5 Best Investments Of The 21st Century in Nigeria/Africa


This is indeed the era of the WOKE people, and by woke I mean people that stay alert, know what they want, damn all the consequences and go for it. These are times when people are not scared to invest in whatever opportunity they stumble whether offline or online. So we have put together a list of the best investments of this century for you to tap in to.

If you look around you, you’d see that in this century, the dream is no longer to get a good degree and get a job but rather to be alert enough to know the right investments to cash in on.

So if you just woke up (pun intended) and you want to make money by yourself, for yourself then we got you covered. We have put together a list of the most bankable and the very best investments of this century.


bitcoin currency

Yes, Bitcoin tops this list. As it stands today if you have 1bitcoin you are a millionaire. Yes, you read it right, just ONE Bitcoin. As at the time of writing this article one bitcoin is equivalent to $4,913.16 (four thousand nine hundred and thirteen dollars). That’s almost two million Naira. And the amazing thing about Bitcoin is that it keeps on growing. It may be worth more than that by the time you read this article.

So imagine if you had bought bitcoins back when they were way cheaper, you’d be on Forbes list by now struggling for richest man title with Aliko Dangote. This fact makes it one of the best investments of this century.

It’s never too late to do the right thing though, you can still invest now, it keeps on growing! And if you don’t have the tiniest idea of what bitcoin is or how to even go about investing in it, worry not, we got you covered. Click this and find out whether or not you should go for it. 

After making up yur mind, investing into ABJCOIN is another mind blowing business to look into.

reasons to invest in Africa

Agriculture is a more tangible and secure investment, so if you belong to the group of people that still don’t trust internet businesses. It’s even a more reasonable investment because so long as there are people inhabiting the earth, there will be a need for agriculture. Because people need to eat to stay alive.

Agriculture is one of the best investments of this century because it involves items that people dont just want but also need for survival, like food. If you feel this is more of your calling then we got you covered still.

There are a ranges of agricultural businesses to invest in: cassava farming, cocoa farming, catfish, goat farming,Ground nut farming.


  • Retail

shoprite ikeja mall

Retail is also another very stable investment to make. And it also guarantees a very significant growth rate provided you choose a good location and you are also consistent.

You can choose to retail anything and everything and these days you don’t even have to own a shop. You sell right from the comfort of your home or you can go out there to the customers. Retailing is an investment that has stood since the invention on a legal tender and it will continue to stand so long as humans are on earth.

  • Fashion

african fashion

Yes, this list will not be complete without fashion. People like to look good, and they don’t mind to invest huge amounts of money to achieve that.

By investing in fashion you could choose a line like makeup or clothing or accessories or hair care or skin, you can even choose them all so long as you can keep up.