How To Advertise Your Business on Nairaland

Nairaland, a Nigerian community platform, has stood the test of time as one of the most popular websites in Nigeria. It ranks 7th on Alexa, beating popular blogs like LindaIkeji and Bellanaija as one of the most visited websites in Nigeria. The only websites ahead of it on the rating are top sites like Google and Facebook.

A lot of people have seen the potentials in Nairaland, and would want to advertise but do not have the resources to do so, even though ad rates are cheaper now than before. If you are a regular Nairaland user, you will notice that the site is not friendly to any type of promotional content and will issue a warning when you want to post one.


Welcome to Nairaland: Advertise Now!!!

Advertising on Nairaland could be rewarding, in fact, 8 out of 10 times, it is. You can pay to advertise on the platform or do so for free by following a legal retinue some of which I cover in this article.

  1. Promote Your Content.

Instead of directly putting up your product or service for sale, find out the knowledge gap existing in the mind of people and curate contents around that. Try to make your post informative and educative, and people will definitely want to find out more.

Rather than make it appear like you want to sell, go all out to teach, educate, inform and entertain the forum users. This will keep them hooked to you and begin to develop interest in your market. So, when you want to sell, they will be willing and ready to make a purchase from you.

Many people will contact you to know more, and that could be a huge boost for your business even though you do not make it to Nairaland’s front page.

  1. Take Advantage Of The Adverts Section.

Nairaland’s owner, Seun, set aside a portion of the Nairaland website for people to advertise their products absolutely free.

Since Nairaland is a very high-ranking website, any advert you post on it, would appear in the top of search engines. Whenever a search is made such a product or service your adverts could display among the search results.

Also, your advert on Nairaland may even be better than the one on your site. This, however, depends on how your web content is optimized.

  1. Leave Your Signature.

Your signature is another way you can attract potential clients to your business. If you usually post and comment on a lot of terrific articles in Nairaland, people naturally would want to know who is behind such posts and check out your profile.

Some users might even go a step further to message you privately or click the link in your signature, which should, of course, contain or direct the visitor(s) to your personal contact information, like your WhatsApp number.

Please, this is not for those who make negative or dumb posts as they run the risk of tarnishing their and their business’ name. A lot of people would also keep you in mind when they want to order a product or search for a service.

  1. Drop a Blog Post Link.

Post engaging and informative articles in Nairaland. Then, drop a link to your blog post under the article. If it is a post that is generating a lot of traffic, the moderators or Seun himself could bring it to the front page of that category. Try to be as original as possible with your posts. The moderators will only pick those contents that bring in much traffic, even if they are similar.

  1. Offer A Solution to a Problem.

Many people go to Nairaland to ask how a particular problem that they are facing can be solved. Someone might ask “What can I do to remove pimples?” As a beautician, that is a good opportunity for you to post a solution to this problem and go a step further to recommend your products or services under that post. Subsequent users who search that same question on Nairaland will see your product and might be interested.

Always make sure you show samples of your work, and a method a potential customer can use to contact you. Be careful not to place your business under every post, as people will classify you as a spammer and would not want to associate with you or your business.

  1. Offer Good Customer Service.

Good business people know that it is far-cheaper to keep a customer than to start sourcing for a new one. Answering customers’ questions and inquiries will always guarantee that your customers are satisfied with your business, and they would want to keep patronizing you.

Nairaland is a bubbling community, and any user that throws out a question, no matter how technical, is anticipating answers. Answering user’s questions on Nairaland is a way to provide customer support. By offering good customer support, you put your business in a good light in front of thousands of people.

  1. Place a Targeted Banner Ad.

So far I have discussed mainly free ways to advertise on Nairaland. If you want to see quicker results in your business, placing a targeted banner is highly recommended. It is a great way to advertise your business to a targeted audience, especially if you are new on the forum or have less time to build a name on the forum for free kick-backs.

Paid advertisement on Nairaland is arguably the best way to reach your target audience as it is guaranteed to produce leads for your business. Besides advertising on Nairaland would provide you and your business more reach at a lower cost compared to advertising on some social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Although rates vary from section to section, a thousand Naira can get you a good ad in some sections.



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