9 Ways to Protect Your Debit Card Against Scam In Nigeria

9 Ways to Protect Your Debit Card Against Scam In Nigeria

Scammers are everywhere. You can play directly into their hands if you are not careful. So what would you do? Would you rather protect your debit card against scam or are you going to make someone rich on your behalf.

When you use your cards carelessly, you make yourself prone to hackers and scammers. Nigeria is a very strong country. You are expected to be smart to be able to survive here.

The thing is that you can afford to be stupid and careless with your credit cards since you can flag suspicious charges on your bill and decline the charges before making your final payment.

With debit cards however, it becomes an entirely different ball game. You have to guard them jealously. They have the capacity to take money directly from your accounts. That is why they are the major targets.

Protect your debit card against scam who will use skimming, phishing and other forms of fraud by paying attention to the following tips.

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Tips on how to protect Your debit card against scam in Nigeria

  1. Regularly update your details

If you are to really protect your debit card against scam, you have to regularly update your contact information (i.e. mobile number, e-mail, address, etc.) that you gave to the bank. The essence of doing this is to make it faster for the bank to notify you of any suspicious transactions.

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2. Watch your online transactions

Another place you have to be concerned about is your online transactions. Be smart with it. When shopping, Shop with credible merchants and look for secure transaction symbols like the “lock” icon on your browser. Please, avoid using public hotspots for online payments. It could be very risky.

3. Regularly check your account balance and transaction history

Another important tip you should know if you want to protect your debit card against scam is to regularly check your account balance and transaction history. In the event that you notice anything suspicious, immediately report it to the bank.

4. Know the hotline

There is always a hotline at the back of your debit card. Get it out now. Check it and know it. You are to call the emergency hotline should you lose your card.

5. Inform your bank if you want to travel

If you’re planning to travel and you intend to use your card abroad, let the bank know your travel dates and destination. It will prove useful in the long run.

6. Check the ATM well before use

This might sound funny, in fact, it is funny but it is possible. You have to watch out for anything suspicious on the ATM. Ensure there are no foreign objects attached to the card reader. Also check the pin pad to see if there are any hidden cameras or false key pads. If anything looks crooked, loose, or damaged, it might have been tampered and you might consider using another machine.

7. Be Vigilant

You should also be vigilant of your surroundings when approaching and using an ATM. Make it a habit to enter the pin without people seeing what you are entering.

8. Don’t share your pin

Never share your ATM PIN with anyone you don’t trust. It is very important you maintain absolute secrecy with your PIN.

9. Destroy old cards

To protect your debit card against scam, you should destroy your old card when you receive a new one. You are to destroy it by making sure you cut across the magnetic strip and destroy the chip.

Whatever happens to your debit card might be down to your undue carelessness. You can change all of that. You have to be conscious of how you use the card. You can also start working with banks that place emphasis on security. Follow the above tips if you really want to protect your debit card against scam in Nigeria.