How To Start Pig Farming In Nigeria: See Best Modern Guidelines

How To Start Pig Farming In Nigeria: See Best Modern Guidelines

Pig Farming In Nigeria

Pig farming in Nigeria has become a lucrative business investment that has been enriching investors and entrepreneurs constantly. Pig farming is no doubt a very lucrative business venture that has a very huge profit margin.

Pig farming entails the act of rearing piglets from infants to maturity for commercial purposes. The same modern guidelines that govern pug farming in order countries of the world is still governing pig farming in Nigeria. There are standard modern guidelines that you must learn and understand before you invest your money into pig farming in Nigeria.

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You don’t venture into pig farming in Nigeria simply because you heard it is one of the most profitable farming businesses in Nigeria. You must make out time to understand the requirements and modern guidelines that will improve your chances of being successful in pig farming in Nigeria.

This article is all about showing you how to how to apply modern guidelines while starting your pig farming in Nigeria. In this article, you will get answers to many questions that people ask regarding pig farming in Nigeria. Some of these questions include:

  • How lucrative is pig farming in Nigeria?
  • What are the challenges of pig farming in Nigeria?
  • How to get the complete guide to commercial pig farming in Nigeria
  • What is the largest pig farm in Nigeria
  • How to get the best guide to pig rearing or beginners

If you are among those still overlooking pig farming in Nigeria because you believe it has low profitability. You are in for a big surprise as this article will open your eyes to the huge profit margin in farming business in Nigeria, especially pig farming in Nigeria. Just like what is obtained in order businesses, there are more failures than success in pig farming business in Nigeria.

You cannot conclude that pig farming in Nigeria is not lucrative simply because there are more failures in the business than success. The reason for the more number of failures is that few people train to be entrepreneurs. The others are just in the business by default. These failures just jumped into pig farming probably because they had money to invest.

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Why You Should Invest Your Money In Pig Farming In Nigeria

  1. High Demand Of Pork Meat

In Nigeria today especially in southern part of Nigeria (South-East, South-West, and South-South), there is high demand of pork meat. This high demand is already telling you that there is an already standing market sell your products. You must know that as a business personality, no matter the quality and quantity of your product, if there is no market to sell these products then you are not in business.

So when it comes to pig farming in Nigeria, selling your pigs is never a big challenge due to the ever standing market.

  1. Rate Of Reproduction Of Pigs

Pig Farming In Nigeria

Pigs reproduce in such numbers that made them one of the most reproducing livestock in the world. A female pig (Sow) is capable of giving birth s many as 15 piglets at a time. I guess the right word you want to use is unbelievable if you have never heard of this.

You can imagine the amount o profits you will make from these 15 piglets when they have matured. The amount of money is just unspeakable.

  1. High Profit Margin

In Nigeria today, a matured pig sells for about N40, 000 considering size. Just imagine rearing a female pig that gives birth to 15 piglets and 13 of those 15 piglets survives to maturity. You will be making about N520, 000 from the sales alone.

You can also make money from selling the dung of your pig to Nigerian farmers that are into crop production. This is to tell you that aside from the pig itself, you can as well make money from the byproducts. To say the least, the profitability of pig farming in Nigeria is so enormous.

  1. Cheap Pig Feeds

This is another way of reducing overhead cost of pig farming in Nigeria. Pig eats virtually everything that it gets its mouth on. It can feed on the cassava chaff, plantain or banana trunk etc. I am not saying that you should not buy the standard pig feeds for your pigs. All that I am saying is that you must not feed the pigs exclusively with costly feeds.

How To Start Pig Farming In Nigeria

Pig farming in Nigeria can be very confusing to a beginner like you, but if you go through these guidelines in this article, I assure you that it will be much simpler. Starting your pig farm in Nigeria, you have to do the follow the following important guidelines below;

  1. Decide The Scale Of Piggery That You Want To Start

When you have determined the size of your intending piggery, it will affect every other decision you have to take regarding your pig farming in Nigeria. The size of the pig farm will determine the pig pen, feeding, the target market, and labor. If you are going into commercial pig farming business in Nigeria, using your backyard or building a small pig pen will not suit your plan.

