How to Build Your Brand While Attracting Global Customers Online

How to Build Your Brand While Attracting Global Customers Online

How do you build your brand?

Let’s face it, there are several things that do not “travel” well. What are we referring to? It is difficult to rely on humor or personal charm to built your business in a foreign country. When traveling, many aspiring entrepreneurs find that they are hard-pushed to find that magic “spark”.

Even if our shared language is English! Some experts point to cultural differences or how others interpret our actions, humor or simply the way we communicate. What is more, hard figures are sometimes not enough to do the talking.

We still have to attract attention and find that sweet spot, with each and every customer. We need to appeal to their logic and find a way of talking sense to their minds. But often, it is very challenging to break through the barrier or distance, which sets us apart. The problem is even bigger when we talk about expanding online.


The problem here comes down to branding or marketing strategy: how do you effectively reach a new audience in a meaningful way? Even if you are a one-man show, there are many cost-effective ways of driving up engagement in foreign markets. Read on and we will try to explain!

Cultural sensitivity and ways of “fine-tuning” your message to global audiences

Many well-established businesses acquire a company first, before actually opening up their operations in an entirely new country. This automatically allows them to gain a foothold in the local market. We understand that this necessarily neither desirable or possible, especially if you are just a budding entrepreneur. But if you have the right budget, we highly recommend getting the help of a trusted consultant.

Hiring a cultural consultant is a fresh, new trend among start-ups across the world. Why? Precisely because companies of today rely on global customers for growth or further expansion. It is a fast way of eliminating potential obstacles and areas, with imminent risk. When you launch your brand in another country, you definitely want to start with the right foot forward. Spare your self any potential “faux pas” and make sure you snatch your customers’ attention straight away!

In fact, in company speech “culture” is the new buzzword. It comes down to the fact that things are so simple, but hard to explain. Especially to a foreigner or someone from the outside! Recently, the UK’s BBC reported on a computer-generated model, which determines the perfect “cultural fit” for each company. Indeed, we can already see instances where businesses developed their own algorithms or artificial intelligence solutions to navigate through cultural conundrums.

Employing help in target markets

Doing all of the branding and trust-building alone is very hard. In fact, it is nearly impossible. Because of this, it is absolutely essential that the company builds trust based on recommendations from trusted figures in the market. This could be just a few well-spoken influencers in the region or a large group of people giving their own recommendations about a specific brand

A real-life example of this would be the crypto industry. The reason why it’s such a good example is because of how low the trust factor is with companies in this sector. This is why most brands rely on reviews or recommendations from their customers. If you ever decide to step into this industry, this Bitcoin Rush review should be an example of what you should be aiming for, but be careful. Sponsoring reviews could lead to a much worse branding campaign than no branding campaign at all.

Use accessible language and start from the basics

We also understand that you will not resort to a string of algorithms to define your approach or branding strategy. At least not yet!

Using accessible, easy-to-understand or plain language is usually a good step forward in getting your brand. Your actions will come across as genuine and professional, something that many Japanese or South Korean brands tried out during their boom of the 1980s. Invest your time in getting to know local customs, all while showing curiosity or respect. You can go far in asking the right questions. The key here is that there is no shame to ask.

While you may appear to be earnest, your interest will score points with the locals. And remember, patience is a virtue: Rome was not built in a day!



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