Zenith Bank Internet Banking: How To Register And Use The Online Platform

Zenith Bank Internet Banking: How To Register And Use The Online Platform

Zenith bank Internet banking is an online system powered by Zenith Bank Plc in a bid to provide its customers access to their accounts around the clock, anytime, anywhere. It is a system incorporated to help boost the bank’s customer relation service, hence bringing about better service delivery.

This article elaborates a collection of possibilities powered by the Zenith Bank Internet Banking System. It details all that is inherent in the banks’ Internet banking facility.

How To Register And Activate Zenith Bank Internet Banking Solution

To register and activate Zenith Bank Internet banking solution, please kindly follow the simple steps below.

Step1. Click here to download the Zenith Bank Internet banking solution Online Form

Step2. Print out the form.

Step3. Provide all the necessary details/data required in the form.

Step4. Scan and Submit the form Online using the email address given. Alternatively, you can simply walk into any Zenith Bank branch nearest to you.

Step5. If you choose to process the form online via the email method discussed above, you should receive a confirmation email sent to your inbox upon successful confirmation of form submission.

Step6. You will receive a link immediately you finish the login process.

zenith bank internet banking

How To Activate My Zenith Bank Internet Banking


To Activate My Zenith Bank Internet Banking, simply Click on this link


Being your first time on the platform, certain parameters will be required of you which you can easily source for at any Zenith Bank branch or via email. These include your Username, password and Access code.


In the other way around, you can simply login to the system by selecting the token option. Here, your account number and your Token code will be needed as login details.

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Upon successful login, the system displays an array of features and possibilities enabled for your usage.

How To Reset A Forgotten Password

If you should lose your Zenith Bank Internet Banking, do not panic. The steps to reset a forgotten password on the Zenith Online Platform are as follows:

Step1.  Click on this link to access the password reset page.

Step2. Provide your Zenith Bank Account Number, followed by a click on the “Continue Button

Step3. This will then take you to a password reset page.

Step4.  You will then receive a Password Reset Code in your Email or via SMS

Step5. Kindly provide the code in the system and proceed to click “submit.”

Step6. Hurray! You’ve just reset your Zenith Bank Internet Banking Password. Please enter your new password and then click “submit”.

List of Functions Performed By Zenith Bank Internet Banking Platform

  1. Allows customers to Check your account balance.
  2. Functionality for Viewing daily transactions report.
  3. Inter-bank and Intra-bank funds transfer possible. That is, zenith bank customers can transfer funds to another zenith bank customer or to another bank.
  4. Ability to View transfer history and print transfer receipts or email to a beneficiary
  5. Make purchases for Zenith Billers, QuickTeller Billers and NIBSS Billers
  6. Make payments for GOTV or DSTV subscription fees
  7. Allows customers to purchase Airtime of all network.
  8. Allows customers to Book airline travel ticket for all partner airlines.
  9. Allows customers to Send a feedback to the Bank for enquiries and assistance

Charges On Transfers With Zenith Internet Banking

Except for online funds transfers, while using the Zenith Interne Banking System, Zenith bank does not charge a dime for using services provided by this system.

For example, Inter-Bank or Inter-Zenith Bank Customer funds transfers are 100% free of charge. However, there are certain exceptions such as these:

  1. The bank charges a Local Money Transfer (LMT) transfer fee of N210 (Naira) only. depending on the kind of transfer platform used i.e. Interswitch or NEFT, funds
  2. Transfers to other banks come with a few charges
  3. Payment of bills may also incur a convenience charge. But this depends on the kind or nature of the Bill being transacted on the platform.

How To Get A Token For This Online Platform

You can simply walk into any of Zenith Bank Branches Nationwide to obtain your Token for the online transactions.

It’s just a matter of applying for a token which comes at a cost of N1500, at the bank branch nearest to you, and it will be given to you. Please get the current price for this from the bank.

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Daily Transfer Limit On Zenith Bank Internet Banking

A limit indicator has been provided on the transfer page of the Zenith Bank Internet Banking environment. it shows the limit to which a Zenith Bank customer can make daily funds transfers. From experience, however, the limit to which a customer can make funds transfers in a day is put at N2,000,000.

Contact Zenith Bank

Please visit the Zenith Bank website and locate Internet Banking page on the website for more details or for further enquiries. You can also email Zenith Bank on zenithdirect@zenithbank.com or simply call +234-1-2787000, 2927000, 4647000, 0700ZENITHBANK for more details.