8 Top Banks With Quality Internet Banking Services In Nigeria

8 Top Banks With Quality Internet Banking Services In Nigeria

Advances have been made in technology and this has affected almost every aspect of human endeavor. There have substantial discoveries in the field of banking and almost everything there has been digitized. The trend now is internet banking or mobile banking as some others call it. The joy is that some banks provide quality internet banking services and not services full of shit. That sounds amazing.

You do want to make transactions easily and without much ado. You can make transactions from the comfort of your home or wherever you are without going to the bank to explain anything. This is fantastic and it saves energy and time and it is very convenient. All the commercial banks in Nigeria now have access to internet banking albeit at varying levels of sophistication.

The internet banking and mobile banking services have varying degrees; it could be ATM transfers, mobile phone transfers with codes, mobile phone transfers with the banks’ apps, operation of the domiciliary account and other services.

Quality internet banking services have helped us to a great extent and have made banking more interesting. Imagine the plight of Nigerians who had to stay in banks for hours waiting to complete their transactions.

I remember one ugly incident where an uncle of mine who was made to stay in a bank for close to five hours in Aba and was made to experience the ugly event of bank robbery and if not for the intervention of God, he would have been a victim.

Experiences like this abound but they have been reduced to a minimal point by the introduction of quality internet banking services.

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This aspect of banking has become sensitive and important and this has necessitated stiff competition amongst the banks in Nigeria. However, there are banks which are clearly left behind while others are leading the rest as far as internet banking is concerned.

We should note that this article is not looking at the overall performances of these banks but on their performance in quality internet banking services as well as mobile banking. Here is our 8 top banks gotten from the conclusion of private research.

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 Banks With Quality Internet Banking In Nigeria


  1. Heritage Bank:

    quality internet banking services

This bank is ranked number one in internet banking in Nigeria. It is leading the rest of the banks in this sector. One of the features that distinguish it from the rest is that its mobile app is user-friendly and by extension, the easiest and most effective and efficient app to use.

It offers both internet services for personal and corporate uses. Through its services, customers can view their latest account information, manage multiple accounts, transfer funds across any bank, pay bills, buy airtime, SMS alerts and make a debit card and cheque-book requests.

You can check out their corporate services. Through these services, businesses can automatically pay employees’ salaries as well as contractors and suppliers from anywhere around the world. Heritage also has a huge focus on security, so you know your money is safe. It is simply wonderful. it uses the Heritage mobile app to satisfy its customers.

Let us make this clearer. Below are the key features that the mobile app has. They should blow your mind.• Check account balances.
View recent transaction history, including VISA pledges.
• View regular payments.
• Pay bills with BPAY.
• Perform transfers to existing payees.
• Log in with a password, PIN or fingerprint (supported devices with Android 6 (Marshmallow) or above required to use fingerprint).
• Find nearby Branches and Heritage ATMs.
• Find Heritage Network ATMs, which include Westpac, St.George, BankSA, and Bank of Melbourne ATMs.
• Integrated feedback function

2. GTBank

quality internet banking services

GTBank is a consistent performer, though its app can be a bit clunky at times. With GTBank you can check your balance, purchase airtime and domestic and international flight tickets, pay bills and transfer money. GTBank also has its Mobile Money feature which allows customers to withdraw cash from GTBank ATMs without a card.

You can also pay for purchases with your E-Wallet at selected places, though this feature can be unreliable. The revamped GTBank Mobile App, lets you carry your bank with you wherever you go. The App allows you to perform transactions and manage your bank account(s) from your mobile device. It is secure and very simple to use.

The GTBank Mobile App allows you:
View the balances on your bank account(s).
• Manage your account and review your transaction history.
• Initiate transfers to own account(s), GTBank accounts and also to other bank accounts.
• Purchase Airtime and Data bundles for all networks.
• Pay Bills                                                                                                                                                                            •Hotlist card and manage your debit/credit card
• Request for account statement
• Change your email address, phone number and other details
• Confirm and manage your cheques.
• Receive In-App messages on new features, quick tips, and promotional offers.
• Verify your transaction securely either by using a self-selected PIN, a hardware token (obtained from any of our branches) or a 737 token (obtained by dialing *737*7#)
• Link your profile to a device with the option to use PIN or Token to complete your transactions.
• Other profiles will be able to use the mobile app on your device successfully with Token authentication only.
• Device linking can be done with a secure code sent via SMS or generate a code from the hardware soft token (obtained by dialing *737*7#)

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3. Zenith Bank

quality internet banking services

Zenith Bank is also right up there with Heritage Bank when it comes to internet banking. Zenith puts a lot of energy into its app, which means plenty of upgrades and new features. Similar to Heritage Bank, Zenith offers real-time account balances and transaction information, you can make transfers to other banks and you can pay bills too.

With Zenith app, you can make bulk payments to employees and third parties. The bank has also included a new feature which allows customers to track their spending and savings.

