GTBank Utility Card: How To Get GTBank Utility Card And Use For Transactions

GTBank Utility Card: How To Get GTBank Utility Card And Use For Transactions

The GTbank Utility Card serves as a multi-purpose card which can be used for Web based transactions and transactions at the ATM, POS etc. The GTbank utility card has been designed to perform secure transactions at user’s convenience and flexibility. Customers, can with this card, easily purchase goods and services within and outside the country.

The GTbank utility card can be issued instantly with dissimilar features from that of a Naira MasterCard. For example, if you request for it today, you can get it almost immediately, as against that of the MastersCard where you have to wait for a number of workdays.

GTBank Utility Card

Additionally, before you can use the utility card, you have to load it prior to any transactions. This is because the card is not linked to any account. Customers who own this card may then request for a virtual Prepaid card. With this, they can make linkages to the Utility card account.

Because the card is a prepaid card, there is provision for safety of funds since none of your accounts are linked to it. Moreover, you can also limit your transactions levels due to the flexibility of loading it when you need it. This can help you to easily distinguish each of your transactions.

How To Get The GTBank Utility Card

Please kindly follow the steps below to get the GTBank Utility Card.

  1. Visit the neares GTBank branch in your area.
  2. Go to customer service desk and ask t for the Utility card
  3. They will give you a given to fill. Simply provide your correct information.
  4. Hand the form over to them and visit the bank on a stipulated date to get your GTBank Utility Card. In some cases, you would be telephone to come and get your card, once it is ready.

Uses of GTbank Utility Card

This GTbank Utility Card is a multi-purpose payment card which can perform an array of payment functionalities across several platforms such as :

  1. You can use it to pay for Utility bills like PHCN, Cable TV etc.
  2. You can use it for ATM withdrawals
  3. You can use it to Pay for goods at shops and supermarkets.
  4. You can use it to buy Fuel at Filling stations
  5. You can use it at POS terminals in Nigeria and overseas
  6. You can use it to buy Airline tickets
  7. You can use it for Domestic and international Online purchases
  8. You may request for the virtual prepaid Utility card for your online purchases.

Features of GTBank Utility Card

  1. Provided 24/7 access to your funds both at home and overseas, across all ATMs.
  2. It secures your funds and transactions with the use of chip and PIN.
  3. It has a 2 years validity
  4. usable on POS terminals to buy good and services
  5. you can use it for internet banking. All you have to do is to request for this non-personalized card and you’ll be granted instantly or virtual card
  6. you are limited to a daily withdrawal limit of N100,000
  7. you are limited to a daily transaction limit of N60,000 at ATM machine, and N250,000 for POS.
  8. can be used for internet as well as domestic transactions.
  9. Instant notification via SMS and email alert enabled.
  10. card can be loaded at at bank branches and via internet banking.