How To Start Guinea Fowl Farming In Nigeria: Step-By-Step Guide

How To Start Guinea Fowl Farming In Nigeria: Step-By-Step Guide

Guinea fowl farming

Guinea fowl farming in Nigeria has not been given the much-needed attention of poultry farmers in Nigeria. You can simply start a guinea fowl farming business with a single male and four females. This tells you that the business is very easy and economical to start with a very little amount of capital. Commercial guinea fowl farming in Nigeria is not so common but the profitability is very enticing and mouth watering to ignore.

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Guinea fowls are largely disease resistant and very hardy, hence very easy for you to raise. Agricultural business in Nigeria has been on the rise in recent years and the returns are very huge. The guineas are very good at maintaining security at the farm by raising alarm when unusual things happen on the farm. You can use them to control insects, mice, and other small rodents in your poultry farm.

The purpose of this article is to provide you with the needed information and guidance to succeed in your guinea fowl farming business. So, if you are contemplating on starting a poultry farming business in Nigeria, guinea fowl farming is a good venture. It is high time you started considering this business as it comes with many financial benefits, unlike other poultry birds.

Why Start Guinea Fowl Farming In Nigeria?

Aside from the fact that guinea fowls are so easy to rear in the poultry, people tend to prefer there meat and eggs. You need less amount of money to start commercial guinea fowl farming in Nigeria. There are many places where you can get guinea fowl for sale in Nigeria. This means that there are available markets for you to sell your guinea fowl when they attain maturity.  

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With the high number of places where you can get guinea fowl for sale in Nigeria, you will find it very easy to sell your birds. You can start your guinea fowl farming in Nigeria with as little as one male and four females. With this little number of birds, you can expand to commercial guinea fowl farming in Nigeria.

How Fast Do Guinea Fowl Grow?

Guinea fowls also have very high growth rate which is very good for your quick returns on investment. The guineas take a maximum of 20 weeks to reach maturity. This means that you can have your returns just within five months of starting your guinea fowl farming business.

Steps For Starting Your Guinea Fowl Farming Business In Nigeria

It is almost the same step with starting your poultry farm for the other domestic birds like turkey, chickens, ducks, and quails. Before starting your commercial guinea fowl farming in Nigeria, there are certain steps you must take. These steps will help you succeed with your poultry farming venture.

 Well detailed guinea fowl farming business plan

The first step to starting your guinea fowl rearing business is to get a very good business plan that will guide you. Your guinea fowl farming business plan will help you make good and quality decisions that will make your business succeed.  With your business plan, you can seek out investors or loans from the government or private institutions.

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There is no agribusiness investor that will take you seriously if you have no guinea fowl rearing business plan. So, your business plan is an indispensable component of your business venture.

Your farm location

After you must have gotten your business plan ready, the next step is to choose the appropriate farm location. The guinea fowls generally require less housing facilities compared to other poultry birds. You need to get a very good farm location where your birds will be free to move around as well as not disturb the people around. This means you need to site your farm in an area far from residential areas.

Guinea fowls generally like to roam around but you need to provide shelter to protect them from harsh weather and predators. On a general note, a 2-3 square feet space is good for each bird. You should note that it is very important to provide the guineas enough room to roam about on the farm.

If you want to keep your birds from wandering then you should keep them in closed pens because they are good flyers.

·         Buy good breed of guinea fowls

After you are done with the farm location and housing for your guineas, the next point is to buy the birds. There are lots of places where you can get good breeds of guinea fowl for sale in Nigeria. It is very important that you get the healthy ones while setting up your guinea fowl rearing business in Nigeria. You can buy adult birds or keets from local breeders, online sellers, or feed stores.

Success in guinea fowl rearing business lies in purchasing healthy and high-quality keets. Feather color is the only difference between the different varieties of guinea fowls. When buying the birds, you need to buy them in pairs of male and females. You can know the males by their larger wattles than the females. The males also make one syllable sound while the females make two.

Once you have purchased the birds, it is very vital that you confine for up to two weeks so that they can get used to the new environment.

·         Feeding your guinea fowls

You should feed the guineas on poultry grower mesh until they reach about 2 months. After that, you can release them to roam the environment to fend for themselves. If you want to use them for insect control, restricting their feed will make them spend more time eating insects. The guinea fowls need a higher protein enriched feed, especially during their first 12 weeks.

You can also provide supplemental greens like leafy alfalfa. It is very important that you remove leftovers on a daily basis in order to prevent the growth of molds.

·         Caring for your birds

The guinea fowls are not very good at taking care of their young ones, so you need to put up to this shortcoming. When you notice that a bird has been abandoned, you should move them to an incubator. The incubation period is always between 26 to 28 days. You also need to care for the keets until they come of age to fend for themselves.


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