How To Start Kola Nut Farming Business In Nigeria

How To Start Kola Nut Farming Business In Nigeria

Kola nut farming

Kola nut farming business has the potential to make you very wealthy if you do the needful in the business. Kola nut is a caffeine-containing nut of trees that belong to the Cola genus. They are primarily of the species Cola acuminate and Cola nitida. In Nigeria today, there are few persons that see kola nut farming as a profitable agribusiness investment. Kola nut is a very important economic crop in Nigeria.

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In Nigeria, kola nut is mostly consumed in the northern part of the country while it is cultivated largely in the South West. It is widely used in various traditional activities in the South Eastern part of Nigeria. The states where kola nut farming is widely done include; Ogun, Osun, Oyo, and Kwara states. Kola nut farming is predominantly cultivated in the tropical rainforest of Africa which includes Nigeria.

If you are looking for a quick way to make money from agriculture then you should forget about kola nut farming business. This agribusiness involves patience and determination to make it work. In order for you to be successful in kola nut farming business, you need to be ready to wait for the plant to reach maturity. Due to the climatic condition of Nigeria, it is ranked number one in terms of kola nut production.

Why Kola Nut Farming Business

You should know that the demand for kola nut has been on the rise both locally and internally. This means that the profit potential of kola nut farming business is very great. As a potential investor in kola nut farming business in Nigeria, there is no need to panic over the profitability of the business venture. Kola nut is consumed across cultures and ethnic groups in Nigeria, hence giving you a very large market locally.

You can also consider the international market as the returns is also very lucrative and profitable as well. Kola nut farming is a very good agribusiness to start in Nigeria as it promises to be very rewarding for you.

Requirements For Starting Kola Nut Farming Business In Nigeria

There are important requirements that you need to put in place before starting a kola nut farming business. These important and necessary requirements include:

  1. Have a kola nut farming business plan

The first thing you need to do before starting your kola nut farming business is to have a well-detailed business plan. This business plan will be your guide in the course of the kola nut farming business. Without your business plan, there is a high chance of failure in your kola nut farming business.

Your kola nut farming business plan will also improve your chances of getting loans and/or investors for your business. In fact, the importance of having a business plan cannot be overemphasized in your kola nut farming business.

  1. Get good farmland

In order for you to get the best soil type suitable for kola nut farming in Nigeria, there is a need for you to employ the services of a professional. Procuring land for your kola nut farming business can be very daisy if you lack the technical knowledge to do so.

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At the early stage of your kola nut planting business, you are advised to avoid outright buying of farmland. This is because it can tie down your startup capital. You can buy the land if you know there is enough money to see the business through. The better option is for you to lease the land and pay subsequently through the proceeds from the farm.

  1. Land preparation and planting

Once you have acquired the land for your kola nut agribusiness investment, the next step is to get it ready for cultivation. You start by clearing the land of bushes and tree stumps as well as tilling the land in preparation for planting the kola nuts. Cultivation of kola nut is done using the fresh seeds. The seeds take between 5-6 weeks to sprout and up to 5 years to start yielding fruits.

It is also very important that you weed you kola nut farm on regular intervals in order to have an improved yield.  You can manually weed the farm or apply herbicides on the farm. Irrigation is also important for the proper growth of your kola nut plants. You need to make sure that there is a good drainage system in place to remove the excess water.

Excess water is very detrimental to the growth of your kola nut plants, so avoid waterlogged farms.

  1. Pest and diseases

The most common pest of the kola nut is the kola weevil called Balanogastris cola. The larvae of Characoma strictigrapta also attack the kola nuts. You can make use of pesticides to control the growth of pests on your farm.

  1. Harvesting your kola nut

Once your kola nut plants have attained maturation, you can harvest manually or mechanically by plucking the pods that contain the fruits. After harvesting the pods, you can open them to allow the fruits to dry to an extent.

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  1. Your marketing strategy

You must have a very good marketing strategy in order to succeed in kola nut cultivation business. Once you decide to venture into kola nut farming business, there is the need to contact your potential buyers. The brewery and beverage companies are the leading buyers of the kola nut fruits.  You can also contact retailers and wholesalers as well to hasten the sale of your kola nuts.

Aside from selling locally, you can also get involved in the export business for more profits and returns on investment.  There is money in the kola nut farming business; the only thing is that you have to be patient to reap these benefits.


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