How I Became A Millionaire Even As The Laziest Person On Earth

I’m The Laziest Person On Earth, Yet I Became A Millionaire With It, Here is How

The concept of being lazy has always come along with so many negative attributes that nobody even a lazy person wants to associate with. In the world of entrepreneurship and business, your chances of becoming rich are very minimal. If you’re lazy as a student, you know you have lots of subjects to fail in class. In fact talking about the effects of being lazy on one’s life will take too long and so many words to break down but I will keep it simple.

Look at someone like Jack Ma, the CEO of ALibaba (One of the biggest Online Market), you recall his story? How he failed from school to jobs, in fact it got to a point where everyone saw him as failure because he wasn’t good at anything. You can read up the story of Jack Ma failure here.

Do watch the video below too


Also, recall the story and failures of Colonel Harland Sanders, The founder of KFC, you can you can now relate where I’m driving at. nothing is too late to achieve. the video below is the brief biography of Colonel


Are you a lazy person? Do you like yourself that way? I know your answer is definitely no. don’t worry, I’m show you something very interesting in this article that will spark up the billionaire in you that you don’t know.

Come today, come tomorrow, I have and will always remain the laziest person in my family, both paternal and maternal, why? Because I don’t like doing anything that will stress my life. Yes, I’m very lazy for the fact that i can lie on bed from morning till night rotating myself from one end to another pressing phone, doing Facebook, Instagram Twitter and Snapchat.

When I was much younger, when social media was new, I played games and watched movies all day.

Each time a pay a visit to my Uncle’s house, I will also be so much attached to my phones (yes, phone, I have to buy two in case one get low on battery) doing 2go, Nimbuzz (the earlier social media platforms) playing games and watching movies.

My Lazy story is quite long and there is no need writing the whole boring lines for you here but just know that right now, I love my phones with internet connection and as such I can press my phones from morning till night without doing any other thing else.

Guess what? i wrote this article lying on bed while the inspiration flowed from a tune of a good music.

Even when I have this bad character of Laziness, I still see myself as someone who worked and still working hard more than my family members, but they will never believe. Although I’m still far away from my lazy dreams, I’m still a happy millionaire with it. lol

I have done so many businesses that failed, I have launched few brands that no longer exist and I’ve learnt my lessons from them irrespective of the fact that I’m lazy.

Now, you being lazy does not mean you cannot do anything, the problem you currently have is that you don’t want to take advantage of it.

I will say, ‘make your weakness your strength’ that is the concept I use.

So let’s turn this table over to you now with this question of

What makes you lazy? And what is that particular thing you do every time while you do nothing?

That’s the beast in you!

That’s the billionaire attribute in you!

Most times, it looks wired and most people engage in things like pressing their phones just like me, some watch movies, play music, while others read books and research.

NOTE: If sleeping is all you do all day while you do nothing, then you have serious issues already and must adopt another character like eating and gisting all day.

So the question now becomes ‘How do I become rich even when as a lazy person?

In answering that question, I will give you the exact steps which I adopted that you must follow.

  1. Develop passion from what you’re addicted to

The very first step in becoming rich even as a lazy person is to identify the things that you do loving. You can list out the top 5 things that you happily engage with all day. For example, mine is

  • Browsing and streaming files on the internet with my phone
  • Doing Facebook, Instagram, Chatting, etc.
  • Visiting close friends and gisting
  • Playing and partying all day
  • Watching movies (which I barely do these days)

So make your own list according to the ones that take your time more, then move to step 2.

  1. Start planning how to make money with it

From my list above, the various ways to make money doing the first and second habit is by getting into an online business like Blogging, digital marketing, freelancing, social media management, E-commerce. But if you fall towards the movie type, you can start thinking of Opening a modern movie Centre, standard barbing salon, game center and other businesses that you can do while you watch movies and play games.

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  1. Develop a strategy to start with

In this step, you might need the skill to get started in some of those businesses. So I’m assuming you want to go online (which support guys that offline people see as lazy).

Take a proper look and see if the trend your hubby takes you too will require you learning any skill, if it is, then learns it. The happy thing is that you will keep doing what keeps you going while you learn the skill in it.

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If it’s not online related, then learn the skill or raise the capital that will get you started into building your own business empire.

  1. Keep doing that thing in the way people can pay for it

Here, it’s believed you have established yourself on that which you love doing and have it running and making you money whiles you lazy about.

All you need at this level is consistency and good business management. I have written a good article about why you need to do business like a prostitute. You really need to read it.

  1. Innovate and Scale Up

Because you are doing what you love doing, you might tend to become too relaxed with the knowledge you have about the business. No!

You must treat it as business as well as follow the market trends on the changes in the industry you fall in.

You must learn the new things in the game, you must have a strong plan on expanding your tentacles, that way; you will go from being rich to becoming wealthy.

I belief I just made sense, do bookmark this page and share. Let’s know what you think in the comment section.