How To Start Cooking Gas Selling Business In Nigeria And Make Good Profits

How To Start Cooking Gas Selling Business In Nigeria

Cooking gas business is a very legit business to engage in Nigeria. This is because the product is a regular at homes and industry. Additionally, it is really affordable and odorless.

A review of Nigerian educational system shows hostels as well as students. These needs energy cook their foods and other light uses.

So, opting for this line of business, in preference for Kerosene which most times is quite exorbitant and scarce would be the best line of action, I guess.

All that is required is a one-time bulky purchase of the product, with proper storage. You may then retail it to customers in small quantities.

This business guide shows how to generate good income from this business. It equally explains the procedures inherent in the trade.

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Choose A Suitable Location

The siting of cooking gas business is very important. You can’t just cite it anyhow or anywhere. Most times government approval is required before citing cooking gas business in Nigeria. This will help put in place necessary measures to curtail incidents of gas flare, explosion and fire outbreak. Take note that cooking gas business is located far away from residential and industrial areas.

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Get Sufficient Startup Capital

there is not even one business which does not require a startup capital. The need for basic capital in cooking gas business cannot be overruled as it is vital to its success.

Startup capital is needed to buy bulk quantities of cooking gas from cooking gas depot in bulk at a cheaper rate. This would subsequently be sold to clients in smaller quantities.

A smart move in this business is to combine cooking gas refill and sales of cylinders and accessories. But, start with what you have, and keep expanding as the more money comes into the business.

Employ Effective Planning

Effective planning of this business is the backbone of its growth and sustenance. Planning makes room for useful thoughts on what to put in place so as to ensure the smooth running of the business.

Some of the things to map out here includes the cost of running the business, location and alternative market advancement methodologies.

Also, determine how to tackle problems in the case of an eventuality, where to get products cheaper, customers preferences etc. the aftermath is resounded success.

Install Your Equipment

If you are not learned in this, you will have to hire a technical expert to assist you in fixing your cooking gas equipment. But If you know how to go about it, then simply proceed to fixing of your pump, tanks, pipes circulation, scales, etc.

Unless you are knowledgeable in the workability of the devices, it is risky to tamper with the equipment during installation. Also, ensure that all mobile phones are put off and switched off during this installation.

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Get Insured

As a result of the inflammable nature of cooking gas, and the hazard it predisposes to the environment, it is advised that necessary insurance cover be sought to forestall explosion and fire outbreak.

Although this business is quite lucrative, it can equally land the operator in if necessary step is not taken. Quality insurance cover would offer casualties of cooking gas explosions with necessary compensation.

The importance of insurance in cooking gas business cannot be overemphasized. Remember, when your business gets insured, you are also insured.

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Get Proper Business Name Registration

After you’ve acquired a space for your cooking gas business, and all of the above it is advisable to give your business a unique name.

Proceed to Cooperate Affairs Commission office – CAC and get your business name registered. Keep the your cooking gas business name simple and short.

Place this legibly with generous font on a post-board. Make this a bit fanciful and attractive. Getting a business name in Nigeria is not costly, against common opinions and notions. Avoid “Shortcuts” and follow due process. Process all your cooking gas business name registrations at the designated government offices and parastatals.

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Advertise and Market Your Business.

Cooking gas business moves at a very fast pace. This comes handy once your rate are affordable and you offer a good customer experience. Advertising your cooking gas business will only help tale it further.

So, place posters and hand bill that boast of your cheap sells rate. Employ online marketing tools to extend the reach of your business too. Take an initiative to supply the product to school, industries, as well as other places where it may be required.

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