How to Build Wealth From Nothing This Year

How to build wealth

“You don’t have to be great to get started but you have to get started to be great” Everybody wants to make money and live a good life. If you are on a quest to making money and it’s not turning out the way you want it, then there must be something wrong and must be fixed. Over the last five years, I’ve spent my life trying to be the first to beat the drums of wealth that my mates are yet to beat, but something went wrong and it never worked so fast, just the way I wanted it. It took me some time to take a break, review and fix the problem.

The reason why only 1-5% out of a hundred people makes it more than others is not because they are the best. It’s either they are born to be rich or they find the narrow way to be rich. According to Les Brown, lack of money is the root of all evil” and I agree with him. Today I will be breaking down all the steps you need to create wealth towards your direction.

  1. You must be willing to do the things others won’t do

In order to have the things other won’t have by tomorrow, you must do the things others are not doing today. Just as I said in Life Rules, you must be different from others. If you go with the majority, don’t forget that the majority are made up of average people.

“Get a sense and don’t be tensed” Remember, if you have nothing doing, you will never attract money talk more of accumulating wealth. So what are the things other won’t do?

  • Make discipline a major force in your life.

Anything worth doing is worth doing well. If you’re not disciplined with what you are doing, then you will face difficulty in a short term. It takes a determined spirit to be disciplined and as such, you need to be determined to be disciplined.

  • Make it OK to fail

A lot of people allow their fear to outweigh their desire to succeed, No great man has made it to the top without failure and on this, you should know that failure is inevitable for the great people. Abraham Lincoln failed many times before becoming the president of America, Muhammadu Buhari failed and waited for sixteen years before becoming the president of Nigeria.

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  1. You must keep and associate yourself with people who wants to be wealthy.

The friends and type of people you keep around you can affect your life performance, this is the more reason why you must associate yourself with people whose have the dreams of making it big in life.

  1. You must take calculated risk

You can’t call yourself an entrepreneur if you hate risk as its one of the major qualities associated with entrepreneurs. While taking any risk, take calculated one to avoid stories that touch the heart.

Entrepreneurship is all about hustle and hustle involves risks, do take them and take them when you’re young. I bet you if you avoid taking risk, you will regret it by the time you get old.

  1. You must give yourself a well packaged brand

Your brand is like the paint of your building. If you have the best material in a building with a dull or poor painting, that building will never be attractive. This is the reason why big companies invest a lot in building a strong brand for their products. Starting with yourself, you must look good and same goes with your company. Give your company a professional logo, brand packages

  1. Commitment

You need to be committed to break the ice of wealth. If you’re not committed to what you are doing, you will be shattered. Commit yourself to do or stop something and don’t break it until it has become part of you. If you have decided to stop smoking, stop smoking and let no on talk you into testing it again. No matter how hard you think it is, you must keep to it. You can never accumulate wealth if you’re not committed.

How create wealth

They are key things you must take note of in order to create wealth. They are

  1. Get and monetize your Knowledge

You know something that people are willing to pay for if you can tell, give or solve for them. You can never create wealth if you don’t have knowledge of anything. To get knowledge, you can make research, read or learn from established experts. Once you have gotten a good knowledge of something you know people are in need of, Improve and become an expert in it, then start providing premium solutions to other people.

  1. Monetize you Talent

It’s also tagged as gift. There is a talent in you and that is one of the first thing you must utilize to achieve your dreams. If you don’t know your talent, here is how to know your talent:

  • Your talent is what you love doing.
  • That thing you do when you are alone can also be your talent.

All you have to do is think and device means which you can use to make people pay for what you love doing. If you are doing what you don’t love, it will become boring and will make you less productive.

  1. Get and monetize your skill

Your skill is that thing you learnt how to do. The difference between skill and talent is that skill is learnt or acquired but talent is inborn. Let’s say you know about Shoe making, and you love wearing good shoes, You can take the advantage of learning the skill of shoe making from an expert and then build a strong brand on shoe production. I bet you; you’re going to be a hot cake in town because you just don’t have the skill; you have the knowledge and passion for it.


Once you have taken care of the three things above, and then merge the three with s good communication skill and watch how fast you will grow.

Best luck as you kick start your journey of creating and accumulating wealth.




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