5 Decisions You Must Make To Be A Million-Dollar Entrepreneur In Nigeria

5 Decisions You Must Make To Be A Million-Dollar Entrepreneur

Since the age of reality television shows and social media, there has been an opening into the world of entrepreneurship and thereby allowing an average person to see a world that hasn’t always been accessible.To be a million-dollar entrepreneur, there are certain decisions you must have to make in the course of your business.

You must know that the image of entrepreneurship that we often see isn’t a full representation of the picture.

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Many people only see the luxury and fame of successful entrepreneurs without taking into account the amount of work it takes to get to that level.

To be a successful entrepreneur doesn’t happen overnight.

It is not enough to just want to be an entrepreneur; you must decide to be the best that is possible. To be a million-dollar entrepreneur, we have to consider five entrepreneurial attributes that will open your eyes to the needed things to do.

Be A Million-dollar Entrepreneur With These Decisions

million-dollar entrepreneur

  1. Be comfortable with money

In your quest to be a million-dollar entrepreneur, you must, as a matter of importance be comfortable with money.

This means that asking for it, talking about it and at times not having any shouldn’t be a big problem with you.

You must know that as an entrepreneur, you are responsible for a business that is generating revenue and profits.

In order to be successful, you must get paid for the products and services that you provide.

There must be a point in time that you ask for overdue payment, spend more to create growth and also justify your worth.

If you are not comfortable with the above statements, then don’t waste your time trying to be a successful entrepreneur.

  1. Never be shy

You must know that as an entrepreneur, shameless self-promotion is part of the business.

You must have to market yourself personally and professionally.iof you don’t like talking about your business, assets, wisdom, knowledge and your value, there is no one to do that for you.

The best entrepreneurs are always very good storytellers.

They always speak of their personal struggles, the origin of their business and the problems it solved.

To be a million-dollar entrepreneur, you must remove shyness from your dictionary. You must have to be willing to take your story and capitalize on it.

  1. Light your own fire

    million-dollar entrepreneur

Being a successful entrepreneur requires that you light your own fire always.

When making the transition to working for yourself, it’s always too easy to take advantage of the freedom it allows.

You must be accountable for every minute of your day, especially when it comes to initiating the tasks it takes to make you a successful entrepreneur.

There is no one that is going to do the work for you except yourself. If you waste your time, your business will wither and die, no two ways about that.

To be a million-dollar entrepreneur, you must have to always light your own fire.

  1. Say goodbye to 9-5.

To be a million-dollar entrepreneur, you must say goodbye to 9-5 work hours, but be ready to embrace 10-12 hours per day at the workplace.

As an entrepreneur that is ready to be successful, you should be willing to work 60-80 hours per week. It involves getting up before everybody else and staying late into the night after everyone else.

If working for a less number of hours is one of your reasons for being an entrepreneur, you might need to rethink that motivation.

  1. Make them want to know more

You must be able to quantify the value you are able to provide as an individual and as a business as well.

This is known as sales and marketing 101. There are so many people who that have started a business because they have been inspired by the challenges they have met in the corporate world and have also identified a better way to tackle such challenges.

These kinds of people know the industry, have the experience and are very eager to bring their ideas to the market.

You must be able to explain why your product and/or services are better, faster, simpler, more efficient and cheaper than the ways everybody else is doing it.

You must leave them wanting to know more, it’s a sign of great pitch. As an entrepreneur, you must bring a great value to the world at large.

To be a million-dollar entrepreneur, you must embrace change and strive for constant improvement of your product and services.

Entrepreneurship can be very taking and full of struggle, but it is also very rewarding.

There may be things in this article that makes you uncomfortable, that is a sign that you need to adjust the ways you have been thinking and acting when it concerns entrepreneurship and what it stands for.

Life is all about learning and unlearning to being better and greater individuals.

When you follow these five simple but very important points, you are not far away from being a million-dollar entrepreneur.