Peacock Farming Business In Nigeria: How To Earn Huge Returns

Peacock Farming Business In Nigeria: How To EarnHuge Returns

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Peacock farming business may not be so popular in Nigeria but it is a very lucrative agribusiness investment that you can venture into. Peafowl includes both peacocks and peahens which belong to the family of pheasant. Over the years, people have always loved bird’s eggs and meat. This means that peacock farming business is not entirely a new venture as lots of people are aware of poultry farming in Nigeria.

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Oftentimes, you may confuse poultry farming to the rearing of chickens but it sure goes beyond that. Poultry farming business involves the rearing of chickens, quails, pigeons, guinea fowls, peafowl, turkey, and every other domesticated bird. You can see that peacock farming business is part of the poultry farming business as well. There are different reasons why people raise domestic birds, ranging from their meat to eggs, for beautification, etc.

Before you start breeding peacocks for commercial purposes, there are things you really need to know. This article provides you with relevant knowledge on how to start your peacock farming business in Nigeria. Raising peacock is not entirely different from chicken farming although there is a slight difference.

Why You Should Invest In Peacock Farming Business

You might want to know why breeding peacocks are a good commercial business venture in Nigeria. Raising peacocks for commercial purposes are really lucrative, especially when you consider the high value for the bird in the international and local market. Peacock farming business is a good way of earning huge cash returns.

Peacock meat is very delicious and nutritious as well and so is the egg too. At the moment in Nigeria, peacock meat is not readily available in Nigeria and this has made the meat to be very expensive. If you venture into peacock farming business now, chances are very high that you will definitely monopolize the market. This is because there are very few numbers of peacock farmers in Nigeria.

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Although there are lots of poultry farmers today in Nigeria, these farmers mainly focus on chickens, turkeys, ducks, quails, guinea fowls. This has made commercial peacock farming business a relatively new venture in Nigeria. Apart from their meat and eggs, peacock’s feathers are also considered to be of high value both locally and internationally.

Requirements For Starting Your Peacock Farming Business In Nigeria

Before you make up your mind to start breeding peacocks for commercial purpose in Nigeria, there are things you have to consider. You don’t just wake one morning and jump into raising peacocks for sale in Nigeria. It is very imperative that you do your due diligence so as to understand the pros and cons of the business. Below are some of the requirements for starting a peacock farming business in Nigeria:

If all you want is to raise a few peacocks just for entertainment, then you wouldn’t need a business plan. For commercial peacock farming business, you certainly need a well-detailed business plan. Your business plan will aid you in understanding the market as you will carry out market research in the plan.

Another way the business plan will help you is in accessing agricultural loans from the government. Aside from the government, no commercial bank or private investor will pay attention to if you don’t have a detailed business plan.

  • Selection of peacock breeds

There are three major breeds of peafowl with different hybrids or crosses. Some of these breeds include blue Indian, black shoulder, Bufford bronze, green peafowl, white, pied, etc. The most widely reared breed is the blue Indian. Before you venture into peacock farming business, it is very important for you to select the particular breed.

  • Building your peacock house

You can decide to raise your peacock in a pen or allow them to roam freely in a free range. Building a pen for your birds is advisable as it will help you to keep an eye on the birds. Having your birds in a pen will help you to control a disease outbreak. You need to ensure there is a good ventilation system in place for the birds as well. It will be very good for you to provide sheds that are at least 8 feet tall.

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  • Feeding your peafowl

The peafowl is an omnivorous bird that consumes wheat, rice vegetables, seeds, insects, snail, etc. Feeding the peacocks well is very vital to their growth and development. You also need to provide the birds with fresh and clean water daily. For your peachicks, you can feed them with turkey starter feed, boiled chicken eggs, etc.

  • Marketing

You can decide to enter the exporting business or engage in the local market. Peacock feathers are always in huge demand around the world, especially in Europe. In Nigeria, you can contact restaurants, eateries, hotels, motels, etc for the supply of peacock meat and eggs.


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