7 Powerful Steps to Accomplish the New Year Resolutions you Made For This Year

New Year Resolutions

I know you made some wonderful New Year resolutions and I bait majority are yet to accomplish 10-20% of it.

But it not late my dear! Am assuming you made a plan of making great changes to your wallet size than last year

Here is what you have to do starting today even though its August…

  1. Start attending events, programs, seminars, wedding and conferences just to meet people who might bring that change to your life. Attending programs and conferences have improved the quality of contacts in my phone which I will always need
  2. Maintain good and improve on the quality of the relationship with the contacts and friends you already have: The world switches life like NEPA, you probably don’t know when your own light will go off, then you suddenly need to use your friends source to charge. Hope you understand what I mean by this?
  3. Get a skill: skill and good brains will surely get people with money in their hands begging you on phone to do something for them.

Here is a short story I have about this:

Recently, A multinational start-ups website went down due to wrong htaccess file went bad on the site leading to the site server going off and eventually went down, as an e-commerce website, that is a very bad thing to happen for even a second, these guys came begging with money bigger than the salaries of many lecturers at their hand. I was never in any way away such offer was coming but it eventually came because I got the skill to fix it.

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Think well within the horoscope of your niche, get a unique skill, be multi-tasking, and creativity should be your watch word. Become and expert and don’t be distracted.

  1. Help! Help!! Help!!! And continue to Help people: The world is filed with many problems and you can take advantage of that by using it to help people at a free level which can suddenly lead to premium level. You naturally earned people’s loyalty and respect when you help them solve their problems. Everything is not always about the money; the help you render to someone today can be the course of your next success story.
  2. Make a move: I don have much to say here, but you know exactly what I mean by make a move. You cant be lazy and expect a miracle to happen. Even is your father is the richest man in this world, he still expects you to work hard and make his business better, else you will lose his favor to your other siblings.
  3. Determination and Discipline counts: Entrepreneurs are not lazy and if you happen to be one, you can never get away with it. Its only determination and discipline that will keep you going when you meet challenges in the quest of achieving your great New Year resolutions.
  4. Hold God with a Diamond hand: this point would actually have been the first thing to write here but the boss will always be at the back to wrap up everything before. When you hold and depend on God your actions to become reality, it eventually comes, he keeps you in the time of trouble, his grace tend to keep you going and I bet you will never get back to where you started from.

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This is article was meant to be a status on my FB page, but after writing it, I discovered it long, so I decided to publish it here on Entrepreneur Nigeria.

I wish you the very best, follow the steps above and thank me later. We shall all meet at the top. do forget, you must remain focused to become the point of focus.

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