5 Habits Of People With Remarkable Willpower In Business In Nigeria

5 Habits Of People With Remarkable Willpower In Business In Nigeria

The importance of willpower in businesses cannot be overemphasized. You have factor it in when you see success. Remarkable willpower in business is as important as the business itself.

You see, life will toss you around and frustrate you. You would want to give up. Everybody does get to that point where everything s against them and they will want to quit. A good number of people actually quit.

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This is the point you need remarkable willpower in business. Fortunately, willpower is not an inborn trait and it is not genetically transferred.

Don’t get it wrong. Some people are more disciplined than others. Some resist temptation better than you. That is normal. You do it better than others.

It is not because they are born with something very special. The only thing they did is that they found a way to store their willpower and use it when it is really important.

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You can have remarkable willpower in business not because God or providence gave you more; it is because you have found a way to use what you have.

Habits Of People With Remarkable Willpower In Business In Nigeria

remarkable willpower in business

  1. Eliminate as many choices as possible

People with remarkable willpower in business try as much as possible to make few choices. They eliminate all other unreasonable choices.

We can exercise self-control thanks to our finite store of mental energy. The more choices we make during the day, the more stress we give our brain and it automatically sets a sequence of looking for shortcuts.

This also makes us get impulsive and by extension, reckless. We do things we are not supposed to do and it is as if we can’t help ourselves.

Too many decisions sap up our mental energy and prevent us from making smart decisions. The lesser the choices, the smarter the decision you make. People with remarkable willpower in business know that and it helps them succeed in their businesses.

Choices are the enemy of willpower. So are ease and convenience. Think of decisions that require willpower, and then take willpower totally out of the equation.

2. Make choices tonight that set up tomorrow. 

People that have remarkable willpower in business sometimes or most times make decisions that can drain them of willpower in the night against the next morning.

It is much easier to make smart choices when you don’t have a decision in front of you. Those decisions that will drain you of your willpower should be made before you sleep.

Take as many decisions off the board at night as you can; this will automatically allow you to conserve your mental energy for the decisions that really matter tomorrow. And while you’re at it, decide what you will do first when you get to work. Then commit to…

3. Do the hardest thing you need to do first

The people with remarkable willpower in business do the hardest thing they need to do first. The reason for that is that you have the greatest amount of mental energy early in the morning. It is scientific.

So what you need to do is to make those choices that sap your energy early in the morning. Your energy level is very high in the morning because your energy and mental level are still very high.

4.Refuel frequently

Again, the people with remarkable willpower in business frequently refuel. At intervals, when you are exhausted, you need to increase your energy level by refreshing yourself.

You can refresh at midday, in the afternoon and in the evening. You will be amazed at the results. It increases your resolve and willpower and allows you to make smart decisions.

Eat healthful meals. Eat healthful snacks. Not only will you feel better, you’ll make better decisions–and will be able to exercise more willpower in making those decisions.

5. Create reminders of long-term goals

People with remarkable willpower in business create reminders for long-term goals. You want to better engage with your employees, but when you’re mentally tired, it’s easy to rationalize that you really need to work on that proposal instead.

Mental fatigue makes you take the easy way out–even though the easy way takes you the wrong way.

So create tangible reminders that pull you back from the impulse brink. A friend has a copy of his banknote taped to his computer monitor as a constant reminder of an obligation he must meet. Another keeps a photo of himself when he weighed 50 pounds more on his refrigerator as a constant reminder of the person he never wants to be again. Another fills his desk with family photos, both because he loves looking at them and to remind himself of the people he is ultimately working for.

Think of moments when you are most likely to give in to impulses that take you farther away from your long-term goals. Then use tangible reminders of those long-term goals to interrupt the impulse and keep you on track.

Or better yet, rework your environment so you eliminate your ability to be impulsive–then you don’t have to exercise any willpower at all.