How To Start Cattle Rearing In Nigeria: A Profitable Agribusiness

How To Start Cattle Rearing In Nigeria: A Profitable Agribusiness 

Cattle Rearing

Cattle rearing is one many lucrative livestock farming business in Nigeria. This article will provide you with a detailed step-by-step guide on how you can start cattle rearing business in Nigeria.  If you have the money to invest in this cattle farming business in Nigeria, and can manage the animals very well; you can create wealth from this business of cattle rearing.

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Cattle rearing are the biggest source of meat and milk in Nigeria at the moment. You can tap into this mouth watering opportunity by investing in cattle farming in Nigeria. This article provides you with all the cattle rearing information you need to start and succeed in your cattle farming business in Nigeria.

Why Cattle Rearing Business In Nigeria?

If you are looking for reasons to invest in cattle rearing business in Nigeria, then I guess you don’t really know where to look. I said so because the benefits of cattle farming are simply too much to ignore. The reasons why you should consider venturing into cattle rearing business include;

  • General acceptability of cows in Nigeria

In Nigeria today, cow meat, milk, and so all are general accepted throughout the length and breadth of this country.  This has made cow rearing very lucrative and highly profitable. You can rear your cow without the problem of who to sell to n Nigeria. Cow meat is not against any religion or culture in Nigeria, thus making it a generally accepted commodity.

  • Large market for products from cattle rearing business

Another major reason you should consider starting a cattle rearing business in Nigeria is that side from the beef and milk, there are other products to get from a cow. Some of the cow organs are for the production of drugs, the hoof of cows are one of the main raw materials for the manufacturing of fire extinguisher, the cow dung can also be used in the form of manure for crop farming in Nigeria. The skin and hides of cow are also used for the production of leather in Nigeria.  Cow bones are also used for the manufacture of China wares.

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Seeing these many products, you will agree with me that there \are lots of money in cattle rearing business in Nigeria.

  • Nigerian weather condition

This is another reason that favors cattle rearing business. The Nigerian environment suites the farming of cattle. The vast green vegetation, especially in the southern part of Nigeria makes the feeding of cattle very easy and cheap.

How To Start Cattle Rearing Business In Nigeria

Starting cattle farming in Nigeria can be financially demanding, but it will really worth it when you start reaping the dividends of your investment. If you are a beginner, below is how you can start your cattle rearing business in Nigeria:

  1. Cattle rearing business plan

Before venturing into cattle farming business, you must have a detailed business plan to guide you along the course of the business. The business plan helps you to really plan your business in a way that it will be successful at the end. In your cattle farming business plan, you will have the following;

  • Your feasibility study on cattle farming in Nigeria.
  • The price of cow in Nigeria.
  • Commercial and mall scale farming in Nigeria.
  • Cattle fattening techniques.
  • The importance of cattle rearing in Nigeria.
  • Your marketing strategy.
  • SWOT analysis
  • Market survey, etc.
  1. Startup capital

After you have written your business plan, you will move to source capital to start your cattle farming business. You should have it at the back of your mind that cattle rearing are a very capital intensive business. So, you need assistance from friends, family, and if need be from commercial banks.

  1. Good farm location

Once the capital to start your livestock farming business is ready, the next thing is to get a very good cattle farming location to keep your farm animals. You are advised to go for a quiet environment with large expanse of land to allow for the free movement of your cattle in the farm.

  1. Buy cattle to start your farm

It is always better to start your cattle rearing business on a small scale and then expand into commercial cattle farming business. You should buy lower number of bulls (male cattle) and higher number cows (female cattle). Allow them to reproduce first, before you start slaughtering or selling them for money.

Be careful not to buy sick or cattle that have low productivity rate as they will greatly reduce your profit margin and returns on investment.

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  1. Feeding your cattle

Cattle Rearing

Cattle are mainly herbivores, meaning they only eat grasses. You have to acquire a large area of land with green grasses and fence it with barbed wire to prevent your cattle from moving outside your land. Aside from grasses, cattle also eat legumes, green leaves, and roughages.

Good source of clean water is also needed by the cattle. You must always make sure that there is clean water available to the cattle at all times.

It is also needful that you give your cattle mineral concentrates all year round.

  1. The type of cattle to buy for your farm

The type of cattle you will buy depends on the type of cattle production that you are venturing into.  Before you start cattle rearing in Nigeria, you should know the different types of cattle production.

It is after you have decided on the type of cattle farming you are going into that you can buy the breed of cattle that best suits that purpose.

  1. The different types of cattle production

Cattle rearing are divided into three main categories which include: Dairy, beef, and dual purpose, and cattle farming in Nigeria are also included.

  • Cattle rearing for beef production

This is the category of cattle that are reared to be slaughtered for meat production. You feed them until they are mature for slaughter. You can slaughter them by yourself or you can sell to artisans that are into the business.

  • Cattle rearing for dairy production

This is the category of cattle farming where you raise cows specifically for milk production and also the production of other milk products like ice cream, cheese, butter.

  • Dual-purpose cattle farming business

In this type of cattle rearing business, you breed cattle for both meat and milk production. It is always good that you venture into this dual-purpose cattle farming because it is more profitable, though with high startup cost.

  1. Marketing strategy

Whether you are into beef production, milk farming, or dual-purpose, you need to have a good marketing strategy to sell your farm products. Same as in buying your cattle, selling them requires middle men like the Fulani herders. They will help you display your cattle as well as theirs or a little commission.

  1. Disease management

Just like every other livestock, cattle also suffer from diseases. You should have a qualified veterinary doctor to always check your cattle every two or three weeks to identify the ones with diseases. Once the cattle have been diagnosed with a disease, that particular cattle should be quarantined and treated to prevent the infection of other farm animals.


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