How To Start Tiger Nut Farming In Nigeria: Beginners Guide

How To Start Tiger Nut Farming In Nigeria: Beginners Guide

Tiger nut farming in Nigeria has been described as an untapped goldmine by the Raw Materials Research and Development Council. This tells you that tiger nut is a business venture that you really need to consider in Nigeria. It is no longer news to you that the agricultural sector is fast becoming the hub of millionaires in Nigeria. It is high time that you started looking the way of agriculture in Nigeria.

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The main objective of this article is to bring to your knowledge all that you need to excel in tiger nut farming. The tiger nut (Cyperus esculentus) is regarded as a tuber crop. In fact, it will interest you to know that the profitability of tiger nut is too good to just ignore. Aside from the direct consumption of the tiger nuts, they also serve as raw materials for different products around the world.

Here, you will be provided with the needed information regarding:

  • How long does it take to harvest tiger nuts?
  • Tiger nut farming and production in Nigeria
  • Where tiger nut farming is done in Nigeria
  • The international price of tiger nuts
  • Best agricultural practices for tiger nut farming in Nigeria

You should relax and read-on as it promises to enrich you with all you need to start tiger nut farming.

The Profitability Of Tiger Nut Farming In Nigeria

The tiger nut has lots of health benefits as it contains essential minerals like iron, calcium, and magnesium. This has made it a well sought after crop by pharmaceutical companies, hence its high-profit potential for you. You should know that tiger nut is an important raw material for the cosmetics industry as well.

It will also interest you to know that tiger nut is the world’s richest source of fiber. This is the reason why it is used in the production of body and hair creams. The profit potential of tiger nut farming in Nigeria is simply too numerous to list, you really should consider it. It is no news to you that people consume tiger nuts in different ways. There is currently an increase in demand for the tiger nuts, hence the more reason you should consider the tiger nut farming business in Nigeria.

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The one method that you often see around is the eating of the nuts whole by different people. You will agree with me that there are basically two forms by which people hawk tiger nuts in the streets. There are the fresh and the semi-dried tiger nuts which I believe you see virtually every day. In Northern Nigeria, it is called Aya, the Yorubas call it Imumu while in South-East it is called Aki Awusa. Whichever name you call doesn’t matter so long as you understand the wealth that lies in tiger nut farming business.

Guidelines To Starting Your Tiger Nut Farming Business In Nigeria

Before you venture into the tiger nut farming business in Nigeria, there are important requirements you should have in place.

Before starting tiger nut farming in Nigeria, you need to have a well-detailed business plan to guide you. Your business plan is very important as it will help you gather the necessary information about tiger nut farming business. I want to believe that you understand that this article concentrates on commercial tiger nut farming. Because you will be farming for mass production, the more reason for business plans.

You will also stand a chance to access loans from either the government or commercial banks with your business plan. There is no serious investor that will consider investing in your tiger nut farming business with your business plan. So, you can see that the tiger nut farming business plan is more of a necessity than just an option.

  • Site selection, preparation, and planting

While selecting land for your tiger nut farming business, it is advised that you go for sandy loam soil. Although tiger nuts grow on virtually every soil type, the sandy loam soil is most ideal for optimal yield. Once you have chosen the farmland, the next step is to clear the land and till the ground. Because tiger nuts grow to a depth of 20-60cm into the soil, your ridges should be high enough to accommodate them.

You can cultivate your tiger nuts during the rainy season and dry season with good irrigation system in place. This implies that your tiger nut farming business can be done all through the year. While planting, you can either rhizomes or the tubers/seeds. Make sure you plant them at a depth of 5-9cm into the soil. You should give a space of between 15-50 cm between the seeds.

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After planting your tiger nut seeds, you should tend to them to improve their growth and development. Although the tiger nuts are considered tough and can adapt to ant environment, you shouldn’t just abandon it after planting. There is the need for you to weed and apply fertilizer to your crops. Your chances of having a very profitable tiger nut farming business will be greatly improved.

  • Harvesting your tiger nuts

Ideally, your tiger nuts will start growing tubers from 6 weeks after planting. The tiger nut tubers will attain maturity within 3-4 months after planting. Since tiger nuts are seen as tubers, you can use your farm hoe to dig them out carefully during harvest. Within your business plan, you should have your marketing strategy before starting your tiger nut farming business.

It is with what you have in your marketing strategy that you can now decide the best way to market your tiger nuts. Are you going to be based locally or will you also involved in the exportation business? Whichever niche you choose, one thing is certain; you will definitely make a good profit from tiger nut farming business.


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