Their redesigned app puts all the services you need at your fingertips, enabling you to do all the following:
• Account Balance Enquiry

• View all your accounts (Current, Savings, Fixed Deposit, Domiciliary and Card accounts)
• Money Transfers
• Between your accounts
• To any Zenith account
• To accounts in other banks
• Bills payments
• Cheques:
• Stop cheques
• Cheque book requests
• Cheque confirmation
• Cards
• Deactivate cards
• Activate cards
• Manage your account
o Change Password
o Change Mobile PIN
o Change Authentication methods
o Add and delete beneficiaries
• Recurring Payments/Standing Order
• Schedule transfers, Airtime purchases, and Bill Payments.
• Airtime Purchase
• Travel and leisure
• Pay for flights and make hotel bookings
• Zenith Near me: Locate Zenith Bank branches and ATMs

4. Diamond Bank

quality internet banking services

Diamond Bank has one of the most comprehensive lists of internet banking features among the top Nigerian banks. It includes all the regular features you would expect, plus extra features like touch ID for iOS devices, you can switch debit cards on or off, buy movie tickets, top up your Konga Wallet and even personalize your app with a selfie. Here is a breakdown of the features in the mobile app.

This bank was recently acquired by access bank which means it will soon stop existing as a separate entity. However, the app still works and all the features built into it by Diamond bank are still in play. Below are the features. They are why we ranking this bank as one of the banks with quality internet banking services.
Search, book and Pay for International and Local flights
• Events and Movie Tickets Purchase (Movie preview also available)
• Funds Transfer within and outside Diamond Bank
• Airtime Top-up and Bill payments
• Switch on/off Debit cards
• Credit card repayments
• Diamond Money Transfer
• Account statement request
• Blackberry BIS Subscription
• Cheque services (Stop or confirm cheque and New cheque request)
• Maintain/Manage beneficiaries for Bills Payment and Funds Transfer
• Konga Wallet Top-up

  1. Access Bank

This bank just got bigger. It has acquired Diamond bank as we talked about before. It would have made sense if we merged them but their mobile apps are still different. Access Bank rounds out the top five with a very quality internet banking services.

Access Bank has an easy to use app and offers two services, Mobile Banking Classic and Premium. Classic features detailed balance and transaction history, ability to make payments across any bank, purchase prepaid electricity and locate the nearest ATMs and branches to you. You can also get personalized offers for upgrades and limit increases. One of the best features of the Premium services is that it allows you to carry out transactions in higher volumes, up to N2 million daily.

Access bank’s Mobile Banking app gives you real-time access to your accounts in Access Bank. All account holders of Access Bank can subscribe to this service. Subscription is at no cost.

Below are some of the services you can enjoy from this mobile banking application:
Transfers to accounts in Access Bank
• Transfers to accounts in other banks in Nigeria
• Bill Payments
• Cable TV
• Airtime
• Power, etc.
• Request for Cheque books
• Confirm cheques
• Cancel / Stop cheques,
• Locate Access Bank branches and ATMs
and much more.

6. First Bank of Nigeria

quality internet banking services
Founded in the year 1894, The bank has been a national symbol for many years operating with dedication and a sense of customer service delivery and a such is number 3 on our list of top banks in Nigeria.  Dedicated to meet customer needs and satisfaction the First Bank of Nigeria has positioned itself as a major player in the Nigeria banking industry.
With a world ranking of 427th out of the first 1000 banks in the world. it has wonderful internet services. This accounts for its large customer base.
Features of FirstMobile include;
– Account overview
– Funds transfer
– Bill payments
– Card management

7. Fidelity Bank Nigeria

quality internet banking services

Established in the year1988, the Fidelity Bank of Nigeria has assets of around ₦1.043 trillion (US$6.4 billion) as of March 31, 2014, and customer deposits of over ₦752.2 billion. Fidelity Bank has grown to stand the test of time while still maintaining its commitment to delivering quality and professional financial services to its customers.

The upgraded Fidelity Online Banking App lets you stay in control of your finances. Manage your transactions, accounts, and cards securely and easily anywhere. The App allows you to perform transactions and manage your bank account(s) from your mobile device. It is secure and very simple to use.
the app enables you to perform the following functions:
• Transfer to accounts in any Bank in Nigeria
• Transfer to your other accounts in exactly one click, no token required
• Biometric/Fingerprint Authentication for easier login
• View all your accounts (Current, Savings, Fixed Deposit, Domiciliary and Card accounts)
• Personalize your profile, change your picture as desired with lovely selfies
• Maintain/Manage beneficiaries for Funds Transfer, Bills Payment, and Airtime purchases
• Receive In-App messages on new features, quick tips, and promotional offers.
• Top up your mobile phone or that of your family, friends and other loved ones
• Pay your bills, such as DSTV, GoTV, PHCN, mobile post-paid bills, SWIFT, Smile and more.
• Perform your Fidelity Credit Card repayments
• Generate account statement
• Search, book and pay for international and local flights
• More self-service
• Locate nearest Bank branches or ATM service points

8. Ecobank Nigeria

quality internet banking services
Established in the year 1986, Ecobank is a commercial bank. It is a subsidiary of Ecobank Transnational Inc., a leading pan-African banking group with more than 1,150 branches scattered all over Africa. The outlet for their mobile internet banking is the Ecobank mobile app.
The app provides you with an easy channel to manage your account and conduct financial transactions in a simple and secure manner. This means it is available wherever you are with your mobile device. The app also gives you access to the new Ecobank Xpress Account.
It is one app available for all 33 countries where Ecobank operates.

Ecobank Mobile App Features include
 Balance Inquiry and Mini-Statement Display
 Send Money to 33 African Countries instantly
 Transfer Funds to other Local Banks within an Ecobank Operating Market
 Account Statement Request
 Block Card / Cheque Request
 Airtime TopUp for Self / Other
 Pay Billers & Merchants
 Locate nearest Ecobank Branch / ATM
 Check Forex Rates among others


Your bank goes a long way in determining the nature of your financial transactions. Choose wisely.