How to Start Escort Service Business in Nigeria

How to Start Escort Service Business in Nigeria

Are you interested in establishing an escort agency?  Are you in need of a template to write a plan for you own business? Are you ready to establish your own business firm that renders escort services for business? If yes is your answer to the above questions, this article for you is a must read.

Tourism sector in Nigeria is one the sectors that is relatively untapped. Due to our population of about 170 million and the ever increasing stress that comes with work, a good number of people have decided to spend their holidays or leaves as tourists. This is due to their belief that this will help them get over the stress that comes with work and life.

If you are entrepreneur willing to do business, you would agree with me that this is an opportunity to do business. There are a lot of businesses associated with tourism that you can get involved in. however, as far as this article is concerned, the focus is to enlighten on the escort service business. At the end of this write-up, I believe you must have gained a lot of insights into setting up your own escort service business even if you have no previous experience.

Before going deep into the subject of this write-up, I will to inform readers that this write-up is not a substitute for some things you have to do which may serve as pre-requisite for success in this business. Such things include: writing a comprehensive business plan and carrying out a feasibility study.

Setting up this escort service business may be your own opportunity to own and manage a flourishing and booming business. However, you need to avoid unnecessary completion. See below some useful instructions that will be helpful in establishing your own successful escort service business.

Escort Service Business

Who is qualified to start an Escort Service Business?

There are no pre-determined requirements to be met by someone who is interested in setting up an escort service business.  It can be established by anyone. Being lucrative, a lot of people are now interested in setting up their own escort service firm. One important thing to note is that individual that has one time or the other being an escort are usually the most successful in this business.

This is so because they have the experience and know what it takes to be a good escort. They have a good understanding of an escort firm should function having being involved in one before. They are well aware of the needs and challenges of potential clients. They are easily in best position to advice newly hired escorts with no experience on the dos and don’ts of the business. They also know how to provide the much craved for security for their clients.

Although, as said, there are very high chances that experienced escorts would be successful in the business, this does not mean inexperienced individuals willing to go into the business cannot be successful.

A Step by Step Approach to Starting a Successful Escort Service Business

Tourists for sure are in need of escorts to guide them in sight seeing anytime they visit a new country. They also need escorts to accompany them to one social event or the other they are supposed to attend since they are not familiar with the country they are visiting. These needs of tourists have led to the establishments of a number of escort service firms in the country today. As a result of the good prospects of this business, a lot of people have decided to establish their own escort service firm.

A good number of cities and towns in Nigeria have sites visited by foreigners and locals alike. These tourists are always willing to pay huge sums for anybody familiar with the terrain to guide them in their sightseeing activity. Here are rules to guide you if you are interested in investing in this business.

Source for Funds

As with all other businesses, you need funds to set up this business as well. The two common sources of funds for this business are from friends and family or from personal savings. Most other businesses get loans from banks for start-up. The same cannot be said of escort service business as they are not recognized as legitimate by commercial banks.

Employ Individuals that are Conversant with the City’s Terrain

This is most important after funding. Qualified staffs are needed to efficiently run an escort service business. These individuals would know the in and out of the city and the tourist destinations in it. These employs would also need to be well mannered and courteous as this will endear them to the tourists.

Get Registered and Licensed

You need to know all the requirements for registration and getting a license for your business. This information can be obtained by contacting your state’s chamber of commerce. You also need to get in touch with you state ministry of tourism to get the necessary permits to legally run your escort service firm.

Acquire Office Space

You need to get a beautifully and professionally designed and built office space as this will tell a lot about you.

Marketing Plan

You also need to come up with a well developed marketing plan. This will give you an edge as you will plan to rise above your competitors. You may also need a website to market your business as it will most times be the first form of contact you will have with your clients. As a result, you need to make sure it is well designed. The design of y our website can be outsourced to professionals in website design.


In case you are interested in this business and you have little or no experience in this business, no need to fear. All you need to do is to gather reliable information and consult the necessary personnel and you are on your way to success.