How To Start Pepper Farming Business In Nigeria: Beginners Guide

How To Start Pepper Farming Business In Nigeria: Beginners Guide

Pepper farming

Pepper farming business is a great agribusiness opportunity that you should consider starting this year. The has just started, while everyone is busy looking for white collar jobs pepper farming can be your own goldmine. When you look around in Nigeria, if you are a keen observer you will know that opportunities abound. You can see most of these opportunities in the agricultural sector, of which one of them is pepper farming business.

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It will interest you to know that pepper farming is very easy to start. The only thing that you need is just the right information and you will excel. Have you ever pondered on why Nigeria has the highest poverty rate in the world? The answer is simple; most of the people are neglecting the opportunities in their environment. You must make a decision not to belong to this group of people.

This article has the objective of opening your eyes to the vast opportunities in Nigeria through pepper farming business. In this article, you will be provided with information regarding the following:

  • Types of pepper in Nigeria
  • Pepper farming business plan in Nigeria
  • Is there money in pepper farming?
  • Dry pepper business in Nigeria
  • Black pepper cultivation in Nigeria
  • Chilli pepper production in Nigeria, etc

Just keep reading as I unveil the secrets you need to succeed in the pepper farming business in Nigeria. It is not rocket science, rather a step-by-step guide for you.

How Profitable Is Pepper Farming Business In Nigeria

If you are asking the question; is there money in pepper farming? I have got the answer here for you. It will shock to know that only 2 tonnes of just bell pepper cost about $21, 000 in the international market. When you convert it to naira, it is above N6 million with the current exchange rate. Yes, you saw correctly; I said above N6 million.

This is simply beyond words. Yet the greater percentage of Nigerians is living below the poverty level. I strongly believe you will use this pepper farming guide and raise your financial life to the next level.

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The major interesting thing here is that it will cost you not more than N2 million to produce 2 tonnes. It does not go without saying that you harvest within 7 months after planting. You will definitely agree with me that any business you invest N2 million and reap N6 million is profitable. Now that I have answered your question “is pepper farming profitable?” Let us then move on to the best way to start pepper farming business in Nigeria.

The Best Way To Start Pepper Farming Business In Nigeria

Don’t assume pepper farming is easy that you will simply stroll into the business and come out successful. Every successful venture always has a blueprint, pepper farming is not an exception. This is of course if you want to be successful in the business. Below are the basic requirements for a successful pepper farming business in Nigeria:

  1. Well-detailed pepper farming business plan

The number one basic requirement for a successful commercial pepper farming business is having a business plan. You can forget about the business plan if you are just cultivating pepper for your personal consumption. If your target is a commercial pepper farming business, then a good business plan is very important. In fact, I need to hold your ears so that you will understand how important this business plan is.

What a compass is to a sailor is exactly what your business plan is to you. Your pepper farming business plan is your guide during the course of your business. You can also access Nigerian government loans for agriculture using your business plan. Without your business plan, it will be very difficult if not impossible to convince any agribusiness investor.

  1. Site selection and preparation

In selecting your farmland for planting your pepper, it is advisable to choose sunny areas with good weather conditions. You can also construct windshield in your farm. The fertility of the soils should be good. Also, make sure the soil you selected is well drained and has good water retention capacity.

After you have selected your pepper farming site, you should plow the soil in preparation for planting your pepper.

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  1. Pepper varieties

When it comes to varieties of pepper, you should know that there are lots of them. The most common ones that are very lucrative to cultivate in Nigeria are:

  • The bell pepper
  • The Trinidad Scorpion pepper

The bell pepper comes in server colors like green, orange, yellow, purple, and red. It will interest you to know that China is the leading producer of bell pepper. It is estimated that Nigeria will be among the leading producers in the coming years. You should gear up to partake in this movement. It is certainly going to be worth your time and effort.

The Trinidad Scorpion pepper adjourned as the hottest chili pepper in the world is also cultivated in Nigeria. When we talk about chili pepper production in Nigeria, you should it is the Trinidad Scorpion pepper. It is very common in the Nigerian market and can earn you real cash from the international market. You should know that the profitability of chili pepper production in Nigeria is enormous.

  1. Planting your pepper

At all cost, never you use organic fertilizer on your pepper farm. Organic manure negatively affects ripening and preservation of your pepper. So, for maximum productivity, avoid using organic manure for your pepper farming business. Make sure you water the seedlings very well before planting them.

This is done to prevent the fading of your pepper seedlings. You should try to see that the distance between the row of beds is about 65cm while your pepper seedlings should be 40cm apart.

There is no survival of pepper crop without water. This is to tell you that you must have a good irrigation system in place before even considering pepper farming. Your pepper should be watered every 2-3 days for optimal yield. During the dry weather, you must water your pepper on daily basis.

You have seen the very profitable opportunity in pepper farming business in Nigeria. I strongly advise you to give it a try if you are not into the business already.


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