  1. Carry Out A Market Survey On Pig Farming In Nigeria

Before venturing into pig farming in Nigeria, you must have carried out a standard market survey in order to identify your target market. You don’t wait until you have started you pig farming business before you start looking for buyers to buy your pigs.

You must identify these buyers before you start you pig farming business in Nigeria. Know your potential customers so that as soon as your pigs mature, you already know where to go and sell them.

You should ascertain how your customers would prefer your pigs (alive or pork). Are there any religious beliefs against the eating of pigs in the environment you want to start your pig farm? What are the factors that are influencing the demand for pork? Who and who are the major market players in the business?

Know the answer to all these questions will help you structure your piggery business in Nigeria.

  1. You Must Have A Good Understanding Of Pig Vaccines

Before investing your money, time, and energy into pig farming in Nigeria, you must have good knowledge of the different vaccines that keeps the pigs healthy and protected against diseases. Just like what is obtainable in humans and other animal husbandry, pigs are vaccinated to protect them from diseases as well as heal them of these diseases. Some of these diseases of pigs that can be prevented by vaccination include; Swine dysentery, Enzootic pneumonia, Mange, PRRS, Atrophic rhinitis etc.

  1. Have A Good Understanding Of How Pigs Feed

Just like every other living thing, humans included; there are feeding variations depending on age, sex, environmental conditions etc. when it comes to pigs, many people are of the opinion that you feed your pigs twice in a day. While this is seen as the standard, there are other factors that you must consider.

The factors to consider in this case include, the age of your pig, the quantity of wild food that they have access to, the species of the pig, weather conditions, etc. when you put all these into consideration, you will see that the quantity of feed and the rate of feeding your pigs can vary from time to time.

For the piglets, they need feeds high in amino acids so that they can grow more muscle tissues. The amino acid lysine should be found more in the feeds of young pigs (piglets). After three months, the piglets can be fed with adult feeds that are low on protein.

You must note that excess lysine in the feed of heavier female pigs can hinder their growth.

  1. Learn How To Start Small

Starting small in every business allows you to grow in your understanding of such business. Pig farming in Nigeria requires that you start on small scale so s to gradually understand all that is needed in running a pig farming business successfully in Nigeria.

The best advice that I will give you is that you should start small. This is especially when you don’t have any experience in pig farming business, the challenges of pig farming in Nigeria, and no one that can guide you in the course of the pig farming business.

  1. Get Practical Training In Pig Farming

No matter the amount of information that you can come across on the internet, you must try as much as possible to get a practical training on a pig farm. You can as well employ the services of an experienced pig farmer to put you through in the business.

Don’t ever venture into pig farming business in Nigeria without a practical training, unless you don’t have the success of your pig farming business in mind.

Requirements For Starting Pig Farming Business In Nigeria

  • Have A Good Breeding Grounding

When it comes to pig farming in Nigeria, land is your greatest investment. Once you have secured your breeding ground, you have done half of the job needed to start your pig farming business in Nigeria.

While looking for the breeding ground for your pigs, go to the rural areas in order to get the lands at a cheaper rate. A plot of land is okay for a small scale piggery business. If you plan on starting big, about 5 acres is good for the business so that your pigs can roan about in the open to feed themselves.

  • Build A Standard Pen House

Pig Farming In Nigeria

In building your pig pens, you must employ the services of an expert so as to get the best. A very good drainage system is needed in order to prevent water becoming stagnant in the pens. Stagnant water breeds harmful insects that can harm your pigs. It can also harbor germs that can infect your pigs with diseases.

You can also build small water pool for the pigs to swim in as pigs love swimming. Make sure that you change the water in the pool periodically in order to keep the pigs clean.

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  • Purchase Healthy Piglets

No matter how you have prepared to venture into pig farming in Nigeria, if you make the mistake of buying unhealthy piglets into your farm, then you have set in motion the end of your farming business. You must buy from tested and trusted sources that have a history of vaccination.

Interacting with other pig farmers will be very useful here because they will inform you about the best place to get your piglets.

Without a well detailed and good business plan for your pig farming in Nigeria, you are not planning for the long-term. You can’t plan your pig farming business successfully without the help of a good business plan to direct your decisions.

Aside from helping you to run your business, the business plan will also assist you in getting investors to invest in your pig farming business in Nigeria.


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