Herbs Farming In Nigeria: A Money Spinning Business Venture

Herbs Farming In Nigeria: A Money Spinning Business Venture

Herbs farming

Herbs farming can fetch you huge income if you know how to go about the business in Nigeria. This article will help you to understand all there are about herbs farming in Nigeria, the dos and don’ts. You will agree with me that every business venture requires thorough information gathering and planning. There are lots of ethnomedicinal plants in Nigeria that you can start cultivating for commercial purposes.

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When you put into consideration the number of herbs in Nigeria and how lucrative they are, then you will agree that herb farming is highly profitable. The major problem in Nigeria is not unemployment or bad government but Nigerians shying away from opportunities. In fact, there are lots of lucrative opportunities in the agricultural sector in Nigeria for people to exploit.

It is high time you started considering agricultural investments like herbs farming in Nigeria. There are different types of herbal medicine in Nigeria which means that the market for herbs is very huge.  For a definition, herbs are plants that can be used for medicinal purposes as well as culinary uses to flavor or garnish food.

Simply put, herbs farming is the business of cultivating or growing medicinal plants, especially for commercial purposes. There are lots of Nigerian traditional medicinal plants that you can cultivate in your farm and be making good money. Herbs in Nigeria are consumed on a daily basis, making the herb farmers rich and healthy.

Why You Should Consider Herbs Farming In Nigeria

The purpose of every business is to provide value to customers and make profits in the process. When handled properly and carefully, commercial herbs farming in Nigeria can fetch you millions of Naira in profit. You can supply the herbs to the culinary industry, pharmaceutical companies, etc. The plants and leaves that are used for flavoring are also seen as herbs.

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Herbs in Nigeria are always in constant demand on a daily basis due to their medicinal and health benefits. They are used by alternative healthcare practitioners, for aromatherapy, and lots more. Below are the requirements for starting your profitable commercial herbs farming in Nigeria.

Requirements For Starting Herbs Farming In Nigeria

There are things you must consider before venturing into the cultivation of Nigerian traditional medicinal plants. These things are what you must do in order to kick start your business as well as to keep the business moving.

Before starting your herbs farming business in Nigeria, it is highly imperative that you have a business plan in place. Lots of people tend to overlook this important fact and they jump into business just like that. By developing a good business plan, you get to understand the market dynamism, develop a good marketing strategy, carry out a SWOT analysis, etc. Your business plan will give you the opportunity to look at things properly in order to effectively venture into the right herb business in Nigeria.

Doing your market research will tell you the kind of herbs that are best suited for your location, the herbs that people readily buy, etc. You will also get to understand the level of competition and how to go about it.

Aside from being your guide, the business plan can also help you access federal government grants for agriculture. Your business plan is also part of the mandatory requirements for applying for bank loans for agriculture in Nigeria.

  • Site selection and preparation

Land space is other important requirements you need to have in place before venturing into herbs farming business. For commercial herbs farming business, you will need a spacious land space to contain the plants. While selecting the land, you also need to consider the soil type as well in order to ensure effective herbs growth and development.

Depending on the different varieties of herbs you consider cultivating on your farm, you would have to select the right soil type. For instance, herbs that are characterized by woody plants require sharply drained soil (sandy soil). You need to know that herbs need to be planted in a place that affords them at least 6 hours of sunlight every day.

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Once you have settled with the farm location, the next step is to prepare the land for plating these herbs. The pH that is ideal for herbs farming is between 6.5 to 7 and you can test for the pH using a testing kit. You can also add manure to the soil before planting the herbs in order to improve soil fertility. Organic manure is always the best because it helps to enrich the herbs as well as replenish the soil’s fertility.

  • Identify the varieties of herbs you want to cultivate

You have to know that there are different types of herbal medicine in Nigeria, which means that lots of varieties of herbs exist. So, you need to know the ones you can be able to cultivate and nurture for your commercial herbs farming in Nigeria. Some of these herbs include rosemary, thyme, lavender, catnip basil, lemon balm, borage, sage, lemon verbena, peppermint, caraway, anise, angelica, bay, etc.

  • The management of your herbs

You must know that herbs are also plants and must be cared for in the best possible way for maximum production. Watering the plants once daily, especially in the morning hours and you must avoid overwatering. You must carry out extensive research on the variety of herbs you want to start farming so that you understand the best management practices. It is very imperative that you control the weeds to avoid unhealthy competition with the herbs. Also, you must ensure that pests are not a problem as well.

There is no doubt that herbs farming is very lucrative, the only problem is that very few people in Nigeria consider it a business venture. Why not check it out today and see for yourself.


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