5 Profitable Businesses You Can Start In Nigeria With Less Than N20,000

Profitable Businesses You Can Start In Nigeria With Less Than N20,000

Attension: This is a guest post written by Njoku Chuckudi, all insights and questions should be directed to him.

Nigeria is becoming so filled with people with entrepreneurial mindset that making money requires creative reasoning. This reasoning implies thinking of different strategies to make money and whichever way you think of it, provided it is legal is alright. We all agree that customers are the king of any business and as such, pleasing these customer’s remains the top most priority of any business that wants to grow.

Pleasing customers requires doing all that needs to satisfy his/her need. The door to door business might be one of the most overlooked startup marketing techniques in Nigeria that many entrepreneurs are not looking at it. Yet, door to door business have been very profitable that it is now a clarion call.

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So if you want to earn money as a new start up business, then you have to go door to door, introduce yourself, get your products tried and tested in your front and make money. Going to door to door will give you the opportunity to explain the advantages of your product to your customers. Here are five door to door business one can do in Nigeria.

  1. Solar Systems

One of the major problem of Nigeria is lack of constant power, thus the search for alternative source of power increased astronomically in this side of the world. Solar systems remain the answer for many when trying to solve their power issues in Nigeria. So many persons are in dire need of a cheaper source of power, and solar panels have remained the answer to their hunger. When you take these products to homes, you will have the opportunity to install it and collect the installation charge and you will also be referred to family and friends.

  1. Alarms and Home Monitoring Appliances

Kidnapping and stealing is increasing exponentially in Nigeria, hence the need for security gave rise to the development of home monitoring appliances. There are several electronic gadgets that help people to monitor their environment right from their rooms and look out to those entering into their compound with or without their approval. When you combine this product with alarms, then the whole service is complete and you are guaranteed of 400% return on investment.

  1. Pest control

It is very obvious, visible to the blind, and most audible to the deaf that the need for pest control is a clarion call in Nigeria. So many homeowners have gardens inside their homes and at the back of their houses which they cultivate some fruits and vegetables. They also need this product to control pests from attacking their gardens and some controls can even help in fumigating homes and keep it safe from mosquito. So you see that Nigeria is a fertile ground for this business and the truth is that you do not need millions to start this business. You just need the willingness and the determination and off you go.

  1. TV/Phone/Internet Services

Entertainment is growing exponentially with many looking for the cheapest way to read the news, access the internet, watch videos, and contribute to the social media. The need for TV services may not even be due to price; it might be to solve some problems of entertainment like games, films, internet and music. Did you know how many millions of Nigerians still pay to watch football matches? The world is a global village and the internet the village square.

  1. Cooking Utensils

Is there any home without a kitchen? Your answer is as right as mine. While the utensils used in our various homes gets worn out on a daily basis, the need to replace them remains as urgent as possible. If you have any newly produced cooking products that you want to sell, then take it to their homes and make money.


A Nigerian Physicist Prof. A.E.Animalu once said that “after all said and done, more is done than said.” This is the case of an average Nigerian but not for an entrepreneur. Get started with this businesses and before the year ends, you would be thinking of ways to expand and hire people.