FCMB Transfer Code: How To Setup And Use For Different Transactions

FCMB Transfer Code: How To Setup And Use For Different Transactions

Nigerian banks have rebranded and most have introduced efficient services to ease banking operations over the years. The latest in this has been the introduction of banking mobile apps, mWallet, mobile code and eWallet respectively. Also, we have seen several bank-mobile service provider collaborations in recent times.

FCMB Transfer Code

First City Monument Bank, recently joined her counterparts in the Nigerian banking industry to provide her esteemed customers with a simple banking solution, that is, the introduction of a mobile banking USSD.

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The FCMB transfer code is *389*214#.

With this mobile code, First City Monument Bank customers can conveniently perform banking operations on their own, remotely, without paying visits to the bank’s branch or using an ATM machine.

If you bank with First City Monument Bank, you can with thus mobile banking USSD, make instant money transfers from your account to either another FCMB customer’s account or to any other banks account from your mobile phone or tablet at your convenience, anytime, anywhere.

This FCMB transfer code works with any phone so long as it has a SIM card and is in good working condition.

However, the code will work with your phone number as profiled to your FCMB bank account, which is the mobile phone number through which you receive your transaction alerts from FCMB.

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What You Can Do With The Code

you can do several things with the FCMB transfer code such as airtime top-up both for your phone line and that of third parties. With this code too, you can easily transfer funds to both FCMB account holders and others in other banks. Also, you can view your account balance and make bill payments using this code.

How to Register For FCMB Mobile Transaction Code

To enroll your bank account on this FCMB Mobile Transaction Code, all you need to do dial *389*214# on your mobile number with which your bank account is activated. The three options listed below will be given to you upon dialing the code:

  1. Activate with card
  2. Activate with Account
  3. Activate with Mwallet

Choose option 2 by typing 2 and send. Then, follow the steps;

Type in your account number.

  1. First, contact customer service 01-2798800 for them to generate a default PIN for you.
  2. Alternatively, visit any FCMB branch nearest to you to generate your PIN.
  3. After generating the default PIN, dial *389*214# on the phone and choose Security,
  4. after the prompt, choose Change PIN option to enter your default PIN and then follow the prompt to change your PIN to your desired PIN which will then become your transaction key or passcode to confirm any transaction.

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The Use Of The Card

Now that you have successfully changed your PIN, begin to use the code for your transactions from anywhere at anytime.

To do so, kindly dial *389*214# on your mobile phone to directly access the FCMB Mobile service. Afterwards, follow the prompt.

The transaction you want to perform, not withstanding, all that is required of you is to follow the prompt which corresponds to your intention and then confirm the transaction using your PIN.

There is, perhaps, no better way to enjoy a convenient, secured and fast banking service other than this. Activate your FCMB code transfer today. You will be glad you did.