How To Start Flower Farming Business In Nigeria: Your Guide

How To Start Flower Farming Business In Nigeria: Your Guide

Flower farming

Flower farming business in Nigeria is a very good and cool way you can make lots of money. The only thing you require is to be patient and very passionate about flower farming business. In the developed countries of Europe, America, and Asia, flower farming business generates billions of dollars annually.  Although this business is gradually gaining ground in Nigeria, there is no better time to invest in it than now.

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If you are very observant, you will definitely notice that most houses in Nigeria are currently been decorated with flowers. This tells you that the profitability of flower farming business in Nigeria is very great. In as much as horticulture business is very profitable and lucrative, you need to be dedicated and very careful while handling the flowers. For you to start flower gardening business in Nigeria, there are certain things you need to put in place.

It will be very disastrous for you to venture into flower farming business in Nigeria without proper guidance and knowledge. This article provides you with the needed guidance and information on starting and succeeding in horticulture farming business. Knowledge is power in everything you do in life including starting flower farming business in Nigeria. So, you have got to make sure you get this knowledge before venturing into flower gardening business in Nigeria.

Why You Need To Invest In Flower Farming Business In Nigeria

Well, for starters flowers are used for decoration in homes, offices, as gifts to people, etc. It is also used for birthday and wedding celebrations all around Nigeria. This tells you that there is a very large market for flower farming business in Nigeria. Another good reason why you should consider investing in flower farming business is that it requires a little amount of capital. Here are some reasons why you need to consider starting a flower farming business:

  • The market is very much untapped

Not many farmers in Nigeria know about this flower farming business. Many people in Nigeria don’t know the great deal of wealth that lies in flower farming business in Nigeria. This is a business that not many people know about the huge profit potential that is inherent in it.

  • Flowers have many uses

For the fact that there are lots of ways you can make use of flower means that the profitability is enormous. There is virtually no celebration in Nigeria that you don’t see flower decorations. In fact, there is no telling on the limit of using flowers in our everyday life. For the fact that there are lots of ways to use flowers further reiterate the huge profit potential of flower farming business.

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  • There are many options for you

When you consider the names of common flowers in Nigeria, you will know that there are lots of options for you in this business. In fact, names and pictures of flowers in Nigeria are simply numerous and uncountable. You can decide to venture into hibiscus, rose, floss flower, or lily flower farming business. There is room for you to either select one or more of these flowers for your flower farming business.

Requirements For Starting Your Flower Farming Business In Nigeria

Like I stated earlier, there are lots of things you need to put in place in order to have a successful flower farming business. These requirements are explained below:

  1. Have a very good flower farming business plan

The importance of having a well-detailed business plan for your business cannot be overemphasized. Therefore, it is very important and imperative that you draw up a good flower farming business plan before you start the business. Your business plan will help you decide how to run your flower gardening business. Having a business plan will definitely improve your chances of acquiring a loan should you decide to expand your business further.

  1. Select land that is in a good location

In flower farming business, it is advisable that you locate your flower garden in an area that flower is well appreciated. It will be counterproductive to site your flower farm in local areas that people rarely make use of flowers. You have to accept the fact that lots of Nigerians still see the flower as a nuisance, hence they have nothing to do with it.

Before selecting your flower farmland, make sure you have carried out your market survey in order to locate potential customers.

  1. Have good training

In order to be successful in flower gardening business in Nigeria, you are advised to get proper training. This article doesn’t have it all, you need to acquire hands-on training on how to care and handle flowers. No matter the level of information you have gathered regarding flower farming business in Nigeria, there is a need for practical experience.

  1. Make sure you get viable flowers

This is also very important when starting your flower gardening business in Nigeria. Make sure you have identified the species that are desired in your location. You don’t just start planting any flower that you see, know your customers’ needs and desires. While purchasing the flowers, it is necessary that you go for viable ones that can grow easily on the farm.

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You can get the services of a qualified and certified horticulturist to help you at this stage. The horticulturist will also guide you on the best practices to employ when planting your flowers. Every species or varieties of flower require a different means and ways of propagation. Never make the mistake of thinking that you can do this without proper guidance. If you do that, you risk crashing your flower farming business before you even make any profit from it.

This flower garden business is more profitable and lucrative when you are diversified. There is a need for you to have different varieties of flowers to offer to your customers. It will be an added advantage for you if you make your flower farming business unique and different from what is available in the market.

  1. Marketing your flowers in Nigeria

If you carried out a quality market survey during the time you were writing your flower farming business plan, marketing your flowers will be much easier. You need to constantly be in contact with people who are into the business of decorating houses and occasions. These are the bulk of your customers in this flower farming business in Nigeria. You should also be on the lookout for new buildings and governments establishments so as to submit your proposal.

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