial goat farming business in Nigeria. Bearing in mind that you are going to be dealing with large number of goats; you wouldn’t risk a disease outbreak in your farm, would you?

If you decide to not involve a veterinary doctor in the running of your goat farming business, be cautioned that you are at the risk of losing a good number of your farm animals in the process.

The Important Things To Know About Goat Farming In Nigeria

Before venturing into goat farming in Nigeria, you should carry out an extensive research about rearing goats in Nigeria. You should make out time to visit goat farms so as to learn practical goat farming basics.

The time it takes a goat to get pregnant and give birth (gestation period) is between 145 – 152 days. Goat attains maturity from 10 – 12 months.


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