Basic Guidelines For Successful Running of Foodstuff business in Nigeria

Basic Guidelines For Successful Running of Foodstuff business in Nigeria

If your dream is aligned towards the starting of a foodstuff business, then here is a foodstuff business plan for you. Nigeria has strategically positioned itself in the comity of nations a focal point as far a foodstuff production, sales and services are concerned. This is unconnected to the country’s high population density. There is, therefore, great dynamics in enterprising, and goal-oriented difficulties. In all these, people need to eat, and they eat daily.

Foodstuff business Startup Plan

It is hard to remember and compute the exact figures required in composing a Foodstuff business plan. However, the few steps should do for a start.

First, you must settle on a choice – what niche will suit you the best. It might rely on different elements, specifically, your experience learning about certain sorts of products.

The next, however not less definitive element, is the measure of cash you are prepared to spend on your foodstuff business start-up project. The start-up amount will differ, depending on the field of you have decided on. A few niches require more cash, and some need less money. Put your estimations together, considering miscellaneous too.

The third thing to think over is the total income you need to earn daily, monthly or yearly. Assess your income and profit across these ends.

The fourth – find the ideal place for your foodstuff business in Nigeria. It should be a convenient location with great business prospects.

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Other Useful Steps

It can be helpful to solicit a guidance from some person(s) who has been involved in the foodstuff business over time. Hire some sales representatives too and Show them how to function in the business.

Start selling goods and making a profit!

Now that you have a sneak-peek into how to start a foodstuff business in Nigeria, let us have a detailed examination of the requirements for Starting a Foodstuff Business in Nigeria. Here, I shall discuss two of them:

  1. Getting A Shop For Foodstuff Business in Nigeria
  2. Stock your Shop with Goods

Getting  and Setting A Shop For Foodstuff Business in Nigeria

Rent a shop in a good, selling location. Wherever individuals are living is a decent location, particularly if the people living there are working-class people. The kind of shop you will rent will depend to a large extent on the measure of cash in your hands and how huge you want to start your foodstuff business with. Do a site check of the available locations and try as much as possible to get a very good one in a vital and selling location.

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Shops are not very costly. In most areas, N60,000 to N100,000 will get you a not too bad single shop. Where you are going for a two-room shop like some people would prefer, your spending plan should increase from N120,000 to N200,000. Having paid for the shop, you then go ahead to furnish it to your taste. Furnishing includes:

Floor Tiles

In many cases, the floor of the shop may not be well covered. As such, you may have to lay tiles on the floor of your foodstuff business shop for a few reasons (1) To improve the shop, making it more trendy and fashionable (2) To keep ants and insects from boring holes and invading your shop. Insects can annihilate the greater part of your items, for example, sugar, bread rolls, drinks, and so forth.

Store Shelves

There are diverse sorts of store shelves, some are made of wood while others are made of aluminium, while some are made of iron. The wooden type of Store Shelves is the most favoured and most generally utilized. And you have diverse sorts of wooden shelves, some are neatly done with finished materials while other are quickly done. Your decision matters in such manner, as to which one to go for.

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Probably maybe a couple tables might be alright, depending on the extent of your shop. The most imperative is the clerk’s table. However, you may add a couple more tables for product showcasing.


You have to paint your shop with quality paints. When a shop is well painted and floor tires settled, it totally prevents ants, insects, and rodent from invading your supermarket.

Installation of lights

You don’t need to be reminded how critical light is in business premises, especially in a foodstuff business environment. It helps you rapidly observe where the goods are, especially in the evening and quickly fetch them. At the point when a shop is well lighted, it pulls in more clients.

Aeration and cooling system

Apart from your own comfort, ventilation system helps to preserve your goods and keep some undesirable intruders off. Clients are more settled or composed while shopping in a foodstuff business shop that has Air Conditioners. Thusly, attempt and install at least one.


A refrigerator is an absolute necessity in a foodstuff business to keep your soft drinks and fruits and vegetables cool. Nowadays, nobody purchases drinks, fruits or vegetables that are not chilled. In the event that you want to offer drinks, juices, and immaculate water, you should get a fridge.

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Stock your Shop with Goods

With all these setups, the next thing is to hit the market and purchase your goods. Most times, the costs get reduced when you buy your foodstuff stock in bulk quantities. However, a few merchants offer some items marginally higher or lower, the costs are moderately the same, depending on the item of trade.

You can get most of your foodstuff from wholesalers in Nigerian local markets. You can also get your items from other local vendors.

That is all it takes to begin this business. I hope this helps.