7 Best Travel Apps in Nigeria Right Now

We have so many travel app in Nigeria and in other parts of the globe has gone past the traditional need to move from one place to another, it now comprises using mobile technology to plot and get information about your various destinations while also using travel apps to retain yourself safe and in the know as you advance to your destination.

There are hundreds of mobile and travel apps in Nigeria but the following are some mobile travel apps dedicated to travel within the country.

List of Travel Apps in Nigeria

The following are the list of travel apps in Nigeria below:

  1. Travel apps in Nigeria: The VaneThe Vane is one of the travel apps in Nigeria that centers in fashion/lifestyle/weather/travel app. Based on where you mean to go and the weather out there, the travel app makes recommendations on what you should wear to shattered the weather while also aiding you with how to reach your destination in grand style. The travel app make use of your location and existing weather to make fashion suggestions, and it is always free to use and accessible for IOS and Android devices.
  2. Travel apps in Nigeria: Wi-Fi Finder:Just as the name implies, this travel app assists you to locate Wi-Fi hotspots near you every time you are not close to the house – so that you can get in touch easily with your families and friends without worrying about charges of data or downloading problem. With this travel app that you have, it will be very easy for you to detect free and paid public Wi-Fi hotspots near your location.

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  1. Travel apps in Nigeria: Skype: It is highly assumed you have heard of Skype or you are even using it, but most people hardly ever take gain of the video calling service accessible on the travel app. It is correct you can use the smartphone app to make calls or even converse with loved ones on the go, but you could also without difficulty use its video conferencing attribute while on a trip – as far as you are in a good network or Wi-Fi location to allow you obtain crystal HD quality.
  2. Travel apps in Nigeria: Easy Taxi: With the access to EasyTaxi travel app in Nigeria on your smartphone, you can hire a taxi from your present location without walking towards any directions for visibility. The EasyTaxi travel app will help you call a driver on its network and you will be able to trail the growth of the taxi driver in real-time as he reaches your location. what’s more, you will also be able to see the name and photo of the beckoned driver before he gets to your place.
  3. Travel apps in Nigeria: Fascinating Nigeria: With this travel app, you can contact almost any cafeterias, villages and towns, and other traveler’s attractions along your way as you travel from one point of Nigeria to the other. With the app, you will acquire brief facts about the values and history of people in the city you come to along your trip and other features of the app aid you to plan accurately for your trip before leaving the comfort of your home,
  4. Travel apps in Nigeria: Trip It: Trip It is the mobile travel app for you if you ever want to know hotel reservations, tourist attractions, flight agendas, motor-park info and other travel and safety facts before you ever leave home on a trip. Meanwhile, you can also without difficulty share your journey with friends within a traveling group if you want to keep others abreast of your progress on your journey.
  5. Travel apps in Nigeria Find my iPhone:                                                                                                                  The truth with this app is that it does not only work with iPhones, it also works with iPads. It is designed to enable you to locate your mobile phone or iPad when you lose it while out on a trip, and even lock up its features remotely. You can download this app for free from Apple stores and sign in with your Apple ID, activating it to display your current location and map. If you happen to misplace the iPad or iPhone, you can remotely set off its alarm or display a message on its screen; and you can wipe off your personal data or lock it if you so desire remotely. Do check out the Best Travel Apps for Smartphones as seen on

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