Ogbono Farming Business In Nigeria: How to start

Ogbono Farming Business In Nigeria: How to start

Ogbono farming

Ogbono farming is a very lucrative and profitable business in Nigeria that can make you very rich. What you need is the relevant information and knowledge to be successful in this very lucrative agribusiness investment. Gone are the days when you just wait for the government to provide the jobs. It will interest you to know that Nigeria has lost more than 10 million jobs within the past three years.

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Investing in the agricultural sector is a very good way that you can make cool money in Nigeria. Starting your ogbono farming business in Nigeria is a very good way to have a constant flow of income. If you still think that agriculture is for those in the villages, then indeed you are misinformed. In Nigeria today, ogbono farming business is mostly done in Ebonyi, Edo, Cross River, and Benue states.

In this article, you will be guided on the best way to start your ogbono farming business in Nigeria. Ogbono is also known as wild mango, bush mango or African mango can be your ladder to great wealth in Nigeria. It will interest you to know that the federal government of Nigeria is also promoting the cultivation of this African mango.

According to the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, the market potential of ogbono is very promising in both the United States and Europe. This tells you that ogbono farming business in Nigeria is very profitable and lucrative. What you have to understand about this ogbono farming business is that it requires patience.  This is because it takes a very long period of time for the wild mango tree to mature and start yielding fruit.

Why You Should Invest In Ogbono Farming Business In Nigeria

You should know that agribusiness investment is currently the trend in Nigeria, especially now that the government is trying to diversify the economy. There are favorable government policies and incentives to encourage farmers in Nigeria. This means that the Nigerian environment currently supports agriculture.

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When you put into consideration the fact that ogbono soup is widely accepted in Nigeria, especially in the South. It implies that there is a very stable and very large market in Nigeria for your ogbono farming business. Once your wild mango starts yielding fruits, you will keep reaping your returns. If you observe the rate at which the Nigerian population grows exponentially, then you will understand the profitability of food crops.

Requirements For Starting Your Ogbono Farming Business In Nigeria

Before you start your ogbono farming business in Nigeria, there are important things you need to put in place. These important and necessary requirements include:

  1. Have a good ogbono farming business plan

A good business plan greatly improves your chances at success in ogbono farming business. Having your business plan shows that you have done your home work in that business endeavor. With the current Federal Government policies and financial incentives for agriculture, you need a business plan to access them. You cannot access government agricultural loans without your business plan in place.

Also, no private investor will consider investing in your ogbono farming business if you cannot provide a well-detailed business plan. So, you can see how important it is to have your business plan handy while starting ogbono farming business.

  1. Land selection and preparation

Once you have concluded your ogbono farming business plan and acquired the startup capital, the next task is the land selection. You are advised to lease land instead of an outright buy in order not to tie down your startup capital. If you have the money to buy the land, it will also be good for the business.

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After you have selected the farmland for cultivating your ogbono, then you move to clear the land in preparation for planting. You have to make sure that the soil is properly tilled and all debris cleared from the farm. Sandy loam soil is most suited for the planting of the African mango. You should go for soil with a pH range of 4.5-7.0 for an optimal and bountiful harvest. This is due to the fact that ogbono does very well in acidic soil conditions.

  1. Planting your ogbono

When it comes to the propagation of bush mango in Nigeria, there are certain practices you have to follow. You can propagate wild mango (ogbono) through the seeds, grafting, cutting, layering, and budding. It has proven that drying the seeds in an ambient temperature and soaking in water for 24 hours guarantees 99.9% germination and maturity. The use of grafting can mature within just three years.

  1. Good management practices in ogbono farming

The cultural practices that are obtainable for other economic crops like mango, cashew, orange, etc are applicable to the bush mango. This implies that weeding, irrigation, pest and disease control and good fertilizer application is important for a successful ogbono farming business.

  1. Harvesting your African mango

The ogbono tree has two fruiting seasons, April-July and September-October. When the fruit is ripe and mature, it has a greenish color with an orange pulp. You can harvest your ogbono through plucking by hand. The yield is primarily dependent on the cultural practices you applied and the labor as well.

The processing of the seed can be quite a challenge but thanks to NIHORT; there is nut cutter that can easily cut the seed shells. This makes your ogbono seeds to come out neat and fast. Before storing your ogbono seeds, you need to properly dry them to prevent the growth of molds and fungi.

  1. Your marketing strategy

No matter how good your product is, without a good plan to sell them there is no success. So, a good marketing strategy is very central to your success in ogbono farming business in Nigeria. You need to identify your potential customers before even harvesting your bush mango for sale. Potential buyers like cosmetic companies and juice industries need to be contacted beforehand.

Now that the internet is available, you can also advertise your products online for larger customers and patronage. There is money to be made in ogbono farming, you only need to pay attention to this trend and invest in it.


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