How To Start Goat Farming In Nigeria: See Modern Guidelines

How To Start Goat Farming In Nigeria: See Modern Guidelines

Goat farming in Nigeria is among the booming livestock farming business in the country today. Agriculture is undoubtedly making people millionaires in Nigeria and the sooner you take hold of this profitable and lucrative opportunity the better. The economy of Nigeria is currently moving towards agriculture and commercial goat farming in Nigeria is playing a very important role.

Goat farming

Although goat farming business is more common in the Northern part of Nigeria than the South, you can rear goats or any other livestock anywhere in the country. This article centers on giving you the needed information and modern guidelines on how to start your commercial goat farming business in Nigeria.

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You can rear goats for milk or meat production, or the combination of both. So long as you have all that is needed to start your goat farming, everything other thing falls in line.

Why Goat Farming Business?

You may be asking why goat farming business? There are many opportunities in rearing other farm animals in Nigeria. What’s the special thing about goat farming? What makes it more lucrative or better than other livestock in Nigeria? There are lots of benefits that come with goat farming business in Nigeria. You will be reading them in the course of this article. Below are some reasons why you should consider investing your money or venturing into got farming business in Nigeria:

  • General acceptability of goat products

In Nigeria today, goat meat and milk are generally accepted across religion and ethnic diversities in the country. There is no culture that is against the consumption of goat meat or milk. The acceptability of these goat products makes the business of goat farming very profitable and lucrative to venture into.

Goat meat contains less fat than chicken while also having large percentage o protein content than beef. Therefore, this makes goat meat to be of high nutritional value than other livestock you can rear in Nigeria.

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  • Highly profitable

In animal husbandry, the profit margin is always very enticing and goat farming is not an exception at all. Due to the general acceptability of goat meat and milk, they are always in high demand in the market. This high demand of goat meat tends to shoot up the price, especially during festive periods in Nigeria.

If you are in doubt of the profitability of goat farming business, just know that you have nothing to worry about.

  • Market availability

With the population of Nigeria currently about 180 million, there is always an available market for you to sell your goats. So, as a goat farmer, you can see that finding the place to sell your livestock is never going to be a problem at all. You can see that the opportunities in commercial goat farming business are really enormous.

  • Low cost of production

The cost of rearing goats is really very small compared to other farm animals like pig, rabbit, grass-cutter, etc. Aside from building your goat house or pens and buying other necessary equipment, the cost of rearing goats is relatively cheap. You can always cut grasses from your garden or nearby bush to feed to your goats.

You don’t have to buy commercially manufactured goat feeds because they are really very expensive. Forage and hay are very good for rearing goats in Nigeria.

The Advantages Of Goat Farming

  • The quality of goat meat and milk is highly nutritious for human consumption.
  • Nigerian weather condition is very favorable for goat farming business.
  • The cost of production or starting your goat farm is very less.
  • Aside from the production of meat and milk, goat also produces fiber, skin, manure and other byproducts.
  • The care and management process of goat farming is very simply.
  • There is a high return on investment on commercial goat farming business in Nigeria.
  • It is a very good source of income and employment to the youths in Nigeria.

How To Start Your Commercial Goat Farming Business

You don’t just wake up one morning and jump into goat farming business. There are important guidelines and methods that you should follow if you want to be successful this livestock business venture. Before you start rearing your goats in your farm house, you should as a matter of importance adhere to the following processes listed below.

  1. Have a good business plan

Don’t venture into goat farming without having a well detailed business plan that will guide you along the line. Without your goat farming business plan, you will be starting your business venture blind.

It is in your business plan that you will write the amount of money you want to invest into this livestock farming business, you choice of farm location, the number of goats you will start with, your marketing strategy, market analysis, feasibility study on goat farming in Nigeria, goat prices in Nigeria, your purpose of venturing into commercial goat farming business in Nigeria, the different goat breeds in Nigeria as well as other important information about your goat farming business.

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  1. Source your startup capital

If you don’t have the money to start your goat farming business, there are ways to source for capital to start your livestock business in Nigeria. You can use your business plan to woo an investor to invest your farming business or you can seek for loan from financial institutions like commercial banks, microfinance banks.

You should also try your friends and family members to see if they can be of help. You can have a wonderful business idea, but without the capital to start, it will remain just an idea.

  1. Get good farm location

Once the issue of your startup capital has been sorted out, the next thing to do is to choose a good farm location to build your goat house or pens. You should choose a farm location that is close to the market and with good access roads to transport your animals.

Having a good farm location will also increase your chances of getting customers to your farm to buy your goats.

  1. Build your goat pens

Goat farming

After you have settled for a farm location, you then proceed to building your goat pens. You should make sure that the goat pens are well constructed to keep away rodents, snakes and other predators. You should also make sure that the goat pens are well ventilated and comfortable for your goats to live in.

If you are venturing into commercial goat rearing business, it is recommended that you don’t keep your goats together with other livestock like cattle, sheep, etc.

  1. Buy quality goat breeds

You should look for those goat breeds that are best suited for your purpose of venturing into goat rearing business in Nigeria. If you are rearing goats for commercial meat production, then go for the breeds that are best suited for meat production. Same thing if you want to start goat milk production (dairy goat farming).

Identifying quality goat breeds can always be difficult, but you can seek professional help or seek the services of experienced goat farmer.

  1. Goat feeding

Your ability to feed your goats with quality feed at all times will greatly increase their productivity rate which in turn improves your profit margin. You should always try to feed your goat with feeds containing between 12% – 18% protein. Urea is very poisonous to goats and should never be added to their feed.

Hay and fresh green grasses should always be in abundant supply for your goats. Fresh and clean water must be made available for your goats all the time.

  1. Marketing strategy

Just like stated earlier, you must have a good marketing strategy to sell your goats in the market. You should know that you are not the only goat farmer in Nigeria trying to sell his/her goats in the market. By having a good marketing strategy, you will outsmart other goat farmers to have the highest share of the customers available.

  1. Disease outbreak

As a got farmer, you should know that bacterial infections attack goats and other livestock in the farm. You should prepare for this by employing the services of a qualified veterinary doctor to always check on your goats in the farm. You can also try to prevent this disease outbreak by making sure that your goat pens or houses are always clean and neat at all times.

Any animal that shows any sign of infection should be separated from the rest immediately it was identifies. This is to prevent the infected animal from infecting other animals in the farm.

Following the above guidelines does not guarantee 100% success in your goat farming business, but it will certainly improve your chances of succeeding in commercial goat farming business in Nigeria.


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