How To Tap Into The Huge Economic Potential Of Soursop Farming In Nigeria

How To Tap Into The Huge Economic Potential Of Soursop Farming In Nigeria


Soursop farming in Nigeria is hardly done on a commercial scale which has made the fruit very scarce and difficult to buy. Soursop fruit in Nigeria has become so expensive that you can buy one sizable fruit for as high as N500. The essence of this article is to arouse your interest as an agricultural stakeholder or agribusiness enthusiast. This article provides you with eye-opening insights into the profitability of soursop farming in Nigeria.

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This oblong tropical fruit also called graviola has edible white interior with rough and spiky green exterior. There are very few soursop plantation in Nigeria, hence the more reason you need to start your soursop farming in Nigeria on a commercial scale. The soursop plant can grow as tall as 6m with lots of distinctive features that separate them from other plants.

Where Does Soursop Grow In Nigeria?

You can start your soursop farming in Nigeria majorly in the southern part of the country. Some middle belt states like Plateau and Benue also support the soursop plantation in Nigeria. You can carry out soursop farming in a warmand humid tropical region.

Where To Buy Soursop In Nigeria

If you are looking for where to buy soursop in Nigeria, it is mostly sold in the local open market. You can also locate the local farmers to buy directly from them at a cheaper rate in Nigeria.

Why Start Soursop Farming In Nigeria

The profitability of soursop farming in Nigeria is so huge that you would be so foolish to ignore it. The health benefits of soursop has made the soursop farming in Nigeria very profitable as the fruit is in high demand. With the anti-parasitic nature of soursop has many many people fall in love with the fruit. You can make tea from the leaves of the soursop plant in order to cleanse the gastrointestinal system.

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Also, you can remedy joint pain and inflammation with the anti-inflammatory compound found in soursop. Soursop fruit in Nigeria can be used in the pharmaceutical industry as well as the fruit juice manufacturing company. This makes soursop farming in Nigeria very lucrative and profitable.

How To Start Your Soursop Farming In Nigeria

Below are the requirements for starting your profitable soursop farming in Nigeria.

  • Well-detailed business plan

Before starting your soursop plantation in Nigeria, you will need to have a very good business plan. There is no business venture that can stand the test of time without a plan. Your business plan will help you to be better positioned to stir soursop farming in Nigeria to success.  The business plan will be more like a guide to you in the course of your business.

You can also apply and access government agricultural loans with your soursop farming business plan. Without a business plan, nobody will take you serious in any business venture in Nigeria.

  • Land selection and preparation

Land availability is central to starting your soursop farming in Nigeria. The land for starting your soursop plantation in Nigeria should be located in a place where the plants will not be disturbed. After you have sourced for and gotten the land, the next step is to clear and prepare it for planting your soursop seeds.

You need to know that soursop grows very well in a well-drained, sandy-loamy soil. The pH of the land should be between 5.0-6.5.

  • Planting your soursop seeds

When considering where to buy soursop in Nigeria, you should be very careful not to get the poor varieties. After you have bought the soursop, remove the seeds from the fruit and then wash and dry them. You need to be certain the seeds are from a mature and disease free soursop fruit in Nigeria. Once you have done all these, proceed to prepare a nursery bed and sow the seeds in a depth of 1cm and 2cm-3cm spacing apart.

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Within the first 25-30 days of planting, you need to mulch and water the bed often to ease the germination of the soursop seeds. Once the first sets of leaves are matured, you can then transfer to the permanent site. It is very important that you shade or mulch the seedlings because soursop grows well in a humid and warm conditions.

Before planting your soursop seedlings, you need to prepare the planting layout. This will enable you to know the number of seedlings to be planted in such amount of space. Soursop farming is a very profitable business, but first you need to get the process right and in order.

  • Pruning your soursop plant

Soursop farming in Nigeria is not an easy agribusiness ventures due to the amount of work you need to put in. You are definitely going to enjoy the benefits once it is time for harvesting. You need to prune your soursop plants allow good light penetration and free movement of air aound the game.

  • Fertilizer application

In order to have a bountiful harvest in your soursop farming in Nigeria, there is the need to apply fertilizer to the crops. You can make use of organic fertilizer like compost or animal dung. Good ration of NPK like 10:10:10 can be applied quarterly on the farm to improve growth and development of soursop. In order for you to achieve maximum and rapid growth, you can apply potash (muriate, 0:0:60). This helps to supply micronutrients to the soil rapid growth of your soursop plants.

  • Irrigation in soursop farming

Although soursop can withstand adverse and harsh weather conditions but irrigation brings about healthy growth. Once it is time for the flowering stage, you can suspend the watering activity as dry condition is necessary for the plants to start flowering at the same time. You need to watch it at this point as extended drought can lead to the dropping of the leaves.

  • Weeding your soursop farm

Weeding your soursop plantation in Nigeria can be a very big and difficult task but you can employ the services of herbicides. Competition with weeds will cause your soursop plants to have stunted growth. You can also employ laborers to do the job but compare the expenses to know which is more economical.

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  • Pest and disease control

For your soursop farming in Nigeria, the common pests include root grubs, oriental fruit fly, mealy bugs, carpenter moth larva, etc. the diseases of soursop are root rot, anthracnose, pink disease, etc. You will need the use of pesticides or neem oil for the treatment of these diseases.

  • Harvest time

The soursop plants starts flowering after 3 years and fruiting also commences same time s well. Your soursop continues fruiting every year in great numbers provided they are healthy. You should harvest the fruits when they are developed and greenish in nature. After that, you need to leave it for about 2-3days for it to ripe. One soursop tree can produce up to 70 fruits in a single year.

In order to know when your soursop is ripe for harvest, the spine set themselves apart and the green color becomes dull or yellowish green.

  • Marketing your soursop fruits in Nigeria

You can sell the market men and women that are always in need of the fruits. Also, you should locate beverage and ice cream companies to sell your soursop fruits on a high.


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