How To Start Earning In Millions From Walnut Farming In Nigeria

How To Start Earning In Millions From Walnut Farming In Nigeria

Walnut farming

Walnut farming business is another agribusiness investment that is turning simple farmers into millionaires, hence the need for your involvement. In fact, I know that it is no longer news to you that agriculture is currently the real deal. To be honest with you, there are endless potentials in agriculture; therefore you really need to get involved fast. If you fail to do so, you definitely will be left behind in this millionaire movement in Nigeria.

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Walnut farming is one wonderful opportunity for you to start your journey in the world of agriculture. The focus of this article is to provide you with the necessary information regarding walnut farming business in Nigeria. Here, you will learn how to start and commercialize your walnut farming business in Nigeria.

Walnuts are sweet edible seeds enclosed in a hard husk that grow on walnut trees. You must have a lot of patience in order to enjoy the dividends of walnut farming business in Nigeria. This is because; you will have to wait for 6-7 years before harvesting your walnut.

The Profitability Of Walnut Farming Business

There has been an exponential increase in walnut farming globally. Top walnut producing countries include China, Iran, USA, Mexico, Turkey, Chile, France, India, Romania, etc. This only tells you that there is huge money to be made in the walnut farming business in Nigeria. You just have to give this business a try, and certainly, your financial life will be on the rise.

In the walnut farming business, there is an opportunity for you to earn from two fronts. Aside from the walnut fruits, you can also make lots of money from the timber of walnut trees. You must not forget that walnut farming business is a long term investment. So, don’t venture into it and expect to start earning within a year or two. Once your walnut tree starts bearing fruits, it will continue all year round.

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It will interest you to know that one acre of walnut plantation can yield up to 6000 pounds of nuts. This is simply amazing, isn’t it? In the international market, a single mature walnut tree can sell as high as $25, 000 USD. To really paint this picture for you, an acre contains up to 100 walnut trees. You can do the math yourself to know the amount of money a single acre of walnut trees can generate.

This only goes to reinforce the fact that the profit potential walnut farming is simply too huge. You need adequate funding in order to comfortably start and care for your walnut farm, especially at the early stage.

Guidelines To Starting Your Walnut Farming Business In Nigeria

To really excel in walnut farming business, you have to follow certain guidelines. These guidelines have been listed here for you, they include:

  • Get a well-detailed walnut farming business plan

Since we are focusing on commercial walnut farming, a business plan is not an option but a necessity. The business plan will be your blueprint on how to run your walnut farming business successfully. Since adequate funding is required for walnut farming business, you will need a business in order to source for loans.

There is no right-thinking agribusiness investor that will consider your business if you don’t present a business plan. You can now see the reason why your walnut farming business plan is not an option but a necessity.

  • Site selection, preparation, and planting

While selecting the site to start your walnut plantation business, avoid steep slopes, rocky soil, and soil that has a high amount of clay. The ideal soil to start your walnut production business is loam soil with good draining capacity. After you have chosen your farmland, the next step is to prepare it for planting.

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While planting your walnuts, you need to bear in mind that the minimum land size requirement should be an acre. This is because commercial walnut farming requires that you have enough space. Although, there is no particular land size for a walnut plantation it should contain enough trees. The recommended tree spacing is 12 by 12 grid spacing. This gives the walnut trees adequate exposure to sunlight and nutrients.

  • Post-planting practices for walnut farming business

After planting, you should weed the farm and mulch immediately the plant starts to sprout. Once the walnut tree has grown past the sapling size, you should apply fertilizer. During the dry season, it is recommended that you water the plant for 2-3 years and then you stop. It has been discovered that regular watering of walnut trees adversely affects them.

You must devise ways to control rodents, especially squirrels as it can render an entire plantation empty.  You should note that walnut husks can stain and irritate your clothes and skin respectively. Whenever, you handle them, be sure to wear your gloves for protection.


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