Best Rabbit Breeds For Commercial Rabbit Farming In Nigeria

Best Rabbit Breeds For Commercial Rabbit Farming In Nigeria

best rabbit breeds

With the selection of best rabbit breeds, good management, and care; rabbit farming in Nigeria will certainly be very profitable. You must remember that the profit of rabbit farming depends on the selection of the best breeds of rabbit in Nigeria for your commercial rabbit farming.

You must note that there are many breeds of rabbit but not all are best suited for commercial rabbit farming in Nigeria. Rabbit breeds come is different sizes, there are small, medium, and large sized ones. There are rabbit breeds that are best suited for meat production, wool production, fur, and lab research.

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As a beginner in commercial rabbit farming in Nigeria, you must identify the best rabbit breeds that are in line with your purpose for setting up the rabbit farming business in Nigeria. Below is the list of popular rabbit breeds:

Best Rabbit Breeds For Meat Production

  1. The New Zealand White

best rabbit breeds

This rabbit breed is completely white in color, and can attain a lifetime maturity weight of 3 kg – 5 kg. They are small to medium sized. They are highly meat productive. If you are going into rabbit farming specifically for meat production, the New Zealand White is your best rabbit breed.

  1. The British Giant

best rabbit breeds

This is one of the best rabbit breeds for meat production, only second to the New Zealand White. They are very large, reaching a maturity of 6 kg – 7 kg at adulthood. Its furs are very smooth and medium length.

  1. Californian Rabbit Breed

This is another very productive and widely famous commercial rabbit used for meat production. The breed is an American creation, hence the name it bears. The body is white in color, while the ears, nose, tail, and feet are dark gray or black in color. At full maturity, the Californian rabbit breed weighs about 9.5 pounds. It is arguably one of the best rabbit breeds for meat production.

  1. Champagne d’ Argent

This is one of the oldest commercial rabbit breeds in the world. They are specifically meat productive rabbit breed. At full maturity, the Champagne d’ Argent weighs between 10 – 10.5 pounds. At birth, they are black colored, but t maturity, their color change to silver or skimmed milk color.

  1. The English Spot

best rabbit breeds

This is a medium sized rabbit breed with an average body weight of 3 kg at maturity. This particular rabbit breed is very inquisitive, and friendly. They are highly meat productive.

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  1. The Flemish Giants

This is one of the best rabbit breeds for meat production. They can reach a peak weight of between 6 – 7 kg at full maturity. This particular rabbit breed have a smooth coat with a dense undercoat, hence grooming them regularly is needed in order to keep their coats in top condition.

Best Rabbit Breeds For Lab Research

Below is the list of the best rabbit breeds used for scientific research:

  1. Dutch Rabbits

This is a small to medium sized rabbit breed used for laboratory research. So, if your purpose of venturing into commercial rabbit farming in Nigeria is for the production of laboratory rabbits, then this particular Dutch rabbit breed is your focus. At full maturity, they weigh between 2 – 2.5 kg.

  1. The English Spot

This particular rabbit breed can also b used for scientific research in the laboratory. It has a dual purpose since it can also double for meat production. At full maturity, the English Spot weighs about 3 kg.

Best Rabbit Breeds For Fur Production

Fur is used in the manufacturing of clothes. So, fur producing rabbits are very lucrative and profitable to rear in your farm. Below is the list of the rabbit breeds best suitable for fur production:

  1. American Chinchilla

This small to medium sized breed of rabbit is popularly known for fur production. They weigh an average of 2.5 kg at maturity. Their coats need constant grooming in order to be in perfect condition.

  1. Silver Martens

This is a medium sized rabbit breed that weighs between 6.5 – 8.5 Ibs at full maturity. Their fur is very soft with a beautiful polished look to it as well. Aside from being a good pet, the silver Martens rabbit breed can be used for commercial rabbit farming for its furs.

  1. Checkered Giants

This is one of the largest rabbit breeds that originated in Germany. It is easily recognized by its distinctive colored markings.  At full maturity, the checkered giant rabbit weighs a minimum of 5 kg for the buck and 5.4 kg for the doe. For commercial purposes, they are reared for fur production.

From the information above, you have come to understand the different purposes for all the best rabbit breeds available. If you are considering venturing into commercial rabbit farming in Nigeria, you must decide your area of specialization. Are you going into rabbit meat production, fur production, for lab research, or a combination of two of the aforementioned niches in rabbit farming business in Nigeria?


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