Does Google Wallet App work in Nigeria?

Google Wallet App: Does it work in Nigeria?

Are you asking how Does Google Wallet App work in Nigeria? or may be you have google wallet sign up issues, today i will be focusing on it. First you need to download google wallet app to your device then see below on how to setup google wallet in Nigeria.

A new mobile app that can make a wallet out of your mobile phone, is the Google Wallet mobile app. Google Wallet is currently used in the UK and USA. Nigerians can also benefit from the system. Would you like to know whether Google Wallet works in Nigeria and how to use it?

Knowing How Google Wallet App works

You need to obtain one of the cards supported by the bank partners of google and then fund these cards with money. The cards currently supported by Google Wallet include a Google prepaid card, Citi Master Card, Visa, Discover and American Express. Google has plans in the future to inckude all types of credit cards that people use today. Using the Google Wallet application, you need to store your physical bank card into a mobile phone application. Your Google Wallet in Nigeria can be used at a merchant laocation with a MasterCard logo or PayPass logo. You will receive a notification about a succeful transaction once you make payment successfully.

You can also receive google offers, coupons and loyalty points when you shop with Google Wallet at Google SingleTap merchant locations. There are plans by Google to expand the capabilities of Google Wallet by allowing it to store not just your gift cards, loyalty cards, credit cards and offers but also keys, tickets, ID and boarding pass. Any physical need of an actual wallet is overcome.

Google Wallet app nigeria

What is Google Wallet App?

Google Wallet is a new mobile application created by Google. You can use it to buy goods and services with an ability to manage only the Near Field Communications enabled by the mobile phone. Virtual copies of your actual plastic credit and debit cards are created on the mobile phones by Google Wallet.

You therefore do not need to carry plastic bank cards with you. Google wallet also stores loyalty cards, coupons and offers for shoppers. Funding Google Wallet in Nigeria requires having a bank card of one of the partners of Google. The cards are: Citi, Sprint, Discover, Visa MasterCard and American Express.

Google wallet also works with Google offers which helps to deal with services and products relevant to your search location and term while you are using apps like google offers, Shopper, Google maps, Latitude and Google Search. They synchronise automatically with other applications after you make your searches and save the offers. When shopping at merchant locations, Google Wallet might also be required.

Google Wallet Security Measures

When you use Google Wallet, the secure element is your main protector. A small chip created by Google which saves all your credentials and provides superior security. This secure element is isolated from your mobile phone’s hardware and operational system by Google so that it can only be accessed through programs like Google Walllet. A PIN is also required by Google Wallet before transactions can be made. Phones with NFC support and a secure element chip are also required by Google Wallet. There are also plans by Google to transfer Google Wallet to other platforms. The USA and UK are countries where it is currently usable but Google plans to increase the number of countries for the application. For now you can use Google Wallet only with credit cards. You can also use it on the territories of USA and UK.

Nigeria Google Wallet App

Even though Nigerians can use some functions in Google Wallet App, they still can’t use the whole potentials. Money can be received with sent with Gmail of the Google Wallet Service. The feature was announced two years ago. The first thing is to have a Google Wallet account with a valid creit card details. Your Google Wallet account is linked with your Gmail by the service. 

Sending and Receiving Money With Gmail of Google Wallet:

First you need to open your Gmail account and then click on compose. Enter the email address of the receiver in the box provided. Add a message text and subject (optional) after which you click on the “$” icon or “£” icon (for users in the UK). You will be asked to set up the account if you don’t have a Google Wallet. If you want to send money, enter the amount you wish to send and choose the source from which you want to withdraw the money. Also, if you want to request for money, click on “Request” and input the amount you would like to request and then click on “Attach”. Confirm your message and then click on “Send”.

It`s free to send and obtain money for the UK users with using debit cards and Google Wallet Balance. USA users can easily send and receive money with using debit cards, credit cards and Google Wallet Balance.

Receiving money with Gmail:

As is applicable in the steps to sending money, first open your Gmail account and then open the message where the money is attached. Choose “Claim Money” and then verify your identity with Google Wallet. As soon as the identity verification is successful, you can then claim the money from the message.

Disabling sending money on Nigerian Google Wallet App:

Open Gmail and click on “compose”. Click on the “$” icon or the “£” icon for users in the UK. After this, click on the gear icon and then disable the feature.

Near Field Communications

Near Field Communication as a versatile and extremely fast technology can be used in everything like stickers, movie posters and t-shirts. If you are a user of Google Wallet, then it needs NFC technology for receiving and transmiting data. Information about the object which can be enabled to read with an NFC provided device is supplied by the embedded chip. Data can be transferred at close proximity with these enabled NFC devices.