How I Turned $100 Facebook Ads (N36K) Into $2770 (N969k) Worth of Order in 7 Days: 3 Facebook Ads Checklist

Facebook Ads Secrets Exposed: How I Turned $100 Facebook Ads (N36,000) Into $2770 (N969,5000) Worth of Order in 7 Days.

So, as usual, I logged into my Facebook account the other day and came across a post from Ufuoma Desmond where he talked about 3 Facebook Ad checklist you must not ignore in Nigeria after getting awesome conversion from his Facebook Ad campaign.

According to the post, Desmond spent just $100 (36,000) and got order worth $2770 (969,500 Naira) within 7 days, seeing this got my attention and I decided to reach out to him so I can share with Entrepreneur Nigeria community.

Facebook Ads Secrets Exposed

Luckily, he accepted my proposal, so below is the post

How Ufooma Desmond Turned $100 Facebook Ads (N36,000) Into $2770 (N969,500) Worth Of Orders In 7 Days: 3 Factor Checklist Almost Everyone Ignores You Shouldn’t

Note: this post is not about how to run Facebook ads or Facebook ads tutorial, so I’m believing you already know how to run Facebook Ad campaign before getting to this point, so continue reading below.

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In Desmond’s words, he wrote;

“Personally, I don’t like posting on Facebook anymore because Im too focused on my business, plus the fact everyone is showing their screenshot of their achievements to prove level Of “Guru-ism”

However, this is a little different, that is why I decided to share to.

best Facebook Ads in nigeria

Running Facebook Ads is very easy, really easy, only if you are ready to invest in knowledge and cash.

Targeting, Audience Insight Tricks, Videos, Using Fine Fine Chicks with “Front and Back” in Your Ads Are Good and Will Get Some Sales, But Will Not Work In A Long Time Without These 3 Factors Below;

It is lack of these 3 Factors that make a Profitable Facebook Ad go totally cold after a few months and you cry: ‘They are sending me fake clicks’

I have personally lost over N10million testing and tweaking to perfect Profitable Facebook ads (not a newbie, been on it since 2011). If you doubt me, just scroll through my profile to see say “I SABI SMALL”.

What am about to show you is something that has worked from time of inception, but we always ignore it, due to impatience, lack of proper research and of course “I wan hammer” syndrome

If you want to sell your products successfully using Facebook Ads, you have to pay attention to the following.

Facebook Adverting Checklist For Nigerians


  1. Facebookers Are Humans


Co-Creation Hub Diaspora Challenge

ccHub Diaspora Challenge

You should never forget that it is really humans going through daily struggles like you do are on Facebook. So when creating your ads, it must be written in a way the user can connect with.

For instance, write a personal story or a DEMONSTRATIVE EDUCATING CONTENT, about the product you want to sell, and advertise that content. Stop advertising your product directly, because Facebookers are now getting the hang of it and they would not buy.

Ask yourself, how many times have you jumped on a Facebook Ads to buy something immediately you see it?

  1. Always Create A Simple But Professionally Looking Sales Funnel.

 Facebook Ads that convert in ngeria

Even if you are selling Fufu on Facebook, my HUNKU and HANTY, create a sales funnel. With a sales funnel, you will be different from a whole bunch of sellers out there. Plus you get to build a custom audience for your niche

I must say this though, the type of sales funnels I see these days are like what Chickens scratch out. Lots of people don’t even sit down to build their webpages very well.

If you are one of these, please pay someone to do a good job for you. Just as you are more attracted to a good-looking person, your sales funnel should be good looking as well to attractive a potential customer.

As part of your funnel, your sales letter or sales content should be well arranged. Include pictures that resonates with your product.

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  1. Always Pay Attention To The Comments Under Your Ads

 Facebook Ads guide

If you have noticed just like I have, you would see that Nigerians like to comment “how much”, “im interested”, “how can I get it”


Please reply those people on the comment to contact you inbox instead of telling them the price directly.

The reason is that, people want to see the way you treat people. If you ignore them, they would simply conclude that you are not a serious person.

Also, if you just reply with your price, that is the end, you don’t get a chance to have that one on one personal conversation with them, in order to convince them

Yeah, it can be a pain in the butt, but the more you reply, the more viral effect your ads get.

Now, what I just shared is the factors I put into consideration, not what I did in detail to get my results
I might write in full details what I did in the nearest future though. Or I Can Help You Implement It So That You Wee Chop Your Competitors Money (though is NOT FREE OR THAT CHEAP EITHER)

But right now, I have to go take Golden Morn And Beans, I’m starving…

Hope This Helps And If It Did, You Can Share It So That Dem Go Dey Rush Us Too”.

Reach out to Ufuoma Desmond on Facebook to connect with him.